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Nbsp 3 rev.2-compact business solution for everybody.


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Compact Business Solution-3.2

Published in: Technology
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Nbsp 3 rev.2-compact business solution for everybody.

  1. 1. Maritime Industry is the largest one industry in the world which connects from a Fisherman to the Ministry of Maritime Transports of all countries and its officials. We are the famous name of Success & Leading Services Provider in the field of Maritime Industry and serving since last 18 years on different roles. We normally provide the Corporate Maritime Business Solution, Consultancy, Advisory, Admiralty Services provider under one window system. We’re happy to mention here to all of our Reliable Clients, Services Providers, Flag Administration, Management Companies, Port State Controls, Individual Ship Broker and International Marine Organization Officials that we’ll also to serve you in the field of Information & Technology Services Provider as well as Adviser to your Business Strategy and its best corporate solution with the help of “Microsoft and its Allied Product and Services” with Maximum and Entire satisfaction about Software, Hardware, e-Commerce, Internet Security, e-Marketing, and all related too many services with wide range of enhanced technology up to your door step prior to imagine. If we deeply evaluate than I.T or Computer Science is involved in our Home, Society and Whole Earth System to serve with dynamically and most Innovative way of Technology to move towards the Cyber-age. Now-a-day, every industry require the specific software or program which increase their Productivity, Cost, Time and Secure to their
  2. 2. business efforts because everybody stimulated the Economic Crises and need or want to recover their loss and increase the Capability and it is the wonder that Microsoft's software deem fit on all places either it was an individual Home User or an Education Institute, Industry, Medical lab, Toys or Kitchen items like a to z. We’ve entered into the future age or Most Advanced Century where we need the complete awareness of Information and Technology to develop faster and effectively. We also included the wide range of Microsoft Business Solutions, Software, Technical Awareness, Perfect advocacy to serve the high level online services and solution to change dynamically Environment of your business and sharpen your employees with complete awareness of the latest technology. Business Solutions by Information and Technology and its prompt usage with our sincere motto that we Moderate the Business Services, and other Impacts by the use of latest and more enhanced Technology with the Leader of Engineering and Science who developed Information and Technology to provide us most advanced, Enhanced Software which will solve all kinds of your business needs and demand. We already faced 2009 as only Endurance because of Enormous increasing Cost and Expenses on every field, approximately 35% Companies and Corporations changed their business lines or reduced their budget and staff, but this is not a solution for that kind of economy trouble. We have to find the best way that how to increase the productivity, perfectness and profit to implicate the best and correct solution without interruption of present system of software under project and it is easy to deploy the advanced technology. How is it possible? at this moment Information and Technology brings to help with latest technological solutions which work more
  3. 3. effectiveness to redemption of cost by offering the most demanding software and applications and we are sure that one of them is right for you and we will help you to find the best one as according to your business demand which change the complete environment which will also to help you to equalize the demand and supply levels, needs and necessities of your business team. Our technical and engineers staff is ready to serve you 365/12/24 hours to demonstrate, train, deploy, run smoothly the software or application which will organize and control through the server system to ease for monitoring the productivity and capabilities of the users to train more. We are pleased to recommend and introduces the new business solutions because Information and Technology field also gives daily the challenges to the I.T Professional and all Businessmen to express their impressions and share the evaluation of the products and services those are rapidly delivering by Microsoft And there’s no doubt that at present, Information and technology is the fastest growing industry. With our this solution, we hereby would like to add our comments “That Microsoft again proved that they are true leader of the ideas and innovation for the next Decades 2010 ~ 2020” which is actually the “Cyber-Age”,
  4. 4. as you will see the Technology with its Peak after the “Edge of its Nose” as we evaluated and experienced the pre-released Beta versions and they have too many Betas under the pipeline with projects. It’s not the word of mouth or like praise as we are the registered members but we found many amazing developments and we hereby happy to share with you as the recommended business solution. We recommend the first “Operating System” for Home, Small, Medium, Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Corporate and semi-Government users those require the best, secured, productive, efficient and economical software “ Microsoft Windows 7” as operating system. Why….? It allows to the users to easily upgrade on pre-built virtual environment to adjust with older versions of OS., like Vista, XP, ME, NT either they are professional or advanced version.
  5. 5. It prepares your system with minimal graphic, memory and other peripherals requirements to evaluate it maximal functionality. It’s the easiest, compatible and friendly window or operating system than all previous versions as we are using and experiencing them from AT 386, 486, 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, Unix, Linux and other systems as we found. It offers to user to operate me and when you start it so it create the best environment for your working as you desire on any program or software like Beginner to Developer and Blind to Deaf, everybody will feel the same. This OS itself challenges to all users to define me more and when you reach on that depth, it will change and build an new task for you to do like that. Don’t believe! Testify yourself any of its versions as “Trial Download” like Starter, Beginner, and Professional. Ultimate, Home etc. We recommend the Second thing to obtain is “Microsoft Office 2010” for Home, Small, Medium, Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Corporate Developers and semi-Government users those require the best, secured, productive, efficient and economical software like “MS Office 2007+” as your Database,
  6. 6. Design, Management, Accounts, Projects, Tasks, Meetings, Planning, Developing, Social & Business Networking, Secretary, Manager, Advisor everything on one compact software and its system. How ….? It’s also the Supreme version of Microsoft Office which created by its dedicated team and beat all the previous versions and technology. First of all, it’s compact solution for all of your business needs and demands to balance your supply and productivity on challenging way. It’s the bundle of thousands new commands and it’s amazing results when you apply and it’s “Ribbon” is now-a days like a “Hero” on its users. It provide you the best drafting, calculating, designing, web creations and a lot of objects by its combined software like “WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, VISIO, NOTEBOOK, INFOPATH, PUBLISHER, SHAREPOINT DESIGNER (Similar but advanced like Front Page), GROOVE, ACCESS, OUTLOOK, CONNECTOR, CONTACT MANAGER, NET- MEETING etc. We recommend the Third most important element to Manage, Handle and observe your data between client and domains which is the right choice of the
  7. 7. “Home or Business Server” for Home, Small, Medium, Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Corporate Developers and semi-Government users those require the best, secured, productive, efficient and economical Business Solution to choose any one right Server as according to your business nature, for example for Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs :  We suggest “Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard Edition”.  We suggest “Windows Server 2008 R 2 SE”.  We suggest “Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Standard Edition”.  We suggest “Windows Internet Security or Forefront Server 2008 Standard Edition”.  It is not difficult to select the best one, Just find out the best advisors on Microsoft’s Channel Directories and Partners. We recommend the last but not least “Microsoft Windows Mobile 7” to keep in touch with your office
  8. 8. or activities when you are out of the office or on travel, It’s also the same as above you can manage on your Mobile Phones. So, what are you thinking now? Rush to book these four as above mentioned as the best, compact and economical solution by us because they are limited and already booked till the year end prior to its release and don’t forget that We Moderate the Information and Technology Business, Software Solutions under our "One Window IT Solution System" With Coordination of the Leader of Information and Technology