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  1. 1.  Meaning Types of kiosks Application of kiosks Advantages Disadvantages
  2. 2.  An electronic device that provides information is interactive in nature and allows for input. It can be created using HTML pages and graphics.
  3. 3. Ticketing Kiosk :
  4. 4. Internet Kiosk:
  5. 5. Financial Services Kiosk:
  6. 6. Movie Ticket Kiosk :
  7. 7. Photo Kiosk :
  8. 8. Other Types Of Kiosk: Building directory and way finding kiosks Visitor management and security kiosks
  9. 9.  Kiosks in retail Kiosks in E -Government Kiosks in corporate/HR Kiosks in banking
  10. 10. Kiosk in E-Government: Provide controlled access to e Government portals/websites Increase access to information about local government programs & services Publicise new government websites or initiatives Provide local tourist information Help bridging the digital divide
  11. 11. Kiosk in Corporate HR: Provide access to a companys Intranet. Provide access to online policies & practices. Allow employees to easily change their personal information. Highlight internal job postings/openings. Improve overall internal customer service. Ensure that no employees get left behind.
  12. 12. Kiosk in Banking: Promote a banks website. Provide demonstrations of electronic banking. Answer frequently-asked customer questions. Highlight banking products, interest & loan rates, etc.
  13. 13. Kiosk in Retail: Promote and provide access to store website. Enable online transactions through store website. Gathering feedback and suggestions. Promote other store locations.
  14. 14.  Encourages self service Allow easy maintenance Reduces work load Increases market reach Ensure round the clock sales and service Limit functionalities, enhances focus Advertises
  15. 15.  Initial hardware cost High installation and authorization cost Development of custom software