Nidec kinetek corporate profile


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NIDEC KINETEK, which joined the Nidec Group in 2012, offers commercial motors.

The company operates 16 business units in North America, Europe, and Asia. This slide shows the product lineup, overview, and other information of each of the company’s business units.

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Nidec kinetek corporate profile

  1. 1. Nidec Kinetek Kinetek Profile
  2. 2. Kinetek – At-A-Glance • 2012 revenue: $410M • 16 business units across North America, Europe and Asia • Market leadership position in targeted segments • Focused on technology led solutions based growth • Energy efficiency – residential and commercial products • Green technologies – battery powered electric products, alternative energy • Global scope • 3000 employees in 24 locations • 250 technical degrees • 40% in China, 12% in Mexico, 40% in US 2
  3. 3. Kinetek – Business Units/Brands Kinetek Brands U.S. Italy China 3
  4. 4. Kinetek – Business Unit Overview U.S. Elevator controls and complete elevator packages for elevator contractors, OEMs and educational/healthcare institutions AC and DC motor systems for elevator/escalator, floor care, hose reel and commercial food equipment Sub-fractional AC, DC, brushless motors and gear motors for refrigeration, pellet stove and commercial food equipment Gear motors, transmissions (traction drives) and gearing for the floor care, medical/mobility Special purpose, wound field DC and low-voltage AC pump and traction motors for battery operated vehicles. High output DC motors for floor care, hydraulic pump drive motors for industrial lift, and traction drive motors Membrane switch assemblies, graphic panel overlays, shielding product, and industrial/commercial labeling products Custom motor control design for material handling, floor care, recreational vehicles and lift trucks Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, China Italy AC and brushless DC motors and pump motor packages for specialized industrial and commercial markets China producer of AC and DC motors, brushless DC and general purpose motors, gearboxes, and end products Cable hoist and platform lift products for the global building construction market Chinese elevator control, microprocessor board and complete package manufacturer Brushless motors and electronic systems for industrial, defense and electric vehicle applications China manufacturer of shaft and gearing for power tools, automotive, and electric motors Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, Copy TBD, 4
  5. 5. Kinetek – Key Product Categories Elevator Control Elevator Motors/Machines Elevator & escalator controls Complete elevator packages Microprocessor boards Monitoring & dispatching systems Gearless AC & DC machines Geared traction machines AC and DC hoist motors AC dry & submersible hydraulic motors Motor Control Systems Motors AC controls, PMDC controls Series & separately excited controls Brushless DC controls High frequency battery chargers Electronic vehicle displays Wheel motors Transaxle drive systems Right angle drives Spiral bevels Offset gear motors Subfractional gear motors Brushless motors AC & DC drives AC & DC pumps Human Machine Interface Membrane switch assemblies Graphic panel overlays Touch screens EMI shielding products 5
  6. 6. Kinetek – Products Powered 6
  7. 7. Kinetek – Key Manufacturing Locations China Kinetek De Sheng (KDS) • UNITED STATES Manufacturer of AC and DC motors, gearbox assemblies, and other value-added assemblies • ISO 9000 Certified, 650,000 ft2 manufacturing facility located 2 hours from Hong Kong ITAL Y CHINA MEXICO Zhongxiu Kinetek (ZXK) • Mexico Merkle-Korff De Mexico (SLP) • • High volume AC and DC appliance and vending gear motors Central Mexico location supports global appliance companies transitioning to Mexico: GE/Mabe, Maytag, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung Elevator controller manufacturer produces microprocessor elevator control boards, and traction and hydraulic elevator controls Kinetek Jinghe (KJH) • Leading Chinese shaft and gearing manufacturer • Customers include several multinational companies Kinetek De Mexico (KDM) Kinetek Motor Master (KMM) • • • 44,000 square foot facility opened July 2008 Valmark and MCE share flexible capacity facility • 10,000 sqm facility, GE-trained motor team Products include 44, 48, 56 frame motors, gear and pump subassemblies 7
