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tourism projects of inda


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presentation of some projects initiative taken by mot for the development of tourism .

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tourism projects of inda

  1. 1. TOPIC : PROJECTS OF INDIAN TOURISM Compiled by: nirmala joshi
  2. 2. MEGA TOURISM PROJECT The Ministry of Tourism (MOT), at present, has identified 53 Mega Destinations/Circuits for development in the country with the concerned State Governments/Union Territories (UTs) Mot has contributed rs 25 crore to 50 crore The scheme has named productinfrastructure development at destinations  Implementation of the sanctioned Mega Destinations/Circuits is primarily the responsibility of the concerned State/UT. The name of Mega Destinations/Circuits identified/sanctioned is given below:-. Charminar area of hyderabad, tirupati heritage circuit, kapada heritage circuit,churches of goa circuit etc
  3. 3. Pro-poor project in tourism  Bihar will soon be undertaking pro-poor projects in tourism sector with the World Bank assistance.  This statement is given by state tourism minister javed iqbal ansari at national conference in new delhi  All the states and union territories have been directed by the Union ministry to work towards skill development in area-specific trade and hospitality in tourism sector.
  4. 4. The JBIC project  An entire project named ‘Ajanta – Ellora Conservation and tourism development project’  project is dedicated to the conservation of Ajanta – Ellora site.  . To improve infrastructure in order to accommodate the increasing number of tourists to the region and enhance their experience by providing improved facilities and services.
  5. 5. PROJECT TIGER Project Tiger is a Tiger conservation programme launched in 1973 by the Government of India under its then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi The project aims at ensuring a viable population of Bengal tigers in their natural habitats The government has set up a Tiger Protection Force to combat poachers and funded relocation of villagers to minimize human-tiger conflicts.
  6. 6. THENMALA ECO TOURISM PROJECT Tourism Department, Government of Kerala, India has taken steps to give focussed attention to ecotourism in the State . A separate ecotourism wing has been created to give policy support The Thenmala Ecotourism Promotion Society (TEPS) has been constituted. Thenmala Ecotourism" has been conceived as a first planned ecotourism destination in India
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES OF THIS PROJECT AREA 1. To develop Thenmala dam and its surroundings as a major tourist destination. 2. To promote Ecotourism on the basis of sound principles of ecological sustainability in the surrounding areas ofThenmala. 3. To have a well planned tourism destination with emphasis on sustainable tourism development so as to become a model for other destination development programmes.
  8. 8. DEVELOPMENT OF NORTH EASTERN REGION PROJECT the Government of India that 10% of the total budget provision for the Ministries/Departments will be spent on the projects/schemes of development for the North Eastern Region includingSikkim Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation is concerned with the project proposals for the North Eastern States in the following identified areas: 1)Housing projects (predominantly for the urban poor) 2)Poverty alleviation projects 3)Slum improvement/up gradation projects 4)During the year 2001-02, there was a budget provision of Rs.38 crore
  9. 9. CONT. . During the year 2003-2004, an amount of Rs.62.50 crores was provided in the budget for the benefit of the projects in North Eastern Regions and Sikkim During the financial year 2004-2005, an amount of Rs.83.00 crores was provided in the Annual Plan
  10. 10. RURAL TOURISM PROJECT The development of infrastructure in rural areas having potential for tourism is being supported under the existing scheme of destination development The objective is to showcase rural life, art, culture and heritage at rural locations The intention is to benefit the local community economically and socially 153 rural tourism projects in 28 States/UnionTerritories have been sanctioned by the Ministry ofTourism including 36 rural sites where UNDP has supported for capacity building.
  11. 11. Cont.  CNBC AwaazTravel Awardin 2008 was awarded to the following two rural tourism sites:  (i) Village Hodka, Distt. Kachchh, Gujarat for Best Tourism Income Generating Community.  (ii) Village Naggar, Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh for Tourism site for Best Demonstrating Women Empowerment.