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Click Intensity Concept Presentation


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As long as there are businesses in the world, the world will need advertising.
Click intensity is a new concept in traffic exchanges. Currently in a pre launch stage.

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Click Intensity Concept Presentation

  1. 1. Welcomes you
  2. 2. The Prediction On the Brink of Global Domination is Online Advertising !! Chart: US Print Vs Online AD Spending, 2011-2016 will be your Saviour during that tidal wave...
  3. 3. As long as there are businesses in the world, the world will need advertising,and definitely WILL NEED ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT WILL NEED
  4. 4. We are ... Nick Johnson, CEO Head of CI's affiliate Marketing venture and responsible for creating new products and systems for Click Intensity. A technocrat with the deep understanding of traffic management and intensive marketing tools. Resident of London, settled in the US and has years of experience working with some Tech conglomerates in Social Media Advertising niche. Tara Mish, Communication Head Have been in the sales and marketing industry for 20 years. Over 10 years of which have been in network marketing and 5 years in advertising sales. She have been honored as top female producer and top trainer in the field of network marketing. She is a wife and a mother to 6 wonderful children. Core Management Team Click Intensity Inc., a US based company that is parent to the global establishment, is operational from last 6 years and is well rooted in advertising and marketing business. Corporate office: Delaware State, US C
  5. 5. In a Nutshell we are... Click Intensity is the leading site representation company, Offering site-specific, channel-wide and run-of-network placements, we deliver results through expert advice and intelligent technology. Our Network is serving 2 billion monthly impressions and reaching over 17 million users worldwide per month. We partner with top quality web publishers to provide advertisers with targeted ad placements. Click Intensity has been serving global clients to publish their campaigns across a global network of trusted publishers. A US Enterprise registered under the Jurisdiction of Delaware state with an experience of Six Years in Online advertising domain. An Affiliate Marketing Company working on traditional internet deals/products and global traffic derived through blogs, pages, mobile promotions, email promotions and social networks. #Leading site representation Company #Partners with Top Quality Publishers and Advisers. #Our Network serves 2 billion monthly impressions #17 million Users worldwide #6+ years of Experience in Online Advertising Domain #Modern, Intelligent and Traditional C
  6. 6. C
  7. 7. The Hurdle! Very few people know how to capitalize on this massive industry! How do you turn ads into dollars in your pocket? The Solution ! Making it User Funded !
  8. 8. Our Vision Click Intensity has an unwavering commitment to innovative ideas that shape the advertising landscape. Not just Web, we have deployed technologies into Social Media, Mobile and Smart Watches also. Click Intensity envisions itself in the top 5 Ad networks in the next 24 Months.
  9. 9. How it works . Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Purchase Ad Packs.Start Your Free Account. Complete Tasks.
  10. 10. The SYSTEM Simple and Easy is
  11. 11. Ready to Start ? Purchase Silver Coin Packs for Revenue Shares What it takes - $25 What it gives - $30 Return on Investment - 120% + BUY ADVERTISING AND START PROMOTING 1 PACK = 1000 Silver Coins The Timeline For Packs Expiry To $30 Is Not Fixed And Will Vary Based On Company's Profits per distribution cycles.
  12. 12. WHAT PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH CI ? Pop up Ads. Banner Ads. Premium Ads. Mobile Ads.
  14. 14. Disclaimer We at CI do not make any claim as to how much money you will or can make. Your success with CI depends solely on your efforts and your ability to use the system correctly. CI is not liable for your success or lack thereof. We at CI have every confidence that you can be successful, however to what degree depends on you alone.
  16. 16. FIVE SIMPLE WAYS TO GET PAID Profit Shares Each $25 Silver Coin Pack gives you 1 share in the company and you get paid till your $25 Coins becomes $30 and then expires. The profit share value varies based upon the total gross within the system. #2
  17. 17. FIVE SIMPLE WAYS TO GET PAID Personally Referred Member Sales You earn a flat 10% on all silver coin packs purchased and repurchased by your personally referred members.However as a member with a free account only you get 5% on personally referred members and sales. Obviously, the more you refer, the more you earn- It’s totally optional. REFERRAL #3
  18. 18. FIVE SIMPLE WAYS TO GET PAID Team Income This is where it gets really exciting! You have a chance to get paid from your team, up to 7 levels deep and not just your personally sponsored members! #4
  19. 19. FIVE SIMPLE WAYS TO GET PAID Backend Sales Unlike other revenue sharing plans, Click Intensity pays you for all purchases and not just on purchases of silver coin packs as the same compensation structure described below. Imagine getting paid when someone 7 levels deep in your team buys a premium advertising product like pop-up ads or solo ads stc from CI. That is called honest business and true transparency, i.e. getting paid on anything and everything sold by the company to your team for the rest of your life based on your qualification level. #5
  20. 20. 7 GenCOMMISSION STRUCTURE YOUR 10 % 1 1 1% 2 100 0.5% 3 200 0.5% 4 400 0.5% 5 1000 0.5% 6 2000 2.00% 7 4000 INCENTIVE GENERATION QUALIFICATION # Of Active Silver Packs Needed
  21. 21. This System Creates a snowball effect with Money !! Now you can see how it Grows...Now you can see how it Grows...
  22. 22. Vital Facts There is no fixed timeline for profit share to hit $30 on each silver coin pack. It is a variable component and totally depends on the company’s profits via sales of various products offered by Click Intensity. The maximum number of packs you can own at one time is 4000. You can still refer more people into the system and get paid 10% on them and an additional 5 % on team sales + you can promote products, services or businesses of your choice, offered by Click Intensity inside your back-office.
  23. 23. TIME TO LEARN # ASK YOURSELF ● Do you play games online? ● Watch Video’s? ● Click Ads? ● Or just surf around? Now, you are able to get paid for it! Just complete 10 of these fun little tasks a day and you are active in the system and you get paid every 30 minutes for 24 hours!
  24. 24. LET’S SEE WHAT GOLD PACKS CAN DO... Gold Packs can be purchased for PREMIUM advert space for a higher online presence such as: ● Banner Ads ● Login Ads ● Solo Ads ● Mobile Ads Gold Packs do not have revenue shares attach to them,however they can be paid in the form of Gold Coins, easily transferable to BANK.
  25. 25. UNDERSTANDING YOUR AD PACKS & COINS... 1 Silver Pack = 1 Revenue Share These coins are your Currency for your basic level advertising products, such as Ad Exchange, Text Ads etc. Each Silver Pack has 1 Profit Share and pays you up to 120% ROI Gold Packs do not have Revenue Shares attached to them. They are JUST FOR PREMIUM ADS. Its that Simple.
  26. 26. Make as much MONEY as you want. You are your OWN BOSS. Set your OWN SCHEDULE. What it does for you !!
  27. 27. All you need to be Successful with CLICK INTENSITY 15-30 minutes a day for your task. An Internet Connection. A Computer, Smartphone or Tablet to access the site.
  28. 28. CLICK INTENSITY PROJECTS 2016 TO BE A BILLION DOLLAR YEAR ! That means that your revenue shares become very very valuable, very quickly!
  29. 29. We have the highest quality of innovation in technology with systems that support you in your business to program, that run automatically to make you money so you don’t even have to think about it! WHY US ?
  30. 30. Take your Free Spot Now. The Biggest Revenue Share Launch is about to happen.