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20110127 Apps Serv V01 Web


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20110127 Apps Serv V01 Web

  1. 1. I wish I could find golf applications and services to make my life easier playing golf so I can concentrate on enjoyment of playing! And this applications and services are now available!
  2. 2. The Tee Time Booking area offers a booking engine with a social twist. Users are able to join other tee times iforiginal booker has allowed that. All users are able to see short profiles of the members/users hat are playing (ifpermitted by them). Main goal though is easy tee time booking transaction.All available Tee Times of connected Golf Courses, aggregated in one user interface.Per tee time the following information is provided: Time Availability (1 or 4 player positions) (groups can manage more tee times)After check out: The booker is offered to print an extended Course Scorecard which can be used to do some enhanced score keeping. After the round, the player can record his round manually with statistics as a result. The booker is persuaded to download GP Mobile App and buy the specific Course map for GPS or use the simple scorecard for free.SocialUsers/members/users can join existing reservations if allowed by original booker. After check out, bookers will beoffered to invite friends and/or members/users. This message will be sent by mail as well (booking confirmationemail)FunctionalitySearch. All search options of dCoursese apply to Oee Oime Booking. Sorting search result. Each tee time column issortable. Alternative golf courses. Search results offer alternative tee times of golf courses in the proximity. Moreprominently visible, if search query doesnet provide any possibilities on the specified time and place.MyGolfPlanet mobile.Members/users who use MyGolfPlanet mobile app, will receive ordered tee time information as a selectable teetime offering item.At this moment the i-Teetime solution from Info Service Belgium is the CLOUD environment to use. The solution hasto be shaped in MyColfPlanet look and feel and the APIes to third party solution has to be completed to get real-time access to golf courses tee sheets. As part of a proven golf management SAAS solution and presented standalone it offers all the basic element MyGolfPlanet want to have and because of the way it is build all newwishes/demands, clients ideas are easy to produce/ to add to the solution from the i-Golf managementenvironment.Booking criteriaMembers/users: Just to play – Tournament (subscription-start times) – impulse roundsBusiness members/users: weekly - only midweekGreen fee players: Just to play – Open Tournament (subscription-start times)Group: Just to play needing more than 8 tee off timesPro times: per person – clinic(group)Tee time presentation: per tee off time 4 fields with names, colour, tournament starting list and HCPExtras for the golf course: 6-8-10-12 minutes frequency Impulse rounds available from 07.00 the day to play 9-18 holes to play (start on hole 1 or 10) Twilight information Closed because of .. Subscriptions ( play 10 times a year for a special prize) Online Tee-time Booking
  3. 3. Today more than 1 billion web-enabled devices are in global circulation and every one of them is attached topotential MyGolfPlanet customers. Mobile is the most important factor in the activations of the platform, usingthe enormous reach of the Application Stores. And each of the used devices will synchronized with the PC daily.An unique combination that offers exiting marketing and sales opportunities. Downloading from the MyGolfPlanet application is for free, including a first time experience with a GPS map andthe score card. If this experience lead to more usage of the same and other maps the golfer has the option tochoose for frequent usage subscriptions within the “COLF INOERESO TSER CROTP” .In three steps the Application will be build as a front end that will give access to the CLOUD solution of mapped18 holes courses information with a 5 meters accuracy in GPS, a pin pointing trainings environment (club usageand distance) , a standard and trainings scorecard, a digital Yardage Book, tee-time offers and a leader board.Also it will be possible to go to other apps like Woices Pro-tips and the Green Fee Card worldwide green feeinformation.The golf course can make the solution better if they pin point the daily pin/flag position and upload this to thecentral server. The golfer will get this information update just before starting a round.Maps are made of HD areal and satellite photography by Pin point Visualisation. As partner from severalbroadcasters the have a great experience in golf course imagery. Golf navigation and visualization
