Catherine linton earnshaw


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As a part of Characters' Profile Project, students analysed characters' motives behind their demeanor.

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Catherine linton earnshaw

  1. 1. WUTHERING HEIGHTSCatherine Linton Earnshaw Ayesha Nasir Sidra Suhail Maniar Ayesha Siraj Ayesha Jamal Reja Tahir
  2. 2. Parameter 1 SELF• 1. the younger Catherine is shown as the character whose inner conflicts veer her towards danger.• textual evidence:• However, it must be acknowledged, she had faults to foil her gifts. A propensity to be saucy was one; and a perverse will, that indulged children invariably acquire, whether they be good tempered or cross.• 2.she is raised up in a protective environment provided to her by her father to save her from the viciousness of the residents of Wuthering heights, mainly Heathcliff. This over protectiveness is what lead to Catherine fleeing from Thrushcross Grange to Wuthering heights, rebelling against the rules. This shows her inner conflict between obeying her father and being free.
  3. 3. • 3.She is also highy spirited and an inquisitive person but when redeemed to a life of misery at wuthering heights,she becomes distant and bitter.• textual evidence:• "I’ll put my trash away, because you can make me if I refuse," answered Cathy, closing her book, and throwing it on a chair. "But Ill not do anything, though you should swear your tongue out, except what I please!"• 4. Being raised without a mother, her father is the most important person for her.• textual evidence:• I fret about nothing on earth except papas illness, answered my companion. I care for nothing in comparison with papa. And Ill never - never - oh, never, while I have my senses, do an act or say a word to vex him. I love him better than myself, Ellen; and I know it by this: I pray every night that I may live after him; because I would rather be miserable than that he should be: that proves I love him better than myself.
  4. 4. • 5.Cathy can also be cruel at times,ridiculing Haretons inability to read or write.• textual evidence:• And he wants me to sink into a dunce, meantime, answered Catherine. Yes, I hear him trying to spell and read to himself, and pretty blunders he makes! I wish you would repeat Chevy Chase as you did yesterday: it was extremely funny. I heard you; and I heard you turning over the dictionary to seek out the hard words, and then cursing because you couldnt read their explanations!• 6.having no one in the world except for her father,she craved human company and had a capacity for intense attachments. This is what drew her to Linton.• textual evidence:• she rose in high glee, eager to join her cousin, and such passionate tears and lamentations followed the news of his departure that Edgar himself was obliged to soothe her, by affirming he should come back soon• 7.Another inner conflict of Cathys were her feelings for Linton,she took care of him and loved him yet his whiny behaviour made her impatient. She is also cnofused about the mode of their relationship.• textual evidence:• "I wish you were my brother"
  5. 5. OTHERS• 1. Heathcliff: Cathy and Heathcliff‟s relations basically consisted of hate and contempt and their relationship is seen as a rivalry. In order to harass Edgar,Heathcliff traps Cathy and forces her to marry Linton.• Textual evidence:• Mr. Heathcliff YOU have NOBODY to love you; and, however miserable you make us, we shall still have the revenge of thinking that your cruelty arises from your greater misery. You ARE miserable, are you not? Lonely, like the devil, and envious like him? NOBODY loves you - NOBODY will cry for you when you die! I wouldnt be you!
  6. 6. • Linton: Cathy and Linton‟s relationship is one of the more complicated ones in the novel. Cathy genuinely cares for Linton yet his whiny behaviour makes her impatient at times. Their relationship can be seen as love or friendship.• Textual evidence:• Nonsense! cried Catherine in a passion. Foolish, silly boy! And there! he trembles: as if I were really going to touch him! You neednt bespeak contempt, Linton: anybody will have it spontaneously at your service. Get off! I shall return home: it is folly dragging you from the hearth-stone, and pretending - what do we pretend? Let go my frock! If I pitied you for crying and looking so very frightened, you should spurn such pity. Ellen, tell him how disgraceful this conduct is. Rise, and dont degrade yourself into an abject reptile - DONT!• I know he has a bad nature, said Catherine: hes your son. But Im glad Ive a better, to forgive it; and I know he loves me, and for that reason I love him.
  7. 7. Nelly: Nelly‟s relationship with Cathy is one filled withaffection and love. Being without a mother, Nelly wasthe one who raised Cathy. Nelly was also the one whoadmonished Cathy on her reckless behavior.Textual evidence:She was the most winning thing that ever broughtsunshine into a desolate house
  8. 8. Hareton: Hareton and Cathy‟s relationship wasfirstly based on anger and ridicule but on slowlyknowing each other,it turned into frienndship andblossomed into love.Textual evidence:Earnshaw was not to be civilizedwith a wish, and my young lady was no philosopher,and no paragon of patience; but both their mindstending to the same point - one loving and desiringto esteem, and the other loving and desiring to beesteemed - they contrived in the end to reach it
  9. 9. Lockwood: Lockwood and Cathy‟s relationship‟s highlights wereLockwood‟s obvious admiration for Cathy and her cold replieswhich made it clear that she had no wish to be acquainted withLockwood.Textual evidence:She was slender, and apparently scarcely past girlhood: an admirableform, and the most exquisite little face that I have ever had thepleasure of beholding; small features, very fair; flaxen ringlets, orrather golden, hanging loose on her delicate neck; and eyes, hadthey been agreeable in expression, that would have been irresistible:fortunately for my susceptible heart, the only sentiment they evincedhovered between scorn and a kind of desperation, singularlyunnatural to be detected there.
