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Q2 evaluation

  1. 1. By Nisha Velji
  2. 2. *Every business despite what it operates in use marketing andbranding to allow their products to gain awareness andrecognition.Marketing and Branding of all products are highly important, it isessential for music industries to market their product and to allow theaudience to recognise the company or brand name. We used bothmarketing and branding to promote our three products. Firstly weincluded a logo within our Ancillary texts- this allowed the audience tostraight away realise that both these texts are connected due to thebrand (logo) Also within our music video we included our productionsname which was called ‘Blush Production’ it was then followed on byour vocalists name and the singles title, this allowed the audience tolink the music video back to our ancillary texts. We also includedsocial networking sites within our video to allow our song/website andalbum cover to be recognised more into our target market, we almostused social networking to promote our texts and official video to allowus to gain more viewers.
  3. 3. *
  4. 4. Our ancillary texts included our Digi pack and our official website. Throughout all three products we ensured that theirwas a link which would immediately tell the audience that all three products are connected. Within my Digi Pack, you cansee I have used a consistent pop theme as the background, within my Album cover and my website, the backgroundmatched perfectly with the pop genre due to the fact of the different bright colours used, the san serif and serif font andthe Singers costume code ( Red lipstick, Direct mode adress,and Big earrings). The direct mode and mid shot usedallows the audience to feel as if they know the singer and can also relate their life with the singers songs, As mostteenagers like watching pop videos As well as the audience relating their own life back to the singer they can also aspireto her, and the male audience can feel gratified due to the fact most men like to see women looking ‘Sexy’ this also linksback to the male gaze theory which states that men normally want to see women looking sexy and beautiful however wedidn’t plan to follow Mulveys Male gaze theory as we didn’t intend to use voyeurism, this is because we ensured ourvocalist was dressed so the audience can aspire to her. The album cover consists of 4 ~Pages, this also includes a pageof ‘The couple’ which starred within our official video. I also made another album cover to include on the official website,to make the website look realistic and shows that the singer is already established in the music industry world. Theconsistent theme shows that there is a link between them.After looking at different existing pop music official websites I identified that most websites have the album cover as theirhomepage, therefore we decided to use the same style. Furthermore we have 5 pages on our website, this allows theaudience to navigate through the website, similarly we included a ‘Store’ on the website which gives the users a chanceto buy any of Sonia Roys products. The different pages allow users to stay engaged and entertained whilst exploring thewebsite. Due to the fact we have added a range of different features. Choosing our texts was very tricky, Weexperimented into various different fonts before coming to a conclusion, in the end we used a san serif font and serif fontto symbolise that the singer is a confident and dominant individual as well as a stereotypical female singer. We alsokept all font types consistent, each page used the same style as well as same colour, this would make our website lookmore appealing and organised it would also make our target market feel satisfied with the website they are using. Inaddition to this we also included social networking sites, this would again satisfy our target audience as almost everyoneuses twitter and facebook. Before adding the images onto the website and Digi pack, I firstly edited them on AdobePhotoshop, this enhanced my editing skills and allowed e to explore different ways of editing a image to lookprofessional and appealing to the audience, I also got further help at this stage by watching YouTube tutorials toincrease my knowledge on this software. The ancillary texts link back to my video due to the fact the vocalist is dressedexactly the same, her costume code is consistent throughout the three texts/products. Furthermore to make our ancillarytexts/products look realistic and attractive we tried to make the vocalist stand out by editing the lighting of the image,similarly we wanted the Digi pack to be aspiration an for our vocalist to look like a stereotypical feminine figure so thefemale target market can aspire to her and almost try to be like her. Finally iconography used was stereotypical for a popgenre song, album cover and website.
  5. 5. *The LINK between my ancillary texts and official videoThe process of making our official video enhanced my editing skills, wwithin the video we includedfour flashing images in black and white which allowed the video to look more engaging and go in timewith the music. These four images were also include within our digi pack which made it lookconsistent.There is a strong link between my ancillary texts and my official video ‘The one’. Our video has astrong narrative and follow Andrew Godwins illustrative theory, as the visuals shown within the videomath the lyrics. Not only does our video follow Andrew Godwins theory however it follows Todorov’stheory, as our videos narrative consists of a disruption and equilibrium.The ancillary texts link to our final video as the vocalist has the same costume code this makes ourthree products look consistent as there is no costume change. Furthermore there is also a linkbetween the texts used within my Final video, on our video we added texts ‘The one, Sonia Roy andBlush productions’ which is our companies name. the font used matched the album covers font andwebsites font which shows consistency and a link between the three texts. Similarly For the videosbackground we used a starry pop background which shows the pop theme, we thought to make thebackground differ form the Digi pack and website to show some sort of uniqueness. However Allthree products are linked and the audience would immediately able to identify this.The link between all the products allow the audience to feel a sense of recognition and comfort, asthey are aware that all of the texts have some sort of link between them and they work together.