  8. 8. Major Markets
  9. 9. Major Markets – Elevator/Escalator Elevators & Escalators – Kinetek companies develop non-proprietary elevator and escalator control systems that improve operating efficiency and performance, and help customers reduce operating and maintenance costs. – Kinetek companies have supplied technologically advanced elevator motors and controls for projects including the Statue of Liberty and countless highprofile residential, commercial, and educational buildings. • • • • ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION AT 555 CAPITAL MALL Elevator controls & motors Elevator door operators Escalator controls & motors Complete elevator packages ESCALATOR CONTROLS & MOTORS 9
  10. 10. Major Markets – Floor Care Commercial Floor Care – Components from Kinetek companies have been a mainstay in commercial and industrial floor care equipment for over four decades. – Kinetek motors, gearboxes and other components are designed to pass the rugged test of cleaning and maintaining flooring types found in today’s businesses and factories. These components can be found in the following: STICK MACHINES • Floor scrubbers & polishers (riders & walk-behinds) • Power sweepers • OEM end products (carpet dryers & stick machines) WALK-BEHIND SCRUBBERS 10
  11. 11. Major Markets – Material Handling Material Handling – Kinetek companies keep all kinds of materials moving. Kinetek provides AC and DC traction and pump motors and control systems for lift truck and pallet lift applications as well as complete overhead hoist products. FORK LIFTS • Lift trucks • Pallet lifts • Cable hoists PALLET LIFTS CABLE HOISTS 11
  12. 12. Major Markets – Food Equipment Commercial Food Equipment – Expertise started more than 50 years ago with simple cup drop motors in soft drink machines and inception of through-the-door ice dispensing systems. – Today, leading manufacturers count on Kinetek for technically advanced solutions, superior service and quality products in the following areas: • • • • • • • Refrigerated cases Refrigerator ice crushers/dispensers Walk-in coolers Commercial dishwasher pumps Convection ovens Commercial mixers Food processing COMMERCIAL DISHWASHERS CONVECTION OVENS 12
  13. 13. Major Markets – Golf/Utility Golf Car & Utility Vehicle – AC and DC motors and controls from Kinetek companies can be found in a variety of battery powered applications. – Kinetek companies help businesses meet higher performance demands for the following: GOLF CARS • Golf cars and neighborhood electric vehicles • Utility vehicles used in airports, mining, ATVs • Electric boats ELECTRIC BOATS UTILITY VEHICLES 13
  14. 14. Major Markets – Aerial Work Platforms Aerial Work Platforms – Kinetek companies help businesses meet higher performance demands with AC & DC motors and electronic controls for scissor lifts and lift trucks. • Scissor lifts • Man lifts SCISSOR LIFTS MAN LIFTS 14
  15. 15. Kinetek Companies
  16. 16. Kinetek Companies – AMD East Syracuse, New York, USA – Designs and manufactures special purpose, wound field DC and low-voltage AC pump and traction motors for battery operated vehicles. – Market-leading positions in golf and utility vehicles and aerial work platforms. Also strong in forklift and floor care (ride-on segment) markets. AC TRACTION MOTORS AC TRACTION CONTROLLER Advanced Motors & Drives customers DC TRACTION MOTORS 16
  17. 17. Kinetek Companies – FIR Group Casalmaggiore, Italy – Designs and manufactures custom made AC and brushless DC motors and pump motor packages for highly specialized industrial and commercial markets. – Strong market positions in European construction, defense, and commercial appliances — including commercial ovens and catering dishwashers. – AC PUMP MOTORS BRUSHLESS AC MOTORS FIR Group Customers CABLE HOISTS MOTORS 17
  18. 18. Kinetek Companies – Imperial Akron & Middleport, OH – A large, custom manufacturer of special application AC and DC motor systems (motors and drives; motors and generators; motors and gearboxes). – A market leader in the floor care, elevator/escalator, and hose reel segments. – Manufactures products in the US, and collaborates on the design and engineering of products manufactured for Imperial by Kinetek De Sheng (KDS) in China. PM GEAR MOTORS HOSE REEL DC MOTORS Imperial Electric Customers LARGE FRAME GEARLESS AC ELEVATOR MACHINES 18
