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Create a newsletter in less than 17 minutes without writing a single word


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We all know how important it is to keep in touch with clients on a regular basis to nurture and retain them to keep buying from you. Put up your hand if you are guilty of starting a weekly newsletter, all with good intentions to keep writing and publishing only to struggle to get the first one out and have it fall by the wayside at issue two or three.

Let’s face it, who has 3 to 5 or more hours a month to sit down and dream up good content to write on a regular basis? Running the businesses and working with clients gets in the way and no one I know (let alone me) wants to spend a Sunday tapping out well written prose to send to clients to keep in touch, possibly with a touch of guilt at putting aside an activity which is so important.

This lead me to find an easier way to create a regular newsletter in less than 30 minutes a week.

Don’t believe me? Then, try this and tell me I’m wrong.

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Create a newsletter in less than 17 minutes without writing a single word

  1. 1. Create A Newsletter In Less Than 17 Minutes Without Writing A Single Word “A simple but effective marketing strategy for clients”
  2. 2. This is Me Positive Business Online WordPress Developer Genesis Framework Since 2008
  3. 3. This Strategy Is Not… Not about SEO Driving Traffic Website Promotion Call To Action etc
  4. 4. This Strategy Is… Regular Consistent Contact Providing Value Nurturing Marketing
  5. 5. But People Don’t Read Newsletters! Doesn’t Matter Top Of Mind RFM (Recency | Frequency | Monetise)
  6. 6. Too Hard? No Time? What To Write About? Time Poor / Low Priority? Design and Layout
  7. 7. Really? 17 Minutes? All in the Setup Automate Delegate
  8. 8. Leverage OPC Other People’s Content
  9. 9. Start Getting Content Subscribe to other Newsletters / Blogs Use A Dedicated Email Account
  10. 10. It’s All In The Set Up
  11. 11. Install Newsletter Plugin Recommend Upgrade to Pro
  12. 12. Newsletter Configuration Subject Line Number of Posts > 100 Posts from Categories Mailing List Start Date Sending Interval Theme
  13. 13. Create Subscribe Form
  14. 14. Install Redirect Plugin
  15. 15. Quick Redirects Configuration Make Redirect Active Open in a new window
  16. 16. Install Jetpack Enable and Configure Sharing
  17. 17. Auto Post to Social Media Install Jetpack Plugin Set up Social Sharing Auto Post to Social Media
  18. 18. Drag ‘Press This’ to
 Bookmarks Toolbar
  19. 19. Here’s How It Works
  20. 20. 15 Steps (Step 1 Once Only) 1. Set Up “Press This” 2. Select Feedly Article 3. Go To Website 4. Click Press This 5. Select Featured Image 6. Categorise 7. Tagify 8. Open Standard Editor 9. Set Quick Links 10. Format Tweaks 11. Schedule Publish Date 12. Check Social Media Settings 13. Publish 14. Test Link 15. Rinse and Repeat
  21. 21. The Finished Product This is the newsletter that goes out automatically every week from the content curated and published.
  22. 22. Additional Uses Create ‘Archives’ Page for Categories for ‘List Posts’ (This can be optimised for SEO) Reuse Popular Articles in Future Manual Mailings Set up Auto-Responders with tips ’n tricks for prospects and clients Create an new subscriber lists to access specific categories of content (e.g. Marketing Tips, Business Growth Tools,…) … and more …
  23. 23. Step-By-Step weekly-newsletter-in-less-than-30-minutes/ … OR … & Search “Newsletter” … OR … less-than-17-minutes-without-writing-a-single-wordkey
  24. 24. STOP PRESS! You can automate more to do it quicker
  25. 25. Resources Press This WP Dashboard | Tools Newsletter Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin redirect-plugin/ Feedly Zapier
  26. 26. Find Me FaceBook Twitter @PositiveBiz LinkedIn nikcree Slideshare nikcree Website
  27. 27.