Photoquest 2010


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Photoquest 2010

  1. 1. HERCULES
  2. 2. PHOTOQUEST2010
  4. 4. 1st w(h)iping-off
  5. 5. Profession-Student (College of art, New Delhi)Passion- PhotographyLifes philosophy- Be happy, Live happyFavorite photographer- Sumit Sond , Amit SondFavorite style of photography- Silhouettes and natureDream place to click- LadakhWhy MTB Himachal- A solid platform to showcase ones talentThe experience of MTB HimachalIt was a awesome trip for me and learned a lot with some experiencedphotographers. Enjoyed the experiments with nature and sports. I found MTBHimachal a nice platform to show my talent and the 8 days were unforgettable. My"W(h)ipping off" photo depicts the spirit of sports the rider shows how the ridertames his mean machine in the middle of the stream to get the rotation of pedalright.. salute to that spirit and not to forget to mention I got lucky with the light,colour and contrasts nature to give that amazing feel to the whole picture. I will loveto come on this adventurous trip again.ANKIT SOOD
  6. 6. 2ndthe never setting sun
  7. 7. Profession- Translator &TeacherPassion- Photography, Movie, Art, Culture, TravellingLifes philosophy- God helps those who help themselvesFavorite photographer- Helmut Newton, Mario Testino, Diane Arbus...Favorite style of photography- Landscape, Macro, Self portrait, NudeDream place to click-the world in my lensThe experience of MTB HimachalAdventure packed, Beautiful landscapes, high spirited participants, just awesome.The Hercules MTB Himachal is an unforgettable adventure tour. Every place of the routehas a flavor and its own character which excites the photographer in me.There is a strong emotion and spirit that the picture talks about, off course it’s about arace and there has to be a winner at the end of the day . Yet at sunset the racers were veryexhausted, many were sweating, and still straining every nerve for the arduous uphill, yetno one gave up. That moment Peter (Peter is a racer who is in my photo) lookedexhausted and I felt like he will give up.. we all kept motivating him to keep on moving,dont stop keep move....i was trying to capture that moment of surrender. But I realizedthat Peter hadnt stopped, and was out of the view finder!Thus the thought of the picture was a perfect divergence betweenthe setting sun and the never setting spirit to complete the race..Im happy that this photo is selected, because it has a nice little story. :)JIMSEE BOLD
  8. 8. 3rd anonymous
  9. 9. Profession- Brand Communication professional with a Masters Degree in BusinessManagement and Communication.Passion- I have always been intrigued by nature and the great outdoors. My attachment with the camera startedwith curiosity about things and people around me and the desire to record some of them. Taking photographsbecame an instinctive, at times almost primitive urge. Over time this urge has evolved into a form ofenjoyment and creative perception, opening up a door of non-linear thinking and visual storytelling.Lifes philosophy- You are unique..just like everyone elseFavorite photographer- Photo Journalists and Wildlife Photographers for their tenacity to capture emotionsand reactions of life.Favorite style of photography- Outdoor – nature and life.Dream places to click- South America, Africa, SunderbansThe Experience at MTB Himachal-There is no better joy than capturing instinctive reactions and random moments in nature. MTB Himachalpresents a wonderful opportunity to experience firsthand the emotions and passion behind the superhumaneffort all riders make to compete in this event. It is an excellent outdoor platform for photo enthusiasts toportray action and adventure photography in a scenic landscape setting.while capturing the emotion and spirit of participants in MTB, who together with their mean machinescompete in extreme conditions, hiking and biking their distance to the finish line.This blur of a passing cyclist encapsulates that spirit of every rider and the courage, determination and theenergy that travels along with him in pursuit of that moment to be called a champion.The treacherous terrain takes its toll, on both man and his machine. This circuit tests the resilience of everyparticipant to compete and complete 8 days of relentless cycling across various kinds of courses. However, oneneeds to be present to capture the perfect image and emotions along the trails. MTB Himachal organizersprovided the camera crew a wonderful logistics support, often in the most unassuming places to help captureand freeze these moments.VINEET CHOPRA
