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Class presentation conditionals i


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Class presentation conditionals i

  1. 1. Conditional Sentences
  2. 2. Conditional Sentences Structure : A conditional sentence is composed of 2 parts : If-clause + Main Clause Example : If it rains tomorrow, we will not come. If-clause Main Clause
  3. 3. Conditional Sentences Types :  The order of the two clauses is flexible, it’s not important. But if the if-clause comes first, it must be followed by a comma. If it rains, I’ll stay at home
  4. 4. • Zero Conditional: present simple/present simple • Water boils if it reaches 100º • First Conditional: present simple/ future • If I study, I’ll pass Conditional Sentences
  5. 5. Zero Conditionals Tense : Present tense in both clauses Example : If you heat water to 100°C, it boils. If you pour oil into water, it floats. Present Tense Present Tense
  6. 6. Zero Conditionals Use :  Talk about universal truth. If you heat ice, it turns to water To give commands If you are tired, go to bed!
  7. 7. Zero Conditional General Truths: If condition result If it rains, we get wet. Scientific Facts: If condition result If the water boils, it is not cold
  8. 8. Zero Conditional Things that always happen under certain Conditions: If condition result If I study, I get good marks
  9. 9. THE FIRST CONDITIONAL • If Alice works hard ,she will pass the exam • If you go to Rome, you might visit the Coliseum • If you need my help, call me ¡
  10. 10. MATCH • If you use drugs • If I get bored in class • If that company fails • If you get in trouble • If he loves that girl • …I will assist my partners • … I will punish you • … he might talk to her • … you will be sorry sooner or later • … workers will lose their jobs
  11. 11. COMPLETE the sentences • If you ……..(go) to see this film, you will have a good time • If she …….(play) sports , she will live longer • She …….(not be) an architect if she doesn`t go to university • We ……. ( get) a 7 if we finish the exercises
  12. 12. Write sentences • The weather/be good - go / the beach • Go/to school on foot - be / late • Have / money - buy / present • Do/ homework - find / notebook • Mum / give $20.000 - wash / windows
  13. 13. First Conditionals Tense : If-clause ~ Present Tense Main Clause ~ Future Tense If I feel sick tomorrow, I will not go to school. If it rains, the match will be cancelled. Present Tense Future Tense
  14. 14. First Conditionals Use :  To speak about possible or probable future events. If the weather is sunny tomorrow, we will go surfing. To make promises or warnings If you forget my birthday, I’ll never speak to you again.  Unless is used in negative conditionals Unless we recycle more, we won’t have a better world.