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Nidec asi silcovert tn


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Nidec asi silcovert tn

  1. 1. Silcovert TN™ PPT2013.01.01.17EN
  2. 2. Silcovert TN 3300V Converter A single converter with maximum adaptability. A NPC type, Voltage Source, IGBT inverter with both Diode Front End and Active Front End configurations. The converter cabinet, in its base configuration, consists of several parts and devices: Input Converter (diodes or IGBTs) Output Reactors (dv/dt filters) Capacitors precharge circuit safety ground switch current and voltage transducers Digital Controller and IGBTfiring boards HIMI Cooling System (fans or water cooling unit) PPT2013.01.01.17EN 2
  3. 3. Silcovert TN 3300V Converter Our standard power ranges and sizes are an economical solutions that can be installed with little or no commissioning costs. Drive customization adds flexibility to meet special job requirements PPT2013.01.01.17EN 3
  4. 4. Silcovert TN 3300V Converter DFE: (12p) 2 x 1800V ± 10% Main Supply Voltage (3 phase): DFE: (24p) 4 x 1800V ± 10% AFE: 3000 V ± 10% Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz ± 3% Output Rated Power: 1300…21,600 kVA Standard Overload (lmax) normal use: 110, 150% for 60s every 10 minutes Efficiency: ≥ 0.98 (50 Hz, rated load) Fundamental Power Factor: >0.95 Output Voltage: 0..3300V (3 phase) Voltage Modulation: PWM Output Frequency: 5..70Hz (140 Hz extended) Frequency Resolution: 0.1Hz The European and International Product Standard is CEI EN 61800-xx group PPT2013.01.01.17EN 4
  5. 5. Silcovert TN 3300V Converter SIZE L x W x H (mm) SVTN_1K3 - SVTN_1K8 - SVTN_2K6 2000 x 1000 x 3125 SVTN_3K6 (2 x 1K8) - SVTN_5K2 (2 x 3K6) 3400 x 1000 x 3125 SVTN_1K3 - SVTN_1K8 - SVTN_2K6 3800 x 1000 x 3125 SVTN_3K6 (2 x 1K8) - SVTN_5K2 (2 x 3K6) 7600 x 1000 x 3125 SVTN_1K6 - SVTN_2K4 - SVTN_3K6 2800 x 1000 x 2310 SVTN_4K8 (2 x 2K4) - SVTN_7K2 (2 x 3K6) 4400 x 1000 x 2310 SVTN_4K8 (2 x 2K4) - SVTN_7K2 (2 x 3K6) 4600 x 1000 x 2310 SVTN_10K8 (3 x 3K6) 6200 x 1000 x 2310 Degree of Protection IP 41 (std.) SVTN_14K4 (4 x 3K6) 9000 x 1000 x 2310 Paint Colour RAL 7035 (std.) SVTN_1K6 - SVTN_2K4 - SVTN_3K6 5200 x 1200 x 2310 SVTN_4K8 (2 x 2K4) - SVTN_7K2 (2 x 3K6) 7800 x 1200 x 2310 SVTN_10K8 (3 x 3K6) 10400 x 1200 x 2310 SVTN_14K4 (4 x 3K6) 13200 x 1200 x 2310 The frame dimensions listed above refer to the base configuration. Depending on the selected option, size dependent extra length must be added to “L”: - input manual switch: 1000 to 1200 mm - output manual earth-switch: 600 to 1000 mm Input transformer: oil or dry type external (no distance limitation) or integrated into the frame (dry type only). PPT2013.01.01.17EN 5
  6. 6. Silcovert TN 3300V Converter FRONT END CONFIGURATIONS = DFE 12P 12-pulse Diode Front End LINE SIDE DIODE FRONT END (DFE) OR ACTIVE FRONT END (AFE) ~ = DFE 24P 24-pulse Diode Front End ~ ~ = AFE Active Front End = PPT2013.01.01.17EN ~ 6
  7. 7. Silcovert TN 3300V Converter All TN drives have these three motor-side controls as standard SCALAR CONTROL (V/Hz) Basic speed control for applications such as FANS, PUMPS where a high level of speed and torque are not required. FIELD ORIENTATED VECTOR CONTROL (FOC) shaft encoder (required option) Required for high dynamic performance. Brings together high speed accuracy, torque control across the whole speed range using a closed torque control loop (i.e. tension regulators, winders, pay-off reels, position regulators, etc) SENSORLESS VECTOR CONTROL (SLS) Used for more accurate torque and speed performance when their dynamic control is not a fundamental requirement. For applications such as EXTRUDERS, MIXERS, KILNS, LARGE PUMPS AND FANS. MOTOR SIDE PPT2013.01.01.17EN 7
  9. 9. Power Module Cabinet Layout Air Cooled Cooling fan With 100% Redandancy DIODE FRONT END (12 & 24 PULSE) (single Unit 1300 / 1800 / 2600 kVA) Rectifier Bridge Inverter Phase Current Transducer Link Bus Bar Output Phase Bar Ground Switch Insulation Controller Sensor Output Reactor Boards PPT2013.01.01.17EN 9
  10. 10. Power Module Cabinet Layout Water Cooled Rectifier Bridge DIODE FRONT END (12 & 24 PULSE) Inverter Phase (single Unit 1600 / 2400 / 3600 kVA) Link Bus Bar Output Phase Bar Transformers Ground Switch Insulation Controller Sensor Water Cooling Pipes Output Reactor PPT2013.01.01.17EN 10
  11. 11. Active Front End Layout Water Cooled Line Side Output Reactor Line Side Phase Precharge Board Line side Converter Water Cooling Pipes Motor Side Inverter Electric Motor PPT2013.01.01.17EN SVTN 4K8 W33 AFE / SVTN 7K2 W33 AFE 11
  12. 12. Inverter Power Modules The Inverter Power Module is an assembly with different standard sizes that includes IGBTs, Clamping Diodes, capacitors, heatsink, Firing cards and Bus bar. AIR COOLING  PP: P: internal negative IGBT and FWD NN: external negative IGBT and FWD DP: positive CLAMPING DIODE DN: DP internal positive IGBT and FWD N: PP external positive IGBT and FWD negative CLAMPING DIODE MOD. SVTN 2K6 A33 P M ~ WATER COOLING N DN NN FWD = Free Wheeling Diode  MOD. SVTN 3K6 W33 PPT2013.01.01.17EN 12
