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Double trouble full

  1. 1. The Masonry MasonicFamous Masonic Concordant making a History inMasons Etiquette Bodies difference New York 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500
  2. 2. This Mason was the firstpresident of the United States
  3. 3. This Mason was the first American to orbit the earth
  4. 4. These Brother createdwhat was known as “TheGreatest show on earth”
  5. 5. This Mason is a NFL Hallof Fame quarterback for the Denver Broncos
  6. 6. This Mason was aAmerican metal smith and patriot, Famed for his “midnight ride”
  7. 7. This related body is bestknown for their hospitals
  8. 8. This “was created to be a Masonic-style organization open to women, withoutsimply being a copy , parody or rip-off of the Masonic degrees.”
  9. 9. Their symbol is thedouble headed eagle
  10. 10. This concordant body isgoverned by a Supreme Council
  11. 11. This is a organizationwhose membership islimited to wives and widows of Knights Templar.
  12. 12. This program was originally created to helpthe rescue of lost children
  13. 13. This was created with the primary mission to conduct basic biomedical researchaimed at generating knowledge and information necessary for development of the medical cures and treatments of tomorrow.
  14. 14. This was built in 1893 to care for the distressed Master Masons their widows and orphans.
  15. 15. This is the largest network of free crippled andburned children children’s hospitals in the country
  16. 16. These learning centers for children with dyslexia, help them to read andeventually to navigate the world.
  17. 17. This is the date that theProvincial Grand Lodge ofNew York was organized.
  18. 18. How many Grand Masters have there been in New York since 1781.
  19. 19. How old is The GrandLodge of the State of New York.
  20. 20. Who was the Grand Master in 1781.
  21. 21. This Lodge is the owner ofthe Bible upon which the first President of the Untied States took his oath of office.
  22. 22. The established rule ofprocedure and ceremony in acourt or any official or other body
  23. 23. This should be on a staff, placed in the northeastcorner of the Lodge room on the dias.
  24. 24. They are the proxies forthe Senior Deacon, and are to see that the candidates for the degrees are properly prepared.
  25. 25. “It is your duty to havecharge of and conduct theprocessions of the Lodge, and to assist the Senior Deacon whenever that officer may require your services.”
  26. 26. It exists quite independently of theBrother who may at anygiven moment chance to occupy it.
  27. 27. Masonic Masonic Masonic Pot BlackConspiracies Presidents Generals Luck Sheep 200 200 200 200 200 400 400 400 400 400 600 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
  28. 28. This scandal involved aman named Roberto Calviincluded military officials and business men embezzling money was located in what country.
  29. 29. Hitler claimed this group was a group of“Jews and Freemasons”
  30. 30. This “affair” caused twodecades of anti Masonic movements
  31. 31. Some believe this guilty party was a Mason whohad a series of murders in the slums of London
  32. 32. This started with thefanciful invention ofFreemasonry called Palladism
  33. 33. 7th President, born 1767,died 1829. Grand Master of Tennessee, 1822-23 Called nicknamed “Old Hickory”
  34. 34. 11th President, born 1795; died 1849. Initiated, passed, and raised in Columbia Lodge No. 31, Columbia, Tenn. Exalted aRoyal Arch Mason in La Fayette Chapter No. 4 at Columbia in 1825.
  35. 35. 15th President, Born 1791; died 1868;(1857-1861). InitiatedDecember 11, 1816, in Lodge 43, at Lancaster, PA. Passed and raised in 1817. Junior Warden in 1821 and 1822. Master in 1825. Also DeputyGrand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.
  36. 36. 17th President, born 1808 died 1875; initiated, passed and raised in Greeneville Lodge No. 119 now No. 3at Greeneville, Tenn. in 1851. Probably a member of Greeneville Chapter No.82 Royal Arch Masons, since he joined Nashville Commandery of KnightsTemplar No. 1 in 1859. He received the Scottish Rite degrees in the White House in 1867.
  37. 37. 33rd President, Born May 8, 1884, Received thedegrees in Belton Lodge No 450; organized and became a charter member of Grandview No. 618. Served as both District Lecturer andDeputy Grand Master for several years. ElectedGrand Master of Masons in Missouri in 1940. Hedied on December 26 1972. On the 28th he was buried on his librarys grounds with impressive rites. These included the only Masonic funeral service ever televised worldwide.
  38. 38. Distinguished veteran of the War of1812 and Mexican War. General-in-Chief (Commanding General) of the U.S. Army since 1841. General-in-Chief, Brevet Lt. General and MajorGeneral until retired, November 1, 1861.
  39. 39. When learning of the plight of Brother Masons in Manila during WW2, heallowed the military mail to send over implements used to start Lodges Up, and even was instrumental in having confiscated property returned toBrother Masons in Manila and Japan.
  40. 40. known as ‘the soldiers general’, one of the most distinguished UScommanders of WW II. In 1943. After the war, was the first chairman of the new Joint Chiefs of Staff (1949-53). In1950 he was appointed general of the army. The M2/M3 infantry fighting vehicle, currently in service, is named after him.
  41. 41. French military leader. Born to an ancient noble family of great wealth, he was a courtier at the court of Louis XVI butsought glory as a soldier. In 1777 he went to America, was appointed a majorgeneral, became a close friend of GeorgeWashington, and fought with distinction atthe Battle of the Brandywine. He also was in command of the army in Virginia andhelp win the Siege of Yorktown. Hailed as "the Hero of Two Worlds,"
  42. 42. American soldier, diplomat and politician. He served as Secretary of State from 1947- 1949 and organized the European Recovery Plan for which he received the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize.
  43. 43. Born Marion Morrison thisfamous Mason became one of the most popular actors of recent years. His manly roles helped define a generation.
  44. 44. The right angle of asquare, it symbolizes virtue.
  45. 45. Doric, Ionic, Corinthian,Tuscan and the Composite
  46. 46. Name of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar
  47. 47. Qualifications for Masonic Membership
  48. 48. The "traitor", He was among thegreatest of military men fighting on the side of the Revolution and without whose service, the patriots might have easily lost their lives. He ultimately decided that the cause forwhich American patriots were fightingwas wrong and he defected to the side of the British.
  49. 49. Recognized as one of the greatestAmerican baseball players ever, his career is sometimes mentioned for itsunsportsmanlike conduct. He reportedlywould sit in the dugout filing his cleats andpointing with them at opposing players inorder to intimidate and gain an advantage. He reportedly had racist tendencies as well. Even so he was the very first player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  50. 50. In an event that at the time made headlines everywhere, this comedian during a live comedy sketch in Los Angeles on November 17, 2006engaged in a very offensive racist rant(self-described as "rage"). Unlike other actors and personalities who haveimmediately apologized and headed to "rehab", he has been alternatively apologetic and defensive.
  51. 51. He claimed to have invented the firstgasoline powered automobile in 1893 , mass-produced the first widely available and affordable motorcar. He changed the world. As he aged his activities cast a dark shadow which caused all of his former good to bequestioned. Believing that bankers and financiers were part of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy.
  52. 52. He came to the nations attention when he barredBlacks from attending the all-White University of Alabama. While he was defending the laws of his state, emergingsocial conscience judged his actions wrong.
  53. 53. Mathematics
  54. 54. The 47th Problem of Euclid