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Digital citizenship


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Digital citizenship

  1. 1. By Nicole Berger and Stephanie HernandezAdapted from a Steve Katz Slideshare presentation
  2. 2.  Etiquette  Responsibility Communication  Rights Education  Safety Access  Security Commerce v=N4uc1iVxLxU
  3. 3.  Appropriate and responsible behavior with technology use Etiquette: conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion ( v=FdEXijFXfD8
  4. 4.  Appropriate behavior and conduct while using the internet and other digital tools. Tag people in photos who want to be tagged Share business that is yours to share Fill in the subject line on all emails Be responsible for your actions Be courteous Use the “Golden Rule”
  5. 5.  Keep your password secure by keeping it to yourself Have more than one Make it easy to remember but difficult to figure out
  6. 6. Someone I know putan embarrassingpicture online andlater on peopleposted it aroundtwitter making funof her.
  7. 7.  guidelines lessons/