  4. 4. MyGolfPlanet has developing, in cooperation with A1-Erent, a brand new concept around the exploitation of golfbuggyes. Ohe concept is more a less based on the dCreen Wheele car solution what is very successfully running inthe Netherlands. It is a simple rent a car solution. Cars are placed all over the city and subscribers can make areservation by internet and phone. This reservation start with a half hour usage.The MyGolfBuggy concept is born because in Europe the demand for buggies is growing but a lot of coursesdonet have the resources or the right feeling to invest in buggies. Otherwise European golfers like to walk incontrast with e.g. US golfers. MyGolfBuggy is a concept that will be exploited by A1-Erent. One or more buggiescan be placed on the golf course. Golfers can subscript for this services on the MyGolfPlanet website, the placewhere reservation can be made per half hour usage.MyGolfPlanet also makes it possible that golfers buys or rent the buggy themselves for own use, with a rentalout earn back within the MyGolfBuggy system. With the golf course (and buggy owner) a revenue share will beagreed also because the course have to look after basic maintenance and garage. Basic costs for e.g. electricitywill be paid by A1-Erent. Ohe buggy will be dlight minte and in a very descend way decorated with MyColfPlanet A1-Erent and MyColfBuggy logoes and contact information. On all buggies a MyColfPlanet 7 inch CPS device will beinstalled, usage for an extra fee of € 3,95.By a reservation on the MyGolfPlanet site the golfer get a PIN code that will be needed to start the buggy; atrack and trace device will look after time and location control (the buggy stops outside the course).A subscription fee is needed per year/season and a half hour of golf will costs € 3,95 per ½ hour for the first 2,5hour (9-holes) and € 1,95 per ½ hour for the second 2,5 hour (18-holes). This leads to attractive pricing: for a 9-holes round, 2,5 hour it means € 19,75; a 18-holes 5 hour round € 29,50. During tournaments special arrangementscan be made for temporal extra buggies.Reservation application is based on the ISB tee-time booking environment and linked, in case a golfer makes atee-time booking on a course with MyGolfBuggy the availabilities will be presented. The reservation will beconfirmed by email and on MyGolfMobile. Buggy rental
  5. 5. The travel module has to cover three possibilities:1. One seen from a golferes perspective. In most cases golfers has an idea about the location they wanted tovisit. There are a hell of lot golf travel agencies offering trips, so it is simple: place, date and travel by car, trainor flying and the MyGolfTripScanner presents the trips and offers from divers agencies who makes directreservation possible.2. Based on city tours / golf combinations in cooperation with MoMedia City Guides. City trips are enormouspopular and it should be very attractive for golfers to combine this with one or two rounds. After a choice for acity, this trip will be present in a nutshell, a complete e‐book can be download. The available tee‐times fromcourses within 50 km around are presented as well, in fact they are one click away from playing, nothing morethan a booking. Lombardy with 60 great courses around the capital Milano. One clicks away from a exciting round of golf3. One seen from golf courses, travel agencies and federations. In fact we are talking here about a CMS facilitythat makes it possible that above mentioned companies can place dadvertisementse in a very attractive layout topresent to the audience.One and three are again CLOUD environments that are powered by TSi Solutions, number one on the Deloitefast 50 in travel. Travel
  6. 6. Instead of a dnormale online Colf shop, MyColfPlanet wants to engage their users by relating Colf gear to theProes who are playing with it. MyColfPlanet Cear section offers brands also the possibility to show their latestproduct line in their own look & feel.In the pro bag MyGolfPlanet will present;Driver Degree ShaftFairway woods Degrees ShaftIrons ShaftWedges Degrees ShaftPutterBallShoesGloveFashionAnd information about the player: Ranking, Rydercup team, Race to Dubai and www.Gear
  7. 7. MyGolfPlanet will be organizing, sponsoring and supporting all kind of activities in golf and lifestyle. Theseactivities are supported by standard services and extra to build on top these modules within the platform.Because we are talking CLOUD computing this is in fact a very easy and low costs approach.In all this MyColfPlanet will activate brands as the dbrought to you by ...e partnerships.For 2011 the event to organize is the kids talent contest, this as an Activation event for Tee-time booking.This event will be organized by MyGolfPlanet in September – October 2011. All is focussing golfing kids from 6-18years. It is, and we have to find a new name, a “Kids makes their strokes talk” talent contest. In fact this tournamentis part of the launch of the MyGolfPlanet Booking environment. All courses who want to participate with theiryoungsters has to open their tee sheet for the MyGolfBooking API or even use the solution as their standard.On 6 location, three in the Netherlands, two in Belgium and one in Luxembourg kids can qualify in one of the fourcategories, 6-9/10-12/13-15/16-18 year. A (NGF) MyTotalGolf short game contest plus a longest drive are thequalifying games. Each region – the North, Centre and South of Holland, Wallonia, Flanders and Luxembourg48 kids (24 