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Nigel Mark Dias, writing portfolio & expertise


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Nigel Mark Dias,writing portfolio & expertise
Copywriter, copywriting, writing, ghostwriting,blogging.content, content marketing, content creation, content curation digital marketing

Published in: Marketing
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Nigel Mark Dias, writing portfolio & expertise

  1. 1. Nigel Mark Dias Copywriter
  2. 2. Skills Content Copywriting Ghostwriting Digital
  3. 3. Expertise Blockchain Technology Finance Social Media
  4. 4. Copywriting Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content What drives and motivates me, Is helping champion brands break free, From shackles of being mere commodities.
  5. 5. Ghostwriting Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content While details of ghostwriting projects are NDA constrained That’s not so for pieces in the public domain.
  6. 6. Business Poetry Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content A verse do you need? Ready is your rhyme in double-quick speed.
  7. 7. Content Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content Search, content, advertising or digital strategy Art, copy or code enabled technology.
  8. 8. Digital Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content Together, there's a lot we can do. Let’s make digital work for you.
  9. 9. Writing
  10. 10. Gold Publications, articles & presentations on Goldmoney Gold is money GoldAu79 The world’s personal gold standard It has always cost more..
  11. 11. Search Publications & articles on search Local search Search, find, discover, wonder Local search rules
  12. 12. Nigel Mark Dias Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Content Dubai, UAE M: +971 50 525 1491 E: Image from Bansky