  11. 11. 1st element of surprise
  12. 12. Profession-As per Delhi University a STUDENT of Applied Arts ( College of Art).But if u ask me Im an artist, a freelance photographer & a designer.Passion-my work my way.Lifes philosophy- Journey is the ultimate destination.Fav style of photography- automobile & adventure in all possible ways.Dream place to click- Spiti Valley- HimachalWhy MTB Himachal- adventure, photography, mountains. What more can a wandering soul ask for!The experience of MTB HimachalEach & every moment…was an experience in itself… The travel, camping, photography..Adventure came in handy.. New faces, new places.. A trip of a lifetime…In short.. waiting for the next MTB Himachal..!!While I was busy capturing the stars. I noticed the smoke and couldn’t resist capturing it..The result came as expected…the element of surprise, the smoke the colors the stars and a lot morethat makes the picture intriguing and thus A piece of art, a moment of colors and an element ofsurprise was created in the experiment with nature. ..a sense of joy.. a rhythm to life.. a colorful paradise. Thats what nature means to me…So, I believe, I captured a part of life.. not just mine.. but lives of people around me..SUMIT SOND
  13. 13. 2nd closer to god
  14. 14. Profession- I am a Software Engineer by Profession currently working with Adobe Systems.Passion- Photography, of course. It has progressed from being an area of interest to a being a hobby and,finally, to becoming my passion. Close association with products like Adobe Photoshop help me explore themany aspects of this art.Lifes philosophy- I believe in giving my best to every task however big or small it may be. It makes everyounce of the effort I put towards each task, count. My Favorite quote is "Quality is never an accident; it isalways the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents thewise choice of many alternative"Favorite photographer- It is difficult to pick one photographer as my favorite. I follow many photographerand try to learn as much as I can and normally its difficult for me to find out favorites.Favorite style of photography- I keep my focus on the kind of composition and color that I like thephotograph to capture. Rest of the elements more or less fall into placeDream place to click- A few amongst many are the Grand Canyon in Canada, the Great Wall of China and theEgyptian PyramidsThe experience of MTB HimachalHimachal is my hometown and, therefore, very close to my heart. The event was very well organized and allparticipants and contributors were well taken care of. I got to meet people with similar interests and have madesome great new friends on the event. The mountain biking was fabulous and I was really amazed at the skillsof all participants.Nature and that temple in the hills, attracted me simply because of the serene setting and the gentle tinkling ofthe prayer bells, can be, perhaps, the most enlightening sight to behold. Even though it was not possible tocapture the rustling of tree leaves and the prayer bells in a photograph, I thought that the sight of thispicturesque little temple in the lap of the surrounding hills, will help me capture and sharethe gentle spiritual burst that I felt within myself and my experiment with nature had succeeded.I think I have never felt this close to God before.VIJAY KUMAR SHARMA
  15. 15. Category 3- Consolation (INTERESTING ABSTACT)PHOTOQUEST
  16. 16. got the nerve
  17. 17. Profession- Consultant (Innovation & Design)Passion- photographyLifes philosophy- you got one life.....make the most of itFavrorite photographer- Steve Mc curryFavorite style of photography- portraitsDream place to click- HaridwarThe experience of MTB HimachalIt was wonderful to shoot in difficult terrain, being part of team this particular image is wanted to capture the difficult terrain & showcase theruggedness of the ambience.Well the experience was truly delightful. Apart from testing my capabilities to constantlythink what to capture & how can my pictures truly reflect whats going on, the trip alsogave me a chance to discover beautiful interiors of Himachal & meet locals. It also gaveme a chance to meet fellow enthusiastic photographers & cyclists. I look forward to be apart of next season also.NEERAJ JAIN
  18. 18. cheers to the team!