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Male Gaze And Feminine Mystique Theory


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Male Gaze And Feminine Mystique Theory

  2. 2. MALE GAZE This theory is mainly a feminist theory which first came out in the 1975 and Laura Mulvey came up with this theory. This theory occurs when women are almost seen as ‘Objects’ by the males perspective. In addition to this mostcamera people are men therefore they mostly film the women more, and slow down on certain body parts of the women, or zooms into them. Laura also argued that women normally like the attention from the men, and they feel more pleasured. The men feel gratified as they see what they want to. Inaddition to this they see women as ‘Sex objects’. They normally see women asbeing ‘Sexy, pretty. Beautiful etc.’ if they see al this they would enjoy the movie more or enjoy filming it.
  3. 3. Example of the male gaze theory: Jennifer Aniston She is seen as being beautiful attractive and glamorous, therefore men will feel more gratified when watching her movies or looking at her pictures, they would respect her more as they are getting to see what they want Her dress code is also stereotypical, and this is how men expect to see women dress almost as if they are objects in their perspective as women have to do what they like in order to get more respects. She is seen wearing low cut tops, makeup etc
  4. 4. Rebecca Aldington Rebecca Aldington She is a swimmer which has won bronze awards. However she is not realy recognised as much. Men would normally se her as being ‘Ugly’ and not good looking due to the fact she isnt wearing any girly clothing or makeup which make her look attractive. She isnt following the stereotypical dress code for women. However she is also not noticed as much for her achievements and many men seem to ignore it. Rebecca Aldington is their to represent her country and nation, she subverts to this theory and subverts to the stereotype.
  5. 5. Male Gaze and Our ProductWe will be using this theory in our main product- The one music video. This isbecause out vocalist will be dressed in the way males want her to be seen. Herdress code will consist of her wearing glamorous clothing, red lipstick, red nail varnish etc. she will be dressed conventionally, and stereotypically due to thefact she is the main character in the pop video. Therefore this theory will link into our video as the vocalist will be seen as the object in the males perspective.
  6. 6. FEMININE MYSTIQUE The feminine mystique is also a feminist theory. This theory is also from the 1970s. This theory suggests that women are unhappy being looked/seen asobjects. They do not prefer being seen as the stereotypical women ‘Housewife, mother’ this makes them feel like they are nothing. Also this theory suggests that women are encouraged to narrow their job roles and are restricted in doing other male associated jobs. There was also a quote which explains this theory which was: ‘ The problem with no name’This quote is trying to say that women are just seen as objects which have no meanings, and are only their to gratify mean and please them. This brings unhappiness to them.
  7. 7. Femine Mystique Examples The fairy liquid advert This advert portrays women as being the ‘Housewife’ doing all the washing up and cleaning around the house. This Advert has been shown similar since the 20 th century where the women is at home looking after the kids and doing housework. Furthermore the camera also zooms into the women whilst she is washing the dishes, this shows that it is the womens duty to do all the house cleaning and be a housewife. This is what the feminine mystique theory suggests.