  6. 6. *Our three products allow the audience to feel gratified and satisfied with what they arewatching. IT follows Dyers utopian Theory which states that the media allows individuals toescape from there tensions and worries which they may face in their everyday lifes (diversion). individuals have a chance to get away from their miserable lifes and beentertained by the media. Our products allow the audience to do this as The website allowshem to interact and navigate through the website, it also allows fans to follow and add onfacebook, moreover it also offers the audience to attend live performances by the singer‘Sonia Roy’ This would gratify them as they would be bale to feel involved as they aregetting the things they expect. Overall Our video, Digi pack and website offer utopianpleasures of being away from the real life.Similarly The audience would be pleasured as our target market which is teenagers canrelate their life back to our video, seeing as it is a love song the narrative is a young couplehaving an argument, thinking abut the past and coming to a conclusion that they are meantto be, they then finally get together. This links back to teenagers as they normally go throughthe love phase which shows that this video is strongly dedicated to that age group.Another pleasure that our audience may gain is the fact that our website offer a ‘store page’this gives fans a chance to Purchase Sonia Roys products which include things such as nailpolish,Tshirts,Jeans Handbags etc. furthermore the merchandise within our page allows theaudience to buy these products and create a star image, which again links to dyers theory.Also these interactive elements would give ‘Audience engagement’ as our target marketwould be bale to feel involved with the website as its interactive and has social media withinit. All our products conform to the pop genre as people would expect to see brightcolours, dominant singers and stereotypical costume codes etc.
  7. 7. *Whilst constructing our ancillary products and the official music video, I done myown research to see what people want from media texts. I looked into what ourtarget market expect from pop videos, pop album covers and Pop websites. Mostpeople expected to see bright colours, stereotypical feminine costume code, sanserif and serif fonts etc. I then took all these aspects into consideration whendesigning my front cover album page, website page and the video itself. I tried tomake my products appeal to my target market as much as I could. Also whilstmaking my products at each stage I went out to ask my target market which wasteenagers how they thought my Products looked an dhow I should improve them.This way I got feedback on how to attract my target more and how to make theaudience feel satisfied with what they are seeing using or watching. Similarly ourmain audience is teenagers/females, this is because the song is a love song andwomen would mostly be interested in listening to love songs rather than men.Also we used girly textures and backgrounds to ensure teenage girls feelsatisfied with what they are viewing., Furthermore the audience can also aspireto our singer and try to be like her.
  8. 8. *Generic Conventions within all three of my products is the following:The costume code consists of the vocalist dressed in:•Heels•Shiny leggings•Heavy makeup•Blazer/Blouses•Large earrings/JewelleryNarrativeOur music video follows a narrative as it is telling the audience a story about a coupleBreaking up realising they are made for each p0ther and then getting back with eachother/ This targets a specific target audience as this story link would mostly occur inteenagers young lifes therefore they can link back to the music videoRepresentationWithin our music video you can see how women are represented. As you can see ourvocalist s dressed in a stereotypical dress code which allows audience engagement andsatisfaction. Also our video uses feminine colours such as pink and red this not onlyshows the women stereotype but it also represents the love colours And represents thepop genre.
  9. 9. Our main products allow the audience to feel gratified with the products they areviewing, this links back to Maslows hierarchy needs prism, it allows theaudience to escape from their everyday lifes and be engaged and entertainedthrough the media, it also informs them in what everyone goes through. This isbecause our video is a love song therefore most teenagers go through thisphase of having breakups and getting back together. Our video allows theaudience to link their love life story back to our video as the narrative is about acouple realising they are made for each other.Our final products also links back to Dyers theory which suggests that the mediaallows individuals to forget about their miserable lifes and enjoy what the mediaoffers them. This is because our Website allows individuals to scroll throughit, Attend events, find out more about the vocalists and also listen to other trackswhich our singer has sang before. Therefore the audience wouldn’t have to thinkabout their stressful lifes for a few hours and just feel entertained engaged andinvolved with what our products offer them.Effectstheories, Maslow, Dyer