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Cheryl cole website analysis


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Cheryl cole website analysis

  2. 2. Colour scheme
  3. 3. Social Networking Site Links
  4. 4. Navigation BarThe navigation bar, as shown below contains the followinglinks.Articles/ prizes/ Music/Whosay /Videos/live/gallery/newsletter/official store and merchandise.All these links contain different information and keeps theaudience more engaged in what they are navigating through.Also it allows the audience to have various different choicesthroughout.The navigation bar also attracts the audience due to the factwhen they hover over it changes to the colour red and zoomsin, depending on what the audience have clicked on. Thecolour red could symbolise the love/girly image of Cheryl Coleand how her personality/style and choice is.
  5. 5. VideosCheryl Cole also has a link toher videos. This consists ofdifferent activitys she hasperformed such as magazineshoots, interviews it also givesthe audience tips on their hairand beauty. The audience havefull control of the videosmeaning they can, watch, itand play it when they wish to,By using videos on her pagemakes the audience feel moreinvolved with the website andalso gives them entertainment.
  6. 6. Male Gaze and Cheryl Colesimages/Website As you can see from Cheryl Coles gallery which is placed on her website she is seen as being glamorous and sexy. Straight away you can see that the male gaze theory can relate back to her images, the camera man may have been a male which is taking the images of Cheryl Cole due to the fact the focus of the camera is mainly at Cheryl Coles body in all the images. A male audience would feel gratified after viewing her images as they would be attracted by her and be more encouraged to look at more of her images due to Cheryl Cole looking ‘Sexy’
  7. 7. Cheryl Coles Website andAudience theoriesLooking throughout Cheryl Coles website, you can immediately see she is beenportrayed as a stereotypical feminine image. She is dressed ‘glamorous, good-looking’. The male audience would receive gratification after navigating throughCheryls website due to the fact they are seeing her in a girly sexy figure, this makesthem more engaged and entertained with the website.Richard Dyers theory may also relate to Cheryl Coles website, and the utopian theorymeaning the audience is experiencing a world of their own due to the differentengaging elements on the website they are also receiving gratification andsatisfaction with what they are seeing.In addition to this Maslows hierarchy of needs pyramid can also relate back to thefact the audience receiving the basic needs from this website. The main needs theywould want from the website would be to gather entertainment, information,awareness and belonging. Cheryl Coles website follows all these elements as it givesthe audience entertainment and engagement due to the interactive elements whichare placed on the website such as multimedia, images,vidoes and texts that theaudience can read and gather information from.
  8. 8.