Custom Shaped USB service increasing in popularity - Why?


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Custom Shaped USB service increasing in popularity - Why?

  1. 1. Custom Shaped USB serviceincreasing in popularity - Why?
  2. 2. Of all the hundreds of different USB Flash Drive /memory stick designs available in thepromotional gift industry there is one particularmodel that is increasing in popularity - customshaped USB drives. This is however, more of abespoke service than an individual model. Theservice enables companies big and small to haveUSB sticks created in their very own shape, forexample their logo, product or vehicle shape orany other shape they desire.
  3. 3. So why have custom shaped USB drivesincreased in popularity? Well, along with theprice of large memory capacities, the toolingcosts of producing custom shaped usb drives hasfallen dramatically over recent years. This highlydesirable and effective opportunity has becomeso affordable that an order will cost just afraction more than a standard batch of printedflash drives. A handful of suppliers for customUSB flash drives have a minimum order quantityof just 100 units, making the whole process evenmore affordable - which is great news to thesmaller companies with tight budgets.
  4. 4. The great thing about custom shaped USB drives is they offerimmense promotional value and really stand out from thecrowd. Instead of having your logo printed on to a standardshaped drive you can have the actual drive built in the shapeof your logo, you can even Pantone colour match the materialto your exact corporate colours. Custom shaped flash drivesdont just need to be in the shape of your logo, there areendless shape possibilities, for example, product shapes,people shapes, vehicle shapes etc. Even USB suppliersthemselves such as have used customshaped flash drives on many occasions to promote services.For example, when exhibiting at the PPAI Show in Las Vegas,the North American team took along custom built USB sticksin the shape of asino chips, a shape relevant to the showslocation. The flash drives were uploaded with a PDF version oftheir current brochure and additional promotional material.As expected, the custom usb flash drives are alwayssuccessful. The return on investment can be tracked andmeasured because the shows visitors usually mention theirappreciated USB gift and make use of the uploaded content.
  5. 5. Theres also another clever little trick on how tomeasure the return on your investment. If youknow how, you can add unique, trackable URLsin to links on files that have been uploaded on toyour drives. These links will be highlighted inyour Google Analytics which will enable you tosee just what the receivers of your drives aredoing, or if you have an e-commerce site you willbe able to see the revenue your USB drives havegenerated. Very smart indeed.
  6. 6. Whenever exhibiting at Trade Shows its the custom shaped USB drives that make that lasting impact. You can rest assured that visitors who receive your own shaped custom usb flash drives, will not throw them in the bin (unlike the piles of leaflets they picked up). Your stands visitors will be taking a little piece of your brand home with them whereas your competitors stands are likely to be long forgotten.Ordering couldnt be easier, the flash drive supplierswill do all the hard work for you. With you can expect to pay as little as£199 (+vat) for your very own mould, which is cheapas chips. The company will even help you with freedesigns and concepts and produce a physical, pre-production sample in a matter of days.