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Goldmoney: the global network for gold. August 2016 update


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You can make gold your money

What is Goldmoney?
• World’s largest 100% reserved gold savings & payments network
• Democratizes access to gold savings & instant gold transfers (anyone can earn gold for their productivity)
• Helps under banked & under served citizens protect their purchasing power
• Building global client relationships by unlocking network utility of a global money base

Gold has been a commodity money for 6,000 years due to its natural properties. It’s also the world’s best performing currency… by a wide margin.
As a store of value, gold is more stable and less volatile than most people recognize – especially when measured against the world’s vast sea of 196 individual government issued currencies.

Devoid of modern savings and settlement innovation, gold as money hasn’t been easy or practical for centuries. Until Now…
Introducing Goldmoney
Using technology to make gold easily accessible through a modern global network, making it the best way to save, spend, or earn gold, anywhere in the world.
Goldmoney: the global network for gold.
August 2016 update

The gold standard for the 21st century

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Goldmoney: the global network for gold. August 2016 update

  1. 1. Goldmoney Inc. August 2016 @Goldmoney
  2. 2. These Slides contain certain “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws that are based on expectations, estimates and projections as at the date of these Slides. The information in these Slides about the future plans and objectives of the Company are forward- looking information. Other forward-looking information includes but is not limited to information concerning the intentions, plans and future actions of the Company. Any statements that involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives, assumptions, future events or performance (often but not always using phrases such as “expects”, or “does not expect”, “is expected”, “anticipates” or “does not anticipate”, “plans”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “forecasts”, “estimates”, “believes” or “intends” or variations of such words and phrases or stating that certain actions, events or results “may” or “could”, “would”, “might” or “will” be taken to occur or be achieved) are not statements of historical fact and may be forward-looking information and are intended to identify forward-looking information. This forward-looking information is based on reasonable assumptions and estimates of management of the Company at the time it was made, and involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Such factors include, among others: the Corporation’s limited operating history; future capital needs and uncertainty of additional financing; the competitive nature of the industry; currency exchange risks; the need for the Corporation to manage its planned growth and expansion; the effects of product development and need for continued technology change; protection of proprietary rights; the effect of government regulation and compliance on the Corporation and the industry; network security risks; the ability of the Corporation to maintain properly working systems; theft and risk of physical harm to personnel; reliance on key personnel; global economic and financial market deterioration impeding access to capital or increasing the cost of capital; global economic climate; dilution; and volatile securities markets impacting security pricing unrelated to operating performance. Although the Company has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially, there may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. The Company undertakes no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking information other than as required by law. No stock exchange, securities commission or other regulatory authority has approved or disapproved the information contained herein. The Slides and the accompanying verbal presentation are confidential and are being supplied to you solely for your information and may not be reproduced or distributed to any other person or published, in whole or in part, for any other purpose. Important Notice These presentation slides (the “Slides”) do not comprise a prospectus or other form of offering document relating to Goldmoney Inc. (the “Company”), and do not constitute an offer or invitation to purchase or subscribe for any securities of the Company or any other company and should not be relied on in connection with a decision to purchase or subscribe for any such securities. The Slides and the accompanying verbal presentation do not constitute a recommendation regarding any decision to sell or purchase securities of the Company or any other company. Your attention is drawn to the risk factors set out below. Caution Regarding Forward-Looking Information 1
