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BitGold supported countries & jurisdictions


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List of supported countries as of Sptember 2015.
Countries where BitGold is available
Last Updated: Sep 23, 2015 03:05PM EDT
BitGold is an international platform that is available in most countries around the world. To protect our BitGold users we strictly adhere to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards. FATF is the global standard practiced by the largest and most influential countries with the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Bank as observers. What does this mean to our users? In certain jurisdictions, BitGold may be required to follow further protocols, and/or security precautions to ensure protection and compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) standards set in place by the FATF.
To see if BitGold is available in your country, please click on the List Of Support Countries PDF link below.
If you have specific inquiries about your jurisdiction, please contact

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BitGold supported countries & jurisdictions

  1. 1. List  of  Supported  Countries   September  2015       BitGold  Inc.     334  Adelaide  St  West,  Suite  305,  Toronto,  ON  M5V1R4,  Canada   +1  (800)  854  7418   Upload a clear, unobstructed image of your government issued photo international passport to avoid account opening delays. If you are uploading a driver’”⁹s license or national ID, please include an image of the back of the card in the same file. If Latin text is not available on your ID please include an image of the front of your credit card.   North  America   Country   Accepted  Identification   Country   Accepted  Identification   Anguilla   Passport   Honduras   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Antigua  and  Bermuda   Passport   Jamaica   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Aruba   Passport   Marshall  Islands   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Bahamas   Passport   Mexico   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Bermuda   Passport   Montserrat   Passport   Barbados   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Nicaragua   Passport   Belize   Passport   Panama   Passport,  National  ID   British  Virgin  Islands   Passport   Puerto  Rico   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Canada   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   St.  Barthelemy   Passport   Cayman  Islands   Passport   St.  Kitts  and  Nevis   Passport   Costa  Rica   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   St.  Lucia   Passport   Cuba   Passport   St.  Martin   Passport   Dominica   Passport   St.  Pierre  and  Miquelon   Passport   Dominican  Republic   Passport,  National  ID   St.  Vincent  And  The  Grenadines   Passport   El  Salvador   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Sint  Maarten   Passport   Greenland   Passport   Trinidad  and  Tobago   Passport   Grenada   Passport   Turks  and  Caicos   Passport   Guatemala   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   United  States  of  America   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Haiti   Passport,  Driver’s  License   United  States  Virgin  Islands   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID                                          
  2. 2. List  of  Supported  Countries   September  2015       BitGold  Inc.     334  Adelaide  St  West,  Suite  305,  Toronto,  ON  M5V1R4,  Canada   +1  (800)  854  7418           South  America   Country   Accepted  Identification   Country   Accepted  Identification   Argentina   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Guyana   Passport   Bolivia   Passport,  National  ID   Netherlands  Antilles   Passport   Brazil   Passport,  Driver’s  License  (front  &  back  of  ID)   Paraguay   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Chile   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Peru   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Colombia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Suriname   Passport   Curacao   Passport   Uruguay   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Ecuador   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Venezuela   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Falkland  Islands   Passport                                          
  3. 3. List  of  Supported  Countries   September  2015       BitGold  Inc.     334  Adelaide  St  West,  Suite  305,  Toronto,  ON  M5V1R4,  Canada   +1  (800)  854  7418       Africa   Country   Accepted  Identification   Country   Accepted  Identification   Algeria   Passport   Liberia   Passport   Angola   Passport   Libya   Passport   Benin   Passport   Madagascar   Passport   Botswana   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Malawi   Passport   British  Indian  Ocean  Territory   Passport   Mali   Passport   Burkina  Faso   Passport   Mauritania   Passport   Burundi   Passport   Mauritius   Passport   Cameroon   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Mayotte   Passport   Central  African  Republic   Passport   Morocco   Passport,  National  ID   Cape  Verde   Passport   Mozambique   Passport   Chad   Passport   Namibia   Passport   Comoros   Passport   Niger   Passport   Democratic  Republic  of  Congo   Passport   Nigeria   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Djibouti   Passport   Rwanda   Passport,  National  ID   Egypt   Passport   St.  Helena   Passport   Equatorial  Guinea   Passport   Sao  Tome  and  Principe   Passport   Eritrea   Passport   Senegal   Passport,  National  ID   Ethiopia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Seychelles   Passport   Gabon   Passport   Sierra  Leone   Passport   Gambia   Passport   South  Africa   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Ghana   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Swaziland   Passport   Guinea   Passport   Tanzania   Passport   Guinea-­‐Bissau   Passport   Togo   Passport   Ivory  Coast   Passport   Tunisia   Passport   Kenya   Passport,  National  ID   Uganda   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Lesotho   Passport   Zambia   Passport       Zimbabwe   Passport                  
