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8 slides that kept me going


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Inspiring quotes and examples that kept me going while writing my thesis.

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8 slides that kept me going

  1. eight slides Being a geeky creative/strategic wasnt always easy during four years of advertising education at the #WDKA. Luckily I was not alone.*inspiring quotes and examples that kept me going while writing my thesis* course Advertising institute Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
  2. Thomas Beakdal: How advertising worked in the old days“Back then a companys product division would create an average productfor average people. They would take product to an advertising agency tosomehow make it exciting for people to buy.”
  3. Clark Kokich: The Big Change“The Big Change in all this wasn’t moving the channel for marketinginformation from a newspaper page or TV screen over to a computermonitor. What turned things upside down was the newfound ability forconsumers to talk back - to voice their own opinions, to share their lovefor certain brands with each other, and to get mobile, on-the-spot reviewsabout pasta, cars, and plumbers while standing in restaurants, show-rooms, and two feet of water in their own basements”.
  4. Its about the voice of the consumer.“Not a single booming voice, buta chorus without conductor.” Ryan McManus
  5. The Nielsen Company: Research“Nielsen asked 25,000 Internet users from 50 countries, “Which sourcesof ‘advertising’ do you trust most?” Ninety percent said they haveconfidence in recommendations from people they know - in other words,their friends and colleagues. Next on the list at 70 percent was consumeropinions posted online”.
  6. What opportunities broughtdigital us and how do westimulate a conversationthrough sharing?
  7. It enables us to reach out to the consumer. Wevethink on relevant ideas and design servicesexciting enough to talk about.
  8. Example?Take a close look at Virgin America.
  9. But also small brand-acts start conversations. Take a look at thisexamples. Tweet worthy don’t you think?
  10. I like to connect brands with peopleand pop culture. With small,big, but most of all: relevantideas worth sharing.
  11. Interested in my work? visit or follow me on Twitter @nielsdortland. Thanks @tijs, @tomdebruyne, @SePP, @AstridGr and the rest of the gang for inspiring me lately.