  10. 10. ENVIRONMENT• Cathy lives on the bright moors in Thrushcross Grange. She well relates to her setting. Thrushcross Grange is open, spacious and bright. When Cathy was born the place was filled with misery and gloom because of her mother‟s death but as she grew up she re-instated sunshine in the Grange as suggested by “She was the most winning thing that ever brought sunshine into a desolate house”• The moors usually experience an extreme climate. Usually there are violent storms continuing for days and fiendish snow storms. Cathy comes in conflict with these forces of nature as her personality contradicts these natural phenomena. She is not extreme in her behavior and she was „mild as a dove‟ and „her anger was never furious; her love never fierce…‟• Cathy is the daughter of Catherine Earnshaw who was fiercely passionate, extreme in behavior, wayward and obstinate. Cathy had none of these traits, she was moderate, cheerful and sensitive as suggested by „her spirit was high, but not rough, and qualified by a heart sensitive and lively…‟
  11. 11. DESTINY• Destiny came in conflict with Cathy‟s aspirations and aims. Cathy was overjoyed when her cousin Linton came to reside with them but her happiness was short lived as Linton‟s father, Heathcliff orders Linton to be sent to him. Then Cathy forgets all about Linton but is forced to be reminded of the past when she encounters Heathcliff and meets Linton. She gradually falls in love with Linton who is an invalid and can never prove to be a capable companion for Cathy. Edgar falls ill and Cathy is left to ponder on the possibility that she may be left alone. Then the most unfortunate incident of her life takes place when Heathcliff locks her up and forces her to marry Linton. Her father dies and all her property is usurped. She is thrown into the worst of conditions and she turns bitter against life. Finally her destiny helps her come out of the shallows by lightening up a relationship with Hareton
  12. 12. Parameter 2• Change:• Catherine grows up under her father’s life. Her life is limited to the grounds of Thrushcross grange and so as expected she is curious of the world outside especially Peniston Cragg when she says to Nelly:• “Oh you have been on them!” and “Then I can go, too, when I am a woman”• Nelly is an integral part of her life, her mother being dead. Nelly is made in charge of her and develops motherly affection yet it often does not end in her being given the same amount of respect.• Change comes in her life with the entrance of her two cousins Hareton and Linton and also Heathcliff.
  13. 13. Events and reactions:When Edgar goes to fetch her cousin Linton she escapesThrushcross grange and mistakenly goes to Wuthering heights. Thereshe meets Hareton and assumes him as owner. After developingfriendly ties she discovers his status as not more than a servant treatshim differently from then on:„”now get my horse,” she said addressing her unknown kinsman asshe would one of the stable boys‟To which Hareton ends his kind ways by calling her a “saucy witch”Soon after Linton enters her life as a cherished cousin whom shestarts loving before even meeting as she saves the lock of hair AuntIsabella sends her:“I have carefully preserved it in a glass box”
  14. 14. Yet after his coming Heathcliff demands him under his keep and sotheir first meeting is very short.A few years later Linton re-enters her life once again as sheadventures out and discovers him so close by, is tempted to meethim yet under Nelly‟s vigilant eye she drops meeting him but thereexchange of books and letters continue. Soon they turn to loveletters:“A fine bundle of trash you study in your leisure hours,”Nelly‟s discoverence of them creates a rebellious mood on her sidebut on threat by Nelly to inform her father, she agrees.There correspondence takes another turn when Heathcliff makesher feel guilty of breaking Linton‟s heart and she wishes to see himonce again out of care.And so the visits continue. Her loving nature is not burdened byHeathcliff‟s views and falls in love with Linton again.This time Edgar is informed of their meetings and is ill so he wishesto hand Catherine in caring hands and so sought to establish contactwith Linton.
  15. 15. A change comes Cathy‟s way when Edgar is about to die and she sits by him butlater on a visit to Linton is imprisoned at Wuthering heights and forced to marryLinton. She agrees in order to see Edgar before he closes his eyes. Her responseto Linton turns bitter here as her father is more important to her.Her life with Linton turns her bitter and even more after his death.Nelly‟s re-entrance in her life makes her pleasant and so Hareton whom shemocked easily wins her heart as Nelly says:“You see, Mr. Lockwood, it was easy enough to win Mrs. Heathcliffs heart”Conclusion:Catherine is a strong soul who is oblivious to others‟ hatred yet the events of herlife, her forceful marriage to Linton and constant degradation after his death atWuthering heights she turns bitter. In this event she contradicts her prior beliefswhen she accepts Hareton and falls in love with him without thought to himbeing uneducated.On the hand it is evident too that her love and care for Linton was sisterly orcousinly when says: “I love you like a brother” also she falls in love with him onhis suggestions when referring to the letters she tells Nelly” I hadn‟t even thoughtthat way”. Her marriage too with Linton is a failure and ends in somehowbitterness. Hence she contradicts her very beliefs.
  16. 16. PARAMETER 3• Cathy is extremely rude and hostile to Lockwood. She returns all his attempts at help and conversation with scorn and rudeness. When Lockwood tries to help her reach the canisters in chapter II she snaps at him and says, “ I don’t want your help, I can get them for myself.” Despite all this rudeness Lockwood really likes Cathy and portrays her as a lovely beautiful creature.• Nelly’s attitude and Cathy’s perception of herself is more or less the same.• Lockwood is positive towards Cathy.• Nelly is positive towards Cathy.• Lockwood is not reliable as he seems infatuated by Cathy so his ideas are biased.• Nelly is reliable as all her accounts are accurate and she does not seem biased