  3. 3. What is Goldmoney? • World’s largest 100% reserved gold savings and payments network • Democratizes access to gold savings and instant gold transfers (anyone can earn gold for their productivity) • Helps underbanked and underserved citizens protect their purchasing power • Building global client relationships by unlocking network utility of a global money base 2 Goldmoney provides secure and accessible gold-based savings, payments, and wealth services through three distinct account offerings.
  4. 4. 3 “Gold has been a commodity money for 6,000 years due to its natural properties. It’s also the world’s best performing currency… by a wide margin.
  5. 5. Average Since 2000 4 As a store of value, gold is more stable and less volatile than most people recognize – especially when measured against the world’s vast sea of 196 individual government issued currencies.
  6. 6. Gold’s Natural Monetary Properties Everything we can touch, feel, breathe, or burn is an element or compound. Everything built, manufactured, or invented relies on a temporal cause and effect commencing with the extraction, transportation, storage, and distribution of elements. Over the course of 6,000 years, scientists have classified 92 unique natural elements on our planet. These elements have different physical properties and relative rarity in the earth. Extracting elements requires an input of energy, labour, time, and information (input units). The relative abundance of the 92 natural elements to each other is immutable and enforces a relational cost ratio that is perpetual. Here the term cost ratio is not in dollars, euros, or other external measurements but rather input units (energy, labour, time, and information). Gold is the rarest of mined elements on any meaningful scale. Gold has another equally important feature: immortality. It doesn’t tarnish, rot, evaporate, or decay. It doesn’t have a lifecycle and for reasons unbeknownst to us, resists entropy. Of the 92 natural elements, there is only one that could have evolved as an intermediate commodity (money) representing any cooperative transaction between participants in a free market. The critical point being that any transaction in the real economy (no matter what industry or geography) ultimately represents various combinations of input units as a cost: energy, labour, time, and information. Gold’s rarity means its extraction absorbs more input units than any other element or compound. Gold’s immortality means it lasts while everything else including the input units diminish over time. Therefore gold is always time superior to input units in any transaction within the real-economy. Total gold stock represents billions of past transactions enforcing proportional future value. Au 79 GOLD (AU) EVOLVED INTO “MONEY” DUE TO PHYSICS, NOT ECONOMICS To understand gold, we must understand the physics underlying all real economic activity. Gold’s natural properties made it the perfect intermediate commodity (money). Because gold lasts forever, all the gold ever extracted grows in size over time as an increasing physical inventory (stock). Conversely, input units representing the feedstock of the real-economy diminish and have no equivalent stock or inventory to draw upon. They must always be reproduced or reconfigured in the future. Billions of people from varying geographies and cultures make up the ownership of this gold stock. As the arrow of time progresses, each has the power to convert their gold into diminishing input units, or they can do the opposite by converting the value of their own diminishing units earned through productivity, specialty skill, labour, and time into gold. It follows that in a free market, the future value of this total gold stock (the gold price) will be bid up or down in units of energy, labour, time and information from participants in the real-economy. Therefore the long-run price must always clear at an equilibrium reflecting the immutable cost ratio in physics (rather than external currency measurement) between the input units and gold. 5
  7. 7. Gold’s Natural Monetary Properties – The Proof is in the Math 6 The cost of life in US Dollars over time GOLD EFFORTLESSLY PROTECTS PURCHASING POWER AND PROVIDES IMMUTABLE MEASUREMENT IN TRANSACTIONS 0.11 857 0.26 0.15 0.07 739 0.27 0.13 The cost of life in gold over time (grams) 1985 2015 1985 2015 Food Fuel Transportatio n Entertainment $1.16 $9,000 $2.75 $1.60 $4.79 $27,825 $2.51 $10.25
  8. 8. 7
  9. 9. 8 “Devoid of modern savings and settlement innovation, gold as money hasn’t been easy or practical for centuries. Until Now…
