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Accounting Services Noida - Call 9540003546


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Neusource india representing a way of consulting services for business growth. We have well educated professionals team, we provide Accounting Services Gurgaon, Business Advisory,Accounting Services Delhi, different, unique and high quality based services includes HR audit, System audit, Forensic audit, critical financial Review and Management audit.

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Address: A - 96, Shanker Garden, Opp. Vikaspuri P.S, Vikaspuri,New Delhi-110018 (India)
E mail:
Ph. +91-11-45542840, 9540003546

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Accounting Services Noida - Call 9540003546

  1. 1. Neusource Process Outsource Private Limited Corporate Office: A - 96, Shanker Garden, opp. Vikaspuri P.S., Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018 (India) Ph.: +91-11-45542840 Fax: +91-11-28533269 Client Care Line: +91-954 000 3547 (Heena) Email:, Website: We keep your Business Financials on Track… WE HELP TO BUILD YOURS EXPLORE HOW Does Your Business has mart ccountingAS We are mastering in Numbers Business is all about play to win in Numbers, with Numbers, by the Numbers because As well as providing all the standard accountancy services you'd expect, we review all aspects of your business. Thenwegiveyoupracticalbusinessdevelopmentadvicetogetherwithexpertadviceontax. We'renotinterestedinjustlookingatyouraccountsonceayear.Wewanttoreviewyourbusinessthroughoutthe yearandplayanactiveroleinyourbusinessdevelopment.
  2. 2. We have recently introduced the SMART accounting concept. It explains the essential elements of ideal accounting in a business. It also elaborates our services appropriate to your business as we want to help you: Statutory requirements are met A Business has to follow various statutes; and it's the duty of your accounts department to keep a check on filings & deposition of fee/ Taxes, due to the government. As well as they should also take care of all renewable licences/ permissions. They also need to be equipped enough to claim subsidies/ Benefits & refunds receivable from the department. Maintain Internal ControlA Business has to follow variousstatutes; and it's the duty of your accounts department to keep acheck on filings & deposition offee/ Taxes, due to the government. As well as they should also takecare of all renewable licences/permissions. They also need to be equipped enough to claimsubsidies/ Benefits & refundsreceivable from the department. Techno – Savvy Now a days, Information technology has impacted our lifestyle in a large way and so the accounting processes has also transformed drastically. It is difficult to find anybody doing manual accounting with paper and pencil these days. Since accounting is about dealing with “Business Information”; any advances in this area will have a positive impact in the accounting department and so will impact the system of business work style, from the old days of the battery operated calculator to the fast computers of today. We advance the technology in following ways Equipment Software Internet & Clouds Security Education Reliable Accounting Exercise & futile & whole cost upon it is a waste if your accounting is not reliable, Accurate & Up – to – date in all respects. Consider the following examples and see where you stand. Are you sure that without further efforts your accounts are ready for assessment or scrutiny cases. Does your Vendors & Suppliers appreciate your statements as it is provided by your accountant and pay/ receive amounts due by your statements Do you receive your MIS of previous month maximum by the end of first week in the following month Do you rely your accounting data for control purposes & taking important managerial decisions. Accountants can add value to an organization by pursuing different alarming situations & condition that need immediate action or attention like: Providing information for decision making and planning Assisting managers in directing and controlling operations Measuring the performance of activities, subunits and employees Assessing the organization's competitive position Motivating employees toward the organization's goals & their targets Add Value to Business S Statutory requirements are met M Maintains Internal Control A Add Value to Business T Techno – Savvy R Reliable