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Business overview of CTechBA

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CTechBA Brochure 13

  1. 1. Directors and AdvisorsNigel Hennessy is an experienced senior executive, director and Turnaround CEO with abackground in international sales and marketing and commercialization. Experienced inWater, Agriculture, Wave Energy, Wind Energy, Data Acquisition, Spatial Systems,Systems Analysis and grant funding. Foundation director of WaterAustralia.Ian Higgins is a respected environmentalist, a former CEO of SEDA, Greenpeace AustraliaPacific, Executive Director, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia and New Zealand andhas extensive international experience. Experience in Renewable Energy, Waste, CarbonManagement, Forestry. environmental management and grants.Robert Sutton is an experienced senior executive who for the past 7 years has workedwith AUSTRADE leading the international agribusiness export & investment network asGlobal Leader of Agribusiness. Experienced in Agriculture, Water, Biofuels andAlternative Energy sources.Peter Beaumont is a highly experienced and respected Senior Executive and Director witha 30 year history in Corporate Finance and Merchant Banking. Experienced in LandManagement, Deal Structures, Technology Parks and Financial instruments.Dr David B Maturo is an International water scientist specializing in aquaculture andenvironmental science. He has who has worked extensively throughout Africa, Japan andNew Zealand and is well connected into the Aid groups. Experienced in aquaculture,environmental science, market research.Dr Ben McNeil is a senior research fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre at theUniversity of NSW, is an author and was an expert reviewer for the United Nations Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change fourth assessment report. Ben is a regularspeaker on Climate Change at corporate, scientific and media events. Experienced inCarbon Management, Sequestration, Thermal Energy, Environmental Science andEconomics.Dr Richard Gregson is one of the pioneers of the private equity business in Australia. Hewas the founder of Equity Partners. He was founding Chairman to AVCAL, the privateequity industry association. Experienced in Biotech, Agriculture, Solar Energy Markets andVenture Funding.Robert Sauer is a well-respected accountant, lawyer and company director. He isChairman of the ResMed Foundation and was the Chairman of the Industrial R&D TaxConcession Committee. Experienced in Agriculture, Wind Energy, Aquaculture andEnvironmental Law.
  2. 2. “Provides business development and business analysisservices to assist in the commercialisation of technologiesand companies’”CTechBA’s unique skill set contains corporate advisoryskills coupled with in-depth line management experience,sub-contracting, exporting and business developmentcapabilities all focused on the commercialisation andsuccessful management of cleantech technologies.CTechBA provides a full advisory and support service tohelp commercialize technologies and companies. Weoffer an alternative to standard Advisory firms andAccounting firms by working hand-in-glove withcompanies by supplementing their management andexecutive teams with our experienced directors andassociates backed up with some of the best advisorycapability available.CTechBA gets fully engaged with a company and workswith it as though we are part of the company. CTechBA business approach provides CTechBA is a full-service Advisory and Management totally focused on cleantech. With our skills in linkages between supply and demand. Our management, market analysis, technology and commercialisation coupled with a world-wide networkCTechBA uses a PUSH and PULL business model. We take key methodology of 3-D Business© brings built on experience we can offer unique and highly valuable services to our clients:-companies and technologies and PUSH them through our together in a balanced process the three Ds Full service and support model covers emerging technology businesses fromBusiness Accelerator. We look for demands from the of business development, namely Demand, Conception to Exit.markets and PULL on our emerging companies and Distribution and Discipline: Core Team of directors and advisors share over 200 man years of successfultechnologies to meet their ongoing and future business business growth and relevant experienceneeds. In some cases these Market Pullers sponsor DEMAND – determines the Needs Innovative and flexible engagement structurescompanies and technologies under our direct supervision, and Wants of the market plus the Focused on sales and business resultswhich increases funding opportunities beyond just Value Proposition offered by the Risk sharing arrangementsventure capital and private equity. client. DISTRIBUTION – determines market, supply access, sales channels, market positioning, logistics andCTechBA is well connected locally and internationally to production.source funding from anywhere in the world. This DISCIPLINE – brings together theincludes VC’s Private Equity, Angels, Government grants, necessary internal and externalUN and international banking groups plus subsidies and processes that enable a business tofunding via international and local partners. be successful.© 2010-2011 CleanTech Business Accelerator Pty Ltd