  10. 10. Introducing Goldmoney 9 Using technology to make gold easily accessible through a modern global network, making it the best way to save, spend, or earn gold, anywhere in the world. THE WORLD’S GOLD SAVINGS & PAYMENTS NETWORK
  11. 11. The Technological Evolution of the Gold market 10 GOLDMONEY INNOVATION REMOVED FRICTION WHILE EXPANDING ACCESSIBILITY AND UTILITY FOR GOLD - Costly and risky for average investor (shipping, storage & insurance costs) - Unscrupulous actors (numismatics & other high margin, low metal value products) - 3-5% premium to spot pricing from the bid or offer (6-10% round-trip cost) - No utility, transfer, or spend capabilities + Very Liquid ( Buy / Sell) - Avg. annual fee .5% + premium to spot (0.4%) + trading commission of $10-20 + brokerage custody fee (Assumes $2,500 investment, smaller investments carry much higher fees) - Generally no ownership of underlying metal (paper security with increased risk) - No utility, transfer, spend, or physical redemption capabilities - Regressive product, better for elites vs. smaller drip saver + Fully allocated .995 bullion with full property rights under bailment law + Real time purchase + settlement via online + mobile as small as .001 grams + Free storage + insurance with Brink’s + Unprecedented pricing (1% of spot price) + Full transfer/settlement capabilities (send / request / spend gold) + Fast purchase + redemption with multiple currency + funding options + Redemption in physical gold + delivery option Traditional Physical Gold Purchase Gold ETF Investment +
  12. 12. 11 Gold Ownership Made Easy  Securing Users’ Purchasing Power  Providing Reliable Savings Tools  Innovating How Global Payments Work Gold Ownership Made Easy
  13. 13. 12
  14. 14. Features ◆ 100% allocated gold savings (nine vaults) ◆ Easily build a savings plan (drip/recurring savings) ◆ Send, request, shop, and donate globally with Gold ◆ No minimums or monthly fees ◆ Free storage & insurance ◆ Free Goldmoney third party issued pre-paid MasterCard ◆ As low as 1% purchase / redemption fee ◆ Goldmoney fraud & purchase protection ◆ Goldmoney mobile ◆ Goldmoney community & online support Why Consumers Love Goldmoney Simplicity Security Flexibility + One account that lets you save in gold, transfer gold to friends and family, shop online and in stores globally. 13
  15. 15. Features ◆ Accept ecommerce, donation & subscription payments ◆ Powerful invoicing platform ◆ Global payouts & payroll tool ◆ Process global payments from any currency for 1% ◆ Store gold balance or redeem to your currency for 1% ◆ Customer & inventory management ◆ Automatic settlement to your bank ◆ Goldmoney community & online support Why Merchants Love Goldmoney Global Reach Cost-Effective New Sales + Global processing made easy using gold. One account to pay employees and get paid by global customers and suppliers. Pay 14
  16. 16. ◆ Hold up to nine currency balances ◆ Purchase all four precious metals: gold, silver, platinum & palladium ◆ Insured custody & storage at multiple global vault operations ◆ Comprehensive reporting & research ◆ Access to exclusive events ◆ Personal relationship manager ◆ Dedicated phone and online support ◆ Exclusive 18K Gold third party issued MasterCard prepaid card Trusted Private Wealth Management Fully Reserved Your Metal Your Money + Safeguarding Your Wealth. Protecting Your Legacy. Features 15
  17. 17. 16 “With Goldmoney, you’re not outside the regulatory system. But you do move outside the central banking system into a secure “closed loop” account-based, gold settlement network.
  18. 18. Bringing it All Together Goldmoney Business Momentum 17
  19. 19. Goldmoney Inc. Financial Highlights 18 Revenue, Fee Revenue & Gross Profit growing significantly Quarter over Quarter ($CAD) Driven by User, Purchase & Transaction Growth $2.9 $66.5 $81.3 $109.2 $113.1 0 30 60 90 120 Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 2016 Q1 2017 Millions Revenue $0.01 $1.05 $1.15 $1.89 $2.86 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 2016 Q1 2017 Millions Gross Profit As at June 30, 2016: Working capital of $57.1M (cash + precious metals inventory + ST investments) to satisfy $715.7K of liabilities Net liquid assets of $58.9M (i.e. excl. goodwill, intangibles, and PP&E)
  20. 20. Virality of a Healthy Network Effect Forming in Year One 19 62,629 189,545 263,749 344,496 448,649 538,436 602,120 693,148 760,519 833,909 935,049 1,052,959 1,101,799 1,143,986 50,000 150,000 250,000 350,000 450,000 550,000 650,000 750,000 850,000 950,000 1,050,000 1,150,000 1,250,000 Jun-15 Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Global Account Signups MORE THAN 1.1M GLOBAL ACCOUNT SIGNUPS FROM MORE THAN 150 COUNTRIES *Deposits & Transactions as reported for BitGold.
