Basics of Online Retargeting


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Why bringing back prospective customers who have shown interest in our product in their earlier interactions is crucial in the internet media. Basics of Online Retargeting

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Basics of Online Retargeting

  1. 1. RemarketingBy Nidhish AlexSEMC Marketing Team
  2. 2. Bringing back prospective customerswho have shown interest in our productin their earlier interactions.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com209/06/2012
  3. 3. Overview– Do you know only less than 10% of customers convert in their firstvisit?– Out of every 100 purchases on, only 44 are fromfirst time visitors.– Note: This also include purchases from returning visitors after30 days look back period.– About 20% of transactions on required more thanone session to complete a transaction.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com3
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONWhy remarketing is important?SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com4
  5. 5. Types of remarketing– Search remarketing– Behavioral remarketingHow to remarket in a multichannelenvironment?– Through banners indisplay/content networks• Users those who havesearched a keyword/nicherelated to the targetedkeyword.– Through emails/SMS• Possible only if the customer issigned in & we have theiremail ID, SMS– Through display banners• Users who visited a web page• Can retarget unregisteredusers as wellSEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com509/06/2012
  6. 6. BEHAVIORAL REMARKETINGIdentifying the users to be targeted!SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com6
  7. 7. Behavioral retargetingCan retarget someone– Actions: Who has clicked on a link in an email.– Interactions: Who has visited a landing page from an ad.– Transactions: Who bought a product and now is ready to hear aboutthe upgrade.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com709/06/2012
  8. 8. The behavioral retargeting storyA prospective customer exitedfrom a product pageBring back the customer with adiscount offerSEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com8
  9. 9. The behavioral retargeting storyRemarketing approachPlace your discount bannerwherever the customer goes.Where to remarket?Favorite websitesMailboxes of customersNews portalsMedia sitesSEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com9
  10. 10. THE TECHNICAL SIDEHow its done at the backend?SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com10
  11. 11. Cookies to identify user behavior• Types of cookies– Remarketing cookies with unique IDs for each remarketing campaignto track the navigational flow of the visitor.– Conversion cookies to identify converted users.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com11
  12. 12. The phases of remarketing• The customer visits the site for the first time• Behavioral rules are applied to identify the right user• Appropriate ads served based on the rules & cookies.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com12
  13. 13. – Visitor phase-online : The customer visits the site for the first time• A custom generated java script code downloaded from the adserving platform has to be placed in all identified landing pages inthe website.• Every visit to a landing page or to an identified page in thenavigational funnel drops a remarketing cookie in the clientmachine.• Every converted visit drops a conversion cookie in the clientmachine.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com1309/06/2012
  14. 14. – Visitor phase-offline• Remarketing lists are created by categorizing users with a set ofrules based on these cookies.• Eg. Rules:» Product 1 page – thank you page=>show a productspecific ad» Buy now page- thank you page=> show exclusiveoffers/discounts» Home page-thank you page=> brand specific ads-subliminal remarketingSEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com14
  15. 15. – Ad serving phase• Customer visits a website opted in the ad publishing network.• Ad servers decide the creative to be displayed to the user basedon the bidding preferences of the advertiser and the cookies set inthe client machine.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com1509/06/2012
  16. 16. Why some remarketing campaigns fail?• Deemphasizing the lower funnel– Missing out opportunity in the lead nurturing phase.– Failure to connect with the existing/dropped off customers usingspecial discounts/exclusive offers.• No filtering: Running expensive campaigns targeting the wider funnelwhich in turn increase the ROI of the campaign.• Un segmented remarketing lists: Same messaging irrespective of thevisited/exit page.• Common creative: Using a common creative irrespective of the targeteduser.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com16
  17. 17. Ad management• Concerns– Remarketing scripts has to be updated whenever there is a change inthe navigational flow of the website.– Having separate cookies for each remarketing platform createsconcern over sharing the regular traffic between ad networks.– The CPA based attribution model do not work.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com17
  18. 18. • How an Ad management platform address the above concerns?– No need for HTML edits after initial setup.– The navigation funnel is well defined with categories.– The attribution model will be clear.– Quick & Easy reporting of CPA & ROI based performance metrics.– A common cookie set that can be shared between mediums which inturn helps to remarket between channels.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com18
  19. 19. Pricing models• Search remarketing works on a CPC model.• Behavioral remarketing works on a CPM, CPC, CPA models varying with thead serving platforms.• Most ad platforms offer CPC only to their high value customers.• The trickiest part of CPA is that view through conversions also get countedas conversions.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com19
  20. 20. A successful remarketing campaign requires more than just science, it ismost productive when the art of persuasive creatives is applied to thescience.SEMC Digital Marketing Team visit:www.semchennai.com20
  21. 21. Thank YouSEMC