  19. 19. Kinetek Companies – Scott DC Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA – Scott DC Power Products designs and manufactures high output DC motors for the floor care market, hydraulic pump drive motors for industrial lift applications, and traction drive motors. – Scott DC Power Products Customers OFF SET GEAR MOTORS TRANSAXLE DRIVE SYSTEMS HYDRAULIC PUMP DRIVE MOTORS 19
  20. 20. Kinetek Companies – Euclid Solon, OH, USA – Develops custom engineered gear motors, transmissions (traction drives) and gearing for the floor care, medical/mobility and loose gearing markets. – Collaborates with Kinetek companies Imperial Electric, Scott DC Power Products and Advanced Motors & Drives to meet the needs of floor care market customers with a wide range of distinct products. OFF SET GEAR MOTORS TRANSAXLE DRIVES Euclid Universal Customers LOOSE GEARING 20
  21. 21. Kinetek Companies – Kinetek Controls Perry, Ohio, USA – Innovative product design center devoted to the development of custom engineered solutions for Kinetek companies and customers. – Engineering design team has developed premium motor speed controllers and high frequency battery chargers for specific applications including aerial work platform, floor care, RVs, lift trucks, golf cars, and a variety of other battery electric vehicles. – Business model serves Kinetek’s Fractional/Integral Motors group very well. Kinetek Controls provides design and application engineering, while Kinetek companies KDS, Advanced Motors & Drives, and the Imperial Electric Group fulfill sales, marketing and customer support. AC TRACTION CONTROLLERS HIGH FREQUENCY BATTERY CHARGERS DC PUMP MOTOR CONTROLLERS 21
  22. 22. Kinetek Companies – MCE Sacramento, California and New York City, NY, USA – Founded in 1983, MCE is the world’s leading openarchitecture elevator controller manufacturer. – From hydraulic and traction controls to complete elevator packages, MCE provides an optimal solution for any modernization or new construction project. iCONTROL ELEVATOR CONTROL W/iBOX PROCESSOR MCE Customers • Independent elevator contractors • OEM elevator contractors • Educational and healthcare institutions FREEDOM COMPLETE ELEVATORS 22
  23. 23. Kinetek Companies – Merkle-Korff Elk Grove Village, IL and San Luis Potosi (SLP), Mexico – Specializes in sub-fractional AC, DC, and brushless motors and gearmotors, generally less than 1/10th horsepower. – Operates three modern manufacturing facilities in the Midwestern United States and a high volume facility in San Luis Potosi (SLP), Mexico (accounting for 45% of M-K revenue). AC GEAR MOTORS Merkle-Korff Industries Customers DC BRUSHLESS GEAR MOTORS & CONTROLS 23
  24. 24. Kinetek Companies – KDS Shunde, China – An ISO-certified manufacturer of AC and DC motors, brushless DC motors, general purpose motors, gearboxes and end products. – Provides Kinetek companies in North America and Europe with a low-cost, state-of-the-art manufacturing base and access to China with a significant marketing platform. – Maintains a strong position in China — the world’s largest and fastest growing market. ESCALATOR MOTORS GEARLESS AC MACHINES FOR ELEVATORS Kinetek De Sheng Customers AC POWERPACKS: MOTOR & GEARBOX FOR FLOOR CARE 24
  25. 25. Kinetek Companies – VIS Livermore, CA – VIS is an ISO 9001/2000 certified industry leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated membrane switch assemblies, graphic panel overlays, shielding products and custom industrial and commercial labeling products. – VIS membrane switches are engineered custom flexible circuits made from PTF using a variety of conductive ink systems. Membrane switches have the advantage of low inertia, sealablility, ultra low profile and long life reliability. MEMBRANE SWITCH, ELASTIKEY SWITCH ASSEMBLIES, GRAPHIC OVERLAYS AND COMPLIANCE LABELS VIS customers 25
  26. 26. Kinetek Summary Capabilities • • • • • • • • • Broad and deep technology base in motors, gearing and controls Application knowledge and product test capability that allows reliable products to be developed Rapidly developing technical capability in China Ability to package a system solution for our customers 13 design facilities and 300+ technical resources Strong team approach to product development Test facilities including dynos, noise analyzers, sound labs, elevator test towers, life test equipment and other equipment Long-term relationship with customers Strong service and support 26