  21. 21. Business Momentum Accelerating Globally 20 WIDELY DISTRIBUTED GLOBAL ADOPTION. USERS IN MORE THAN 150 COUNTRIES.* Q1 2016 Q2 2016 Q3 2016 Q4 2016 Q1 2017 Customers who have purchased - Growth by Region North America Europe Asia South America Africa Oceanica
  22. 22. As Customers Mature, Their Usage Accelerates 21 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 Transactions per User with a Gold Balance*
  23. 23. 22 Top Executives The Goldmoney teams builds on decades of experience in financial services, investment management, e-commerce & payments, software engineering, UX/UI design, cryptography, digital security, compliance, commodity market trading, and macroeconomics. Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Josh Crumb Former Sr. Metals Strategist, Goldman Sachs Chief Technology Officer Alessandro Premoli Decade+ experience in encryption, cryptography & digital signatures Founder & CEO of Goldmoney Inc. Roy Sebag Former Portfolio Manager Long/Short Equity, Essentia Equity CEO, Goldmoney Network Darrell MacMullin Former Head of PayPal Canada, eBay Fintech Advisor Chief Financial Officer Katie Sokalsky Former auditor, PwC Financial services expertise
  24. 24. Goldmoney Inc. Board of Directors Lead Director Founder James Turk Director Hector Fleming Director Chairman of Audit Committee Mahendra Naik Director Leslie D. Biddle Director Chief Strategy Officer Josh Crumb Director Chief Executive Officer Roy Sebag
  25. 25. 24 66mm shares O/S following completion of February 2016 financing • 5.1mm warrants & options (2.48mm warrants forceable at C$1.78 strike) • $59.4mm acquisition (11.1mm shares issued) of GoldMoney in July 2015 • $36.6mm in bought deal financing in February 2016 • ~$57.5 million in cash & liquid assets The Numbers Capital Structure, Financing & Analyst Coverage Founders and Board own and control more than 26mm shares Analyst Coverage GMP Securities – Stephen Boland Dundee Securities – Eyal Ofir Clarus Securities –Noel Atkinson Mackie –Nikhil Thadani Goldmoney Inc. graduates to the Toronto Stock Exchange in less than one year.
  26. 26. “ “BitGold enjoying rapid growth as users put gold to work in unlikely ways The world is waking up to Goldmoney It’s been money for 5000 years. It’s money without borders 25 “What Gold is really about is long term stability “Spinning gold into dollars: How bitgold intends to become a new standard “The continuing revolution in payment technology makes the introduction of competition not only possible, but practical. BitGold, a Canadian company, is already offering gold-denominated transaction accounts with debit card. “ BitGold is one of the top 10 global fintech companies to watch in 2016.
  27. 27. Significant Milestones Achieved in Year One 26 Jan-May 2015 • Raises C$7MM • Commercial Launch of • BitGold IPOs and Commences Trading on TSX Venture • Acquires GoldMoney for C$51.9M June-Aug 2015 • Completes C$21M Bought Deal Financing • Commercial Launch in US • Former Head of PayPal Canada, Darrell MacMullin named CEO • Name Change to GoldMoney Inc. • Gold-Settlement Technology Links to 9 Major Financial Institutions Sept-Dec 2015 • Launch of Mobile App for Android & iOS • Launch of Recurring Savings & Payments Tools • Launch of Goldmoney Insights • Launch of Automatic Bank & Card Redemptions • Launch of World’s First Gold Balance Funded Prepaid Card Jan-July 2016 • Launch of Business Accounts and Payments • Completes Upsized Financing from C$15MM to C$36.6M • Graduation to the Toronto Stock Exchange Main Board Listing TSX:XAU • Launch of Gold Payroll for Business Platform • Surpassed 1 million Sign Ups • Unification of BitGold / Goldmoney Brands. Creation of Goldmoney Personal, Business and Wealth accounts. • Acquisition of Schiff Gold physical gold business.
  28. 28. Goldmoney Announced Acquisition of Schiff Gold and forms consultant agreement with Renowned Gold Investor Peter Schiff July8,2016 27 *Non-audited & non-IFRS results. For further information please refer to Goldmoney Inc. press release dated July 8th 2016. 27 Acquisition Overview*: • Goldmoney Inc acquires 100% of Schiff Gold by issuing1,063,000 common shares of Goldmoney Inc with a deemed value of $5,315,000 (at CAD $5.00 per share announcement VWAP) as well as 1,400,000 common share purchase warrants • Pursuant to the consulting agreement, Peter Schiff will provide strategic development, product development, branding and marketing services to Goldmoney • Peter Schiff will be paid fees equal to 50% of the distributable income from Schiff Gold Inc. with a minimum term of twenty years. • The transaction is subject to customary commercial closing conditions including regulatory approval, and is expected to close by end of August, 2016