girls and 24 boys) per category plays a 9 or a 18 holes round. In total 1.152 kids will qualify for this firstround.After this contest the best 9 girls and boys per category, per region (in total 423 kids) will play the Semi Finalorganised on three golf courses, one in Holland, one in Belgium and one in Luxembourg. The final will be played onThe Royal Antwerp with 6 (3 and 3) kids per category. They will play with a (young) golf professional (EU Tour and orChallenge Tour out of the Benelux); 9 holes Stable ford for the categories 6-9 and 10-12, Stroke play for both other.The Golf Kids Talent Tour will be in cooperation with the four federations in the Benelux and Kid4Golf andsponsored by USKidsGolf and Zara-Kids, with TV coverage of Zeppelin-Sport and Ketnet.This tournament is representative for the way MyGolfPlanet want to work with brands; organizing events, activities,building applications sponsored by…! And always as part of the activation strategy.Another part of this section is the activities in countries/areas in EMEA.The first country where a MyGolfPlanet environment will be established is Italy. In cooperation with GolfLab MilanoMyGolfPlanet will be introduced step by step in the Italian golf market in cooperation with the Italian Federation.The functionality is the same as the Benelux one, supplement with extra features because of local ideas andnecessaries. For the two areas in Italy, Lazio and Lombardi, it means extra attention for travel, swing analyses andtee-time booking/offering of green fees directly. The activities are brought into a joint venture.The second one will be the launch of MyGolfPlanet in South Africa/Johannesburg. Details has to be worked out butit will be very similar to Italy. A step by step approach.White labellingThe modular set-up of the services and facilities of MyGolfPlanet makes it possible that third parties, in golf orother, can get a license to use a module on their own environment. The deal is based on revenue share in thetransaction fees. All the transaction are running from the MyGolfPlanet back office. How to run the business andhow to activate is a matter of a cooperation between parties and the chosen services Branded activities and services
  8. 8. All Application and services will be present and brought together on web and mobile with an extensive MyGolfPersonal Profile environment. The present day social media will be from great importance and linked toMyGolfPlanet. The login s of these networks can and will be used and more than that also the exchange of dataand video will be powered by these.MyGolfPlanet will present a site for the Kids from 6-19 and one for all golfers older than 18 years. Thisenvironment is also a place where golfers, golf courses and golf suppliers can drop their ideas, questions,frequent ask questions regarding new gear and services. The section MyGolf exist out of a private and a publicprofileFor the kids MyGolfPlanet will build a site around the talent contest “Kids makes their strokes talk”. In fact thiswill be the first open and attractive community site for golfers from 6-19 years with secure features in a privateprofile environment.The adult public profile is a summary of personal information a member would like to show to others (see alsoprivacy). It offers both content as functionality.GoalsThe goal of the public profile is to introduce yourself to others both friends and potential friends. And givingother members/users the possibility to send a message, comment or connect.ContentBesides your name and origins, you tell which courses you play, what gear you use. Possibly showing yourperformance or ranking and maybe entertain others with a blog or photos.ContentOverview of latest golf course reviewsOverview of most viewed/best rated/most commented, photos and video (or editor selection)Overview of most active forum postsFunctionalityFunctionality within the public profile is always visible. To use it however you need to be a member.Send a messageComment on blog or photoesAdd as a friendFind Golfers, based on: Area/location (members/users near you) Name Playing profile – available days of the week for golf dating at a certain golf course (members/users with same golf course)Signed in members/users will be shown direct access to their friendsPrivacyEach member has the possibility to show its own profile to everybody, friend of friends or friends only. Privacysettings are part of the private dashboard. It has to be considered if privacy settings are able to set on a contentlevel. For example everybody may read my name but only friends may see my photoes. MyGolf social network / media environment
  9. 9. ContactsEMEALéon van Eschleon.vanesch@mygolfplanet.euphone +31 (0)30 3200578mobile +31 (0)6 14660098skype leon.van.eschSEUR (Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Northern Africa)Davide Fascidavide.fasci@mygolfplanet.euphone +39.3392092520fax +39.0230913870skype Davide FasciAlessandro DeIntronoAlessandro.dintrono@mygolfplanet.eumobile +39 335 6770738skype Alessandro.DintronoUSABob Boydbob.boyd@boost-3.comphone +1 (617) 784-7466skype bobboyd20 Contacts