DVD Packaging: Ways to Make DVD Packaging Special


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If you want to make your DVD Packaging stand-out from the shelf, then you better give it a little extra something to make it extraordinary.

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DVD Packaging: Ways to Make DVD Packaging Special

  1. 1. http://first4packaging.co.uk
  2. 2. If you want to make your DVD Packaging stand-out from the shelf, then you better give it a little extra something to make it extraordinary. You do not have to have that over-the-top collectors DVD packaging if your budget wont permit it- just simple additions and alterations can make a big difference.Here are some simple ways to make your DVD packaging extra special: http://first4packaging.co.uk
  3. 3. Use Digipaks. This is probably the simplest way that youcan make your DVD Packaging more special. DVD jewelcases are so common that when you place your DVD in adigipack, it would instantly get more attention-justbecause its not as common. Digipacks are made ofcardboard paper but it still has a CD tray that is similarto standard jewel cases. It costs a few cents more thanthe standard DVD jewel case but it looks classier and isfriendly to the environment. http://first4packaging.co.uk
  4. 4. Use unique paper. If you and your designer think thata 3D glossy paper would complement your design,then you better purchase that paper. It woulddefinitely add more appeal to your DVD packagingwithout spending too much. You should get familiarwith many types of papers and cases so you canbecome more creative with your DVD Packaging.Pop-up art. And other paper art gimmicks. You canactually add more pizzazz to your DVD packagingwithout spending a lot of dollars by simply beingcreative with the cardboard. For example, you can havea simple pop-up art that pops up when you open thecase....you can also have intricate paper cut-outs if youthink it goes well with your overall concept. http://first4packaging.co.uk
  5. 5. Include Posters and collectibles. People love freebies.They check out any DVD that has something a littleextra because theyd think that theyll have more fortheir money. If you have enough budget to print someposters, the fans would definitely purchase your DVDand the would-be fans would be convinced to buy thereal thing instead of pirated copies. Just a small button,a keychain, a sticker, would do. http://first4packaging.co.uk
  6. 6. Tin cans. Do you notice that those packaged in canslook more valuable-like they are worth showcasing inour DVD shelf? If you think that this is too pricey foryour DVD Packaging , then you might consider havingjust a few at first. This will catch the attention of thosewho are into DVD packaging and Wrap it in a shirt.Yep, you heard it. It has become a fad right now forDVDs to be packed or wrapped in a small shirt orjacket. But of course, not all DVDs can be packagedthis way-only those who have a certain statementcostume like Grease, or Mad Men can pull this off.There are lots of other materials other than shirtsthough that you can wrap in your plain DVD Packaging. Exhaust your creative juices and your DVD packagingwould certainly kick some ass. http://first4packaging.co.uk