  4. 4. List  of  Supported  Countries   September  2015       BitGold  Inc.     334  Adelaide  St  West,  Suite  305,  Toronto,  ON  M5V1R4,  Canada   +1  (800)  854  7418                                   Asia   Country   Accepted  Identification   Country   Accepted  Identification   Afghanistan   Passport   Kuwait   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Armenia   Passport   Laos   Passport   Azerbaijan   Passport   Macao   Passport   Bahrain   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Malaysia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Bangladesh   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Maldives   Passport   Bhutan   Passport   Mongolia   Passport   Brunei   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Nepal   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Cambodia   Passport   Oman   Passport,  Driver’s  License   China   Passport   Pakistan   Passport,  National  ID   Cocos  Islands   Passport   Philippines   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   East  Timor   Passport   Qatar   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Georgia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Saudi  Arabia   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Hong  Kong   Passport,  National  ID   Singapore   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID,  EP   Visa   India   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Sri  Lanka   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Indonesia   Passport,  National  ID   Taiwan   Passport   Israel   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Tajikistan   Passport   Japan   Passport   Thailand   Passport,  National  ID   Jordan   Passport   Turkey   Passport,  National  ID   Kazakhstan   Passport,  National  ID   UAE   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Korea  (South)   Passport   Vietnam   Passport,  National  ID   Kyrgyzstan   Passport,  National  ID                                                              
  5. 5. List  of  Supported  Countries   September  2015       BitGold  Inc.     334  Adelaide  St  West,  Suite  305,  Toronto,  ON  M5V1R4,  Canada   +1  (800)  854  7418                           Europe   Country   Accepted  Identification   Country   Accepted  Identification   Albania   Passport   Liechtenstein   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Andorra   Passport   Lithuania   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Austria   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Luxembourg   Passport,  National  ID   Belarus   Passport,  Driver’s  License   FYR  Macedonia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Belgium   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Malta   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Bosnia  &  Herzegovina   Passport,  National  ID   Moldova   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Bulgaria   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Monaco   Passport   Croatia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Montenegro   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Cyprus   Passport,  National  ID   Netherlands   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Czech  Republic   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Norway   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Denmark   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Poland   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Estonia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Portugal   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Faroe  Islands   Passport   Reunion  Island   Passport   Finland   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Romania   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   France   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Russia   External  Passport  or  National  ID  with  Latin   text   Germany   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   San  Marino   Passport   Gibraltar   Passport   Serbia   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Greece   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Slovakia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Guernsey   Passport   Slovenia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Hungary   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Spain   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Iceland   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Svalbard  &  Jan  Mayen   Passport   Ireland   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Sweden   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Isle  of  Man   Passport,  Driver’s  License   Switzerland   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Italy   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Ukraine   External  International  Passport  or  Drivers   License  with  Latin  text   Jersey   Passport   United  Kingdom   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Latvia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID                                      
  6. 6. List  of  Supported  Countries   September  2015       BitGold  Inc.     334  Adelaide  St  West,  Suite  305,  Toronto,  ON  M5V1R4,  Canada   +1  (800)  854  7418                                   Oceania   Country   Accepted  Identification   Country   Accepted  Identification   America  Samoa   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   New  Caledonia   Passport   Australia   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   New  Zealand   Passport,  Driver’s  License,  National  ID   Christmas  Island   Passport   Niue   Passport   Cook  Islands   Passport   Papa  New  Guinea   Passport   Fiji   Passport   Pitcairn  Islands   Passport   French  Polynesia   Passport   Samoa   Passport   Kiribati   Passport   Solomon  Islands   Passport   Micronesia   Passport   Tokelau   Passport   Nauru   Passport   Tonga   Passport