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Steps to install Ubuntu

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  1. 1. Ubuntu installation Steps to install Ubuntu 9.10 Step 1: Boot from Ubuntu 9.10 CD-ROM that you have. Press the ENTER for selecting the language
  2. 2. Ubuntu installation Step 2: For Installing Ubuntu Select the ‘Install Ubuntu‘ and then press ENTER For Testing Ubuntu without changing anything in your system Select the ‘Try Ubuntu…‘ and then press ENTER Please wait…………..
  3. 3. Ubuntu installation Step 3: Select English and Click Forward Select on India and Click Forward
  4. 4. Ubuntu installation Click on ‘Forward’ Step 4: Very Important ( Don’t imitate as shown below : Read the option explanation completely ,otherwise you may get your data losed)
  5. 5. Ubuntu installation HERE I SUGGEST USING THE THIRD OPTION ‘Specify partitions manually(advanced)’ Here you can select a patition and change it into linux partitions as you like Note: If you want to use Ubuntu along with WINDOWS installed on your system and have partitions C,D,……etc then make any of your windows partions free before you begin the installation.(Better you may take a backup if you are not sure about partitions) Make sure that the selected hard drive is the right one. /dev/sda is the first physical hard drive. /dev/sdb is the second hard drive in your machine. So, make sure that you know which is the one you want to format! Otherwise, you will lose ALL YOUR DATA on that hard drive; Let's say that the selected drive is empty (no other operating system or important data on it), but it has some partitions on it. Select each one of those partitions and click the "Delete" button. After a few seconds, it will say "free space". Now you will get a screen like shown below Now we need two Linux Partitions a) SWAP partition b) Ext4 journaling file system Select the free space and Click on ‘Add’ for creating a new partition For SWAP use partition size 1.5 times of your RAM size and there is no mount point For Ext4 use a minimum of 4GB for installing the base system and choose mountpoint as ‘/’(as shown in the figure)
  6. 6. Ubuntu installation Warning : Make sure the changes otherwise you will lose the data irrecoverably Click ‘Forward’
  7. 7. Ubuntu installation Step 5 : Enter your details If you don’t require a password at login ‘Choose Log in automatically’ Click ‘Forward’ Click on ‘Install’ and don’t go for advanced options if you are a beginner
  8. 8. Ubuntu installation Please wait for Completing installation………… Restart your system and feel UBUNTU