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Selfie culture inside and outside university libraries: two study cases

Title: Selfie culture inside and outside university libraries: two study cases.
Introduction: Spanish university libraries are using social media to connect with young users from when web 2.0 first started. The Association of University Libraries in Spain (REBIUN) as well as others, have published several documents regarding this.
Object of the study: The university libraries of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and Seville use social media to communicate and offer young users useful content from the very beginning. However the publications of librarians and public data related to social media confirm that the interaction of this type of user with library contents was low.

Methode: We will describe the strategic, communication and social media plans of both libraries and the results they have achieved through the direct use of social media in their products and services, and then, we will propose the new action plan or social media marketing plan both libraries should implement in order to improve interaction, participation and communication with generation selfie.

To conclude our advice to libraries is to implement a social media marketing plan, integrated with a digital marketing plan, in order to get engagement from generation selfie.

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Selfie culture inside and outside university libraries: two study cases

  1. 1. #EMEARC16 Selfie culture inside and outside university libraries: two study cases
  2. 2. #EMEARC16 Index 1. Spanish university libraries and social media 2. Two study cases 3. Our proposal and conclusions
  3. 3. #EMEARC16 1. Spanish universities libraries and social media
  4. 4. #EMEARC16 REBIUN. Spanish University Libraries Network
  5. 5. Directory of Spanish university libraries on social media
  6. 6. Ranking of academic libraries in social media by REBIUN Followers
  7. 7. #EMEARC16 Vanity metrics (Opportunity) Actionable metrics (Engagement) ● Community size (number of followers, contacts, likes). ● Influence Índices: Klout, PeerIndex, SocialMention. ● Frequency of the activity of the library in social media (number of posts, answers or comments). ● Web traffic from social media sites: number of visitors, bounce rate, etc. ● Mentions, number of RT, shared, comments, favorites, bookmarked items, downloaded resources. ● Engagement rate.
  8. 8. #EMEARC16 1.University of Seville. Library 1.University of Alcalá. Library 2. Two study cases
  9. 9. #EMEARC16 University of Seville. Library Library branches at University of Seville and social media presence
  10. 10. #EMEARC16 Increasing followers in every social media channel Followers 2013 2014 University of Seville. Library
  11. 11. #EMEARC16 Very detailed planification of marketing campaign Ordoñez-Cocovi, Elvira; Pérez-Benito, Charo; Lobato, Carmen; Millán, Laura (2016) University of Seville. Library
  12. 12. #EMEARC16 Campaign Target Communi cation channels Contents Hashtags Mentions/Hash tags Dates Respo nsible Films collection Univer sity commu nity Twitter Promotion by gender #bibearq #nosgustael cine #bib_US @Biblioteca_US @delegarqSVQ @ETSIEdelega cion @unisevilla Apr-Dec 2015 Weekly (Thursday) Name Promotion ZonaCine #bibearq #nosgustael cine #bib_US @Biblioteca_US @delegarqSVQ @ETSIEdelega cion @unisevilla Apr-Dec 2015 Weekly (Friday) Name Facebook Promotion by gender #bibearq #nosgustael cine #bib_US Library US University of Seville Culture Services ETSAS Apr-Dec 2015 Weekly (Thursday) Name Promotion ZonaCine #bibearq #nosgustael cine #bib_US Library US University of Seville Culture Services ETSAS Apr-Dec 2015 Weekly (Friday) Name Chart of the marketing campaign of the Films Collection (Seville University Library)
  13. 13. #EMEARC16 Our strategies in social media for selfie generation
  14. 14. #EMEARC16 ● For employment ● More comfortable study zones ● Book loan reminders ● Resources for study ● Digital competencies
  15. 15. #EMEARC16 ● Solidarity
  16. 16. #EMEARC16 ● Games, for fun
  17. 17. #EMEARC16 ● Complaints
  18. 18. #EMEARC16 Central Management of social media and users by target and Website for marketing campaign management
  19. 19. #EMEARC16 Wiki for social media data from every library branch
  20. 20. #EMEARC16
  21. 21. #EMEARC16 University of Alcalá. Library Link
  22. 22. #EMEARC16 University of Alcalá. Library TWITTER 2015 TOTAL FOLLOWERS TWEETS RETWEETS FAVORITES MENTIONS NEWS FOLLOWERS START DATE Politécnica 1.101 2041 877 1073 82 189 20 May 2011 CRAI Arquitectura 757 2263 497 742 13 117 24 Feb. 2012 Medicina 509 1613 323 403 85 143 5 Sept. 2013 CRAI Economía y Derecho 201 1010 173 253 57 112 15 May 2014
  23. 23. #EMEARC16 University of Alcalá. Library
  24. 24. #EMEARC16 University of Alcalá. Library
  25. 25. #EMEARC16 III Strategic Plan 2015-2017 University of Alcalá. Library
  26. 26. #EMEARC16 Our strategies in social media for selfie generation
  27. 27. #EMEARC16 Services: • book study rooms • books, laptops and movies loan
  28. 28. #EMEARC16 Conversation and engagement
  29. 29. #EMEARC16 Conversation and engagement
  30. 30. #EMEARC16 Interaction
  31. 31. #EMEARC16 Nativity Scene made with pieces of old computer components tus/676765206991761409 There were 70 entries ecnoBelen2015UAH?src=hash Motivation
  32. 32. #EMEARC16 “Including novelties and gift”
  33. 33. #EMEARC16 Complaints Solution
  34. 34. #EMEARC16 III Strategic Plan 2015-2017.Objective: "Redefining and implementing the Plan of Social Media"
  35. 35. #EMEARC16 • Listen everything they need • Offer everything they need • Inform • Hold conversation and engagement • Adapt • Measure • Evaluate 4. Our proposal and conclusions The social media is not an end but a means to reach our users, to listen and to be listened
  36. 36. #EMEARC16 Greetings our students selfie generation!!! Students of the Physical Activity and Sports Sciences Degree. University of Alcalá
  37. 37. #EMEARC16 Bibliography and links • Ordoñez-Cocovi, Elvira; Pérez-Benito, Charo; Lobato, Carmen; Millán, Laura (2016). “Campañas de marketing en la Biblioteca de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Sevilla”. El profesional de la información, v. 25, n. 1, pp. 125-134. • González-Fernández-Villavicencio, Nieves (2014). The Profitability of libraries using social media, ACM. • González-Fernández-Villavicencio, Nieves (2016). Métricas de la web social y bibliotecas. Editorial UOC. • REBIUN • Universidad de Sevilla. Biblioteca. • Wiki de Herramientas de la web social • Universidad de Alcalá. Biblioteca. Herramientas de la web social. sociales/otros-centros/biblioteca-de-la-universidad-de-alcal%C3%A1.html • Universidad de Alcalá. Biblioteca. Plan de Medios sociales, 2013 • Universidad de Alcalá. Biblioteca. Plan estratégico 2015-2017 2017.pdf
  38. 38. #EMEARC16 Atribución-Compartir Igual 4.0 Internacional Nieves González-Fernández- Villavicencio @nievesglez María Isabel Domínguez-Aroca @misabelda