Understanding and Competing against Blackhat Local SEO tactics


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Understanding and Competing against Blackhat Local SEO tactics

  1. 1. Understanding & Competing against Blackhat local tacticsMike RamseyNiftyMarketing.com@NiftyMarketinggplus.to/MikeRamsey
  2. 2. @NiftyMarketing The “Hat” scale My FocusPure Cause Harm Purewhite black
  3. 3. @NiftyMarketing Negative Local SEOhas been in practice for years…
  4. 4. @NiftyMarketingFake Reviews
  5. 5. @NiftyMarketing
  6. 6. @NiftyMarketing Reviews Matter72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.52% said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business.The Local Consumer Review Survey 2012 From Bright Local (4,500 surveyed)
  7. 7. @NiftyMarketingIt’s Freaking Easy
  8. 8. @NiftyMarketingFake reviews are everywhere that reviews can be found
  9. 9. @NiftyMarketing Re-Submitting Negative ReviewsSeatitlite would edit the review every few days to keep this at the top.
  10. 10. @NiftyMarketing Common Story…Google Places Forum has 160+ threads since March on Fake Reviews
  11. 11. @NiftyMarketing Only Positive ReviewCompetitorCompetitorCompetitorCompetitorCompetitorCompetitorInteresting…. Lorena really visits a lot of cell repair shops she hates.
  12. 12. @NiftyMarketing Only Positive ReviewCompetitorCompetitorCompetitorCompetitorCompetitorInteresting…. Emmanuel really visits a lot of cell repair shops he hates.
  13. 13. @NiftyMarketing IDEA!Emmanuel Lorena
  14. 14. @NiftyMarketing Only Positive Review Same CompanyCompetitorCompetitorCompetitor
  15. 15. @NiftyMarketing IDEA!Emmanuel Aboule Lorena
  16. 16. @NiftyMarketingMatt McGee is Team Edward
  17. 17. @NiftyMarketingThe Cell Specialist has 8Fake Negative Reviews
  18. 18. @NiftyMarketing 32 - 5 star reviews 8 Negative ReviewsIt would take The Cell Specialist 32 – 5 star reviews to bring average star rating to 4.
  19. 19. @NiftyMarketinglocal
  20. 20. @NiftyMarketingGoogleaccount Before Google User AfterGoogle+ Local hides the identity of all reviews unless the user links them to +
  21. 21. @NiftyMarketingEveryone will be seeing this…
  22. 22. @NiftyMarketingWarning!!!
  23. 23. @NiftyMarketingLast Chance to Back Out!
  24. 24. @NiftyMarketingWhat if I don’t want to leavereviews with my full name?
  25. 25. @NiftyMarketing
  26. 26. @NiftyMarketing
  27. 27. @NiftyMarketingThat’s a lot of fake Google+ accounts
  28. 28. @NiftyMarketingIt is now more difficult toget REAL Google reviews...
  29. 29. @NiftyMarketing Track Your Reviews…Getmelisted.netLocationMonitor.com
  30. 30. @NiftyMarketing Track Your Reviews (cont.)Getlisted.orgReviewpush.com
  31. 31. @NiftyMarketingIf you are notified of negative reviews…
  32. 32. @NiftyMarketingBreath…
  33. 33. @NiftyMarketing Research…1. Look at the reviewer account (if applicable)Hint: You have to sign up for a Google+ account to see review history.
  34. 34. @NiftyMarketing Research (cont.)2. Match Story and Date with Employees to find outmore details on the event.
  35. 35. @NiftyMarketingFlag as inappropriate
  36. 36. @NiftyMarketing http://support.google.com/places/bin/static.py?hl=en&ts=1386120&page=ts.csTip: This is the most important link in local.
  37. 37. @NiftyMarketingWarning: From Google
  38. 38. @NiftyMarketing Post in Google and YourBusiness Forum and pray thatVanessa and TC’s are having a good day.Forum at http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/business
  39. 39. @NiftyMarketingPublically Humiliate Google
  40. 40. @NiftyMarketing Carefully Respond?
  41. 41. @NiftyMarketing The Best Defense is a Good OffenseHint: Create a review business card that points people to yourdomain.com/reviews
  42. 42. @NiftyMarketing
  43. 43. @NiftyMarketingGoogle counts all of these directories you can be listed on as a “Citation”
  44. 44. @NiftyMarketingSpammers can submit wrong info out on these places.
  45. 45. @NiftyMarketing 1 2 3DAAANG…. Someone submitted 3 business names with a different phone number.
  46. 46. @NiftyMarketing Claim ALL the listings you can with the correct information by hand.Tip: This is the best way to fight against bad data.
  47. 47. @NiftyMarketing EDBad NAP + You =
  48. 48. @NiftyMarketingImagesImage from SearchEngineRoundTable.com
  49. 49. @NiftyMarketingPointed to by Nyago + Mike Blumenthal.
  50. 50. @NiftyMarketing How to Flagem…Tip: Visit Mike Blumenthal’s blog to get the email address.
  51. 51. @NiftyMarketing
  52. 52. @NiftyMarketing Hijacked ListingsHijacked listing using mapmaker
  53. 53. @NiftyMarketing Marked as duplicate of Spam Business Changed Address Changed Phone Changed Website Changed CategoryTIP: My secret weapon is viewing a listing’s edit history.
  54. 54. @NiftyMarketing WTF?This listing is in the process of being hijacked.
  55. 55. @NiftyMarketingTIP: Watch your phone number…might be the only thing that gets changed.
  56. 56. @NiftyMarketing Moving Locations Uninhabited IslandDragging map pins outside of service area can hurt rankings.
  57. 57. @NiftyMarketing Marked as ClosedExample from MAY 21st of a business marked as closed.
  58. 58. @NiftyMarketingThis is what the search result looks like.
  59. 59. @NiftyMarketingTip: Click not true, have your staff click it, and your friends, and their friends.
  60. 60. @NiftyMarketing Log in to your listing often… And do a “null” submitTip: This is the most important denfensive tactic….ever.
  61. 61. @NiftyMarketing The “Hat” scale Don’t Do ThisPure Cause Harm Purewhite black
  62. 62. @NiftyMarketingWorst Blackhat Ever
  63. 63. @NiftyMarketingMike “Black”menthal
  64. 64. @NiftyMarketing He Beet Bombed Aaron WeicheUploaded an image of beets because Aaron didn’t eat them at the Olean Conference.
  65. 65. @NiftyMarketing He Closed GoogleFeatured in the New York Times for his “Blackhattery”
  66. 66. THANK YOUMike RamseyNiftyMarketing.com@NiftyMarketinggplus.to/MikeRamsey