  13. 13. Rectifier Power Modules RAD SVTN 550 A33 12P RAD SVTN 550 A33 24P The Rectifier Power Module is an assembly with different standard configurations to manage harmonics. RAD SVTN 750 W33 12P RAD SVTN 750 W33 24P RAD SVTN 1K1 A33 12P PPT2013.01.01.17EN RAD SVTN 2K2 A33 12P 13
  14. 14. Water Cooling Unit Details Filter PRESSURE Measuring systems PRESSURE Water-to-water heat exchanger FLOW Deionization system PPT2013.01.01.17EN 14
  15. 15. Control Architecture Silcovert TN 3300V Converter Cabinet AUTOMATION Cabinet door HMI Interface (Touch Screen) Functionality: Plant Digital Control System (DCS) • Commands (local start/stop, etc) • Monitoring (internal & external) • Settings (internal & external) Profibus Fieldbus Modbus External I/O Internal I/O PLC Ethernet SERVICE & MAINTENANCE • LAPTO P Upload of new software releases • Transformer (temp, protection,…) • External monitoring as requested Parameter setup for commissioning • • Motor (setup, winding & bearing temp…) • VFD Diagnostics (Fault/Alarm Log & Rapid Trace of Variables RS 232 Service Port VFD Digital Control KEYPAD PPT2013.01.01.17EN 15
  17. 17. HMI: Programming levels STANDARD PARAMETERS Control Mode V/Hz Control Mode V/Hz Control Mode FOC Control Mode FOC Control Mode SLS Control Mode SLS At the highest level we offer a complete set of parameters that ensure the optimum performance of motors and drives. LEVEL # 1: Quick motor start up LEVEL # 2: Quick application start up For simple applications. The user can start the motor using the factory default settings for I/O’s. For users who have a sound knowledge of drives and applications. For system integrators who need access to functions typical of simple applications or modify the I/O default settings For users who make complex system applications. Control Mode V/Hz Control Mode FOC Control Mode SLS LEVEL # 3: Advanced system application User can access many of the functions that were developed for complex systems. It meets the requirements of the widest range of drive applications. FUNCTION SPECIFIC PARAMETERS PPT2013.01.01.17EN 17
  18. 18. HMI: Cabinet User Interface HMI Touch screen functionality and control features The Silcovert TN series of drives provides the operator high levels of control as a standard feature. Using the touch screen on the cabinet door the operator is able to set, command and monitor the whole drive (transformer + inverter + motor). Commands • Local Drive aux on/off • Local start/stop • Local speed up/down • Reset • Water cooling pumps run test (in water cooled configuration) PPT2013.01.01.17EN 18
  19. 19. HMI: Cabinet User Interface HMI Touch screen functionality and control features Monitoring • Drive Operation Status • Drive measurements • Alarms and Trips • Motor measurements (winding and bearing temperatures and vibrations) • Transformer measurements (winding and core temperatures) Settings • Language • Transformer temperature alarm and trip threshold • Motor windings temperature alarm and trip threshold • Motor bearings temperature alarm and trip threshold •Temperature for start and stop of transformer fans • Water Cooling System: conductibility timer filter PPT2013.01.01.17EN 19
  20. 20. HMI: User Interface Commissioning & Service Menu Box to modify parameters KEYPAD PC TOOL Monitor Main characteristics: • Graphic Display (5 lines X 24 characters) • 20 keys: 5 function keys: Stop, Auto, Man, Reset, Canc/Enter, 4 arrow keys, Shift, Canc/Enter, 10 numerical keys for easier access and changing parameters • Text message visualization • Memory capability for storing parameters; downloading to other VFD’s PPT2013.01.01.17EN Keypad Main characteristics: • Provides complete and straight-forward programming of the drive(s) and selected external machines • Allows the management and upload of parameters • A source for trace files for monitoring, service and upgrades • Windows based interface platform 20
  21. 21. HMI: Control & Output THE SCREEN SHOWS THE MOTOR SPEED DEMAND SETUP VARIABLES The related commands can be sent to the drive either through terminal block or through fieldbus. The table above shows the list of the functions that are available for three control algorithms (FOC, SLS, and V/Hz) PPT2013.01.01.17EN 21
  22. 22. SILCOVERT TN Main Applications Marine – for electric propulsion, auxiliary thrusters. Metals – long and flat product rolling mills, coilers, shears. Energy – flows that were controlled by mechanical devices can replaced by a variable speed motor and a TN drive. General Industry – conveying systems, fans, mixers, extruders, gas compressors, etc. PPT2013.01.01.17EN 22