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Solar still #SciChallenge2017

En nuestro proyecto podreis ver como transformamos agua sucia en agua limpia, purificándola tan solo utitilizando los rayos del sol. Al final obtuvimos un 95% de eficacia, medido por el sensor "Raspberry Pi". #scichallenge2017
In our proyect you will see how we can purify dirty water into clean one, using only the sun rays. Finally, we obtained an efficience of 95%, using the Raspberry Pi sensor.

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Solar still #SciChallenge2017

  1. 1. SOLAR STILL How does it work? Its walls are made of methacrylate, so they let the sun rays pass through it, in order to make a greenhouse effect and retain heat. Inside it there is a black container where the dirty water is, and when the solar still is heated up, the liquid evaporates and condensates at the top of the tilted roof and it will fall to the bottom. It won ´t accumulate here because, owing to the inclination of the whole structure, focusing on one point, at which the water will flow until it reaches the plastic bottle. What problem are we trying to solve? Nowadays clean and potable water is very accessible for most of us, but this is not the case in other parts of the world. In some places the nearest well is located at several kilometers and its water is not as clean as it could be, even in developed countries there are islands without direct access to clean water. We have designed and constructed a water purifier with the purpose of fighting these problems. Future uses: Our solar still can be used for more things than the purification of water: • The still reaches very high temperatures, which allows it to reheat food or fermentate yogurt, for example. • It could be part of the safety equipment that carries every boat, because in the case of its shipwreck, the crew could get sea water and transform it into clean one What is the function of the umbrella? If the solar still is unable to maintain enough temperature just by receiving the direct solar radiation, the umbrella, thanks to its big surface and curves covered with aluminium foil, reflects a lot of solar rays to our solar still, heating it and making it more efficient. Efficiency: We put 400 mL of water in our solar still. In five days, 380 mL of water were purified, so our solar still has a 95% efficiency. The temperature reached inside the solar still can be recorded with a temperature sensor connected to a Raspberry Pi.