Nidec asi electric power solutions for marine applications


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Nidec asi electric power solutions for marine applications

  2. 2. Vessel Experience SCIENTIFIC & SPECIAL VESSELS WORKBOATS With more than 150 years of experience NIDEC ASI is a leading supplier of electrical power and propulsion systems for marine applications and on-board generation. PASSENGER SHIP FPSO FRSU PPT2013.01.01.07EN NAVY SHIPS MERCHANT SHIPS 2
  3. 3. Applications KNOW HOW & PROJECT MANAGEMENT NIDEC ASI fully meets your dreams and desires in marine applications with a wide range of solutions: electric propulsion, auxiliary thrusters, drive system for hoists and winches, shaft generators, on-board generation, ship-to-shore power (50 / 60 Hz conversion). Our engineers will tailor a solution to your specific requirements with an end-to-end project solution that covers the entire process, providing complete electrical package or supporting system integrator. PPT2013.01.01.07EN 3
  4. 4. Global Service Our customers rest assured that they’ll get an engineering staff capable of offering technical advice, qualified assistance and prompt intervention whenever they call. Remote monitoring and diagnostics, telephone assistance, emergency call-outs, spare-parts management and training are all part of our service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to our permanent offices (shown below) we have a network of 25 service shops and service centers across the globe to serve you better PPT2013.01.01.07EN 4
  5. 5. Typical System Scope of Supply • Synchronous generators • Main switchboard • Auxiliary distribution switchboards • Distribution and propulsion transformers • Drives for electric propulsion • DC / induction /synchronous / permanent magnet motors PPT2013.01.01.07EN 5
  6. 6. Passenger Ships Showcases – Costa Cruise Lines Costa Cruises (Italian: Costa Crociere), is a British-American owned Italian cruise line, based in Genoa, Italy, and under control of the Carnival Corporation & plc. Founded in 1854 and operated like cargo ships, today the Company is one of the main operating companies in the Carnival group, with executive control of the groups activities in Europe. Scope of Supply: 21 MW LCI water-cooled converters for electric propulsion 14 MVA generators feeding two main 11kV Switchboards Thruster motors 1720kW - 11kV, 1187 rpm, 60 Hz PPT2013.01.01.07EN 6
  7. 7. Passenger Ships Showcases Carnival Cruise Lines Liberty P&O Cruise Lines Scope of Supply: 14 MVA generators feeding two main 11kV Switchboards. Thruster motors 1720kW - 11kV 1187 rpm, 60 Hz PPT2013.01.01.07EN Thruster motors 1720kW - 11kV 1187 rpm, 60 Hz 7
  8. 8. Merchant Ships Showcases - De Poli Gas tankers Marte & Venere De Poli Tankers BV is a modern Dutch shipowning company based near the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. De Poli is one of the bigger commercial operator with a fleet of six sophisticated IMO 2 chemical tankers, two LPG tankers and one Ice classed 1A chemical/ethylene tanker. The company expanded its fleet in 2004 with 2 LPG tankers of 3000 cbm. The De Poli gas tankers meet the highest specifications in the industry. Scope Of Supply 1450 kVA propulsion transformers LV PWM IGBT propulsion drives 1050 kW, 690 V, 720 rpm squirrel cage propulsion motors PPT2013.01.01.07EN 8
  9. 9. Merchant Ships Showcases - Car Carriers for Grimaldi Lines With a long experience dating back to 1947, the Grimaldi Lines is specialised in the operation of roll-on/roll-off vessels, car carriers and ferries. It is a dedicated supplier of integrated logistics services based on maritime transport to the world’s major vehicle manufacturers. Scope of Supply: 1500 kW,510 V, 79 rpm, Shaft generator system for variable speed application PPT2013.01.01.07EN Through its maritime services, the Grimaldi also transports containers, palletised/ unitised cargo and passengers. 9
  10. 10. Offshore & Workboat Showcases - Crane vessel Seven Borealis Seven Borealis will measure 181 x 46 metres and with a depth of 16 metres. Its draft will range between 7 to 11 metres. The vessel is ship shaped, as opposed to a semisubmersible design, and will be able to perform a speed of 13-14 knots in transit from one operating area to another. Semisubmersible crane vessels typically use at least twice the time. Seven Borealis is designed to be used for a range of operations, including platform installation, deck installation, spar deck installation, mooring installation, subsea installation and platform removal. PPT2013.01.01.07EN Scope Of Supply: • MV PWM IGBT NPC 3 levels Silcovert-TN converter type SVTN 10K8 W33 DFE 24P, IP44 cabinet without chopper system, water cooled, 24 pulse line side reaction, 3000V output voltage, motor power 5500 kW, motor speed 745 rpm 10
  11. 11. Offshore & Workboat Showcases - Pipelay vessel Saipem Castorone Saipem PLV is a pipelaying ship. It is a maritime vessel used in the construction of subsea infrastructure. It serves to connect oil production platforms with refineries on shore. Scope of Supply: •Thruster System • MV PWM IGBT NPC 3 levels type SVTN10K8 DFE xx P, IP44 cabinet without chopper system, water cooled, 12 pulse line side reaction, 3000V output voltage, motor power 5500 kW, motor speed 720 rpm PPT2013.01.01.07EN To accomplish this goal a typical pipelaying vessel carries a heavy lift crane, used to install pumps and valves, and equipment to lay pipe between subsea structures. 11
  12. 12. Offshore & Workboat Showcases Saipem FDS2 Allseas Lorelay Scope Of Supply: Thruster and propulsion systems, MV and LV distribution, Distribution transformers Scope Of Supply: Frequency Converter Allseas Pieter Schelte Allseas Audacia Scope Of Supply: Thruster drives Scope Of Supply: Propulsion and thruster drives PPT2013.01.01.07EN 12
  13. 13. Offshore & Workboat Showcases Ice Breaking PSV Hull 328 Ice Breaking PSV Hull 327 IGCT based 3000V propulsion drives for 8400kW - 140% overload propulsion motors IGCT based 3000V propulsion drives for 5200kW-130% overload propulsion motors For this project NIDEC ASI supplied: • Variable frequency converters Silcovert GN 10k0 DFE 12P • Variable frequency converters Silcovert GN 20k0 DFE 24P In accordance with classification RMRS LU7 and IEC rules PPT2013.01.01.07EN 13
  14. 14. Offshore Showcases: FPSO & FSRU Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU), OLT Livorno Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO), BlueWater, Glas Dowr n. 1 three phase induction machine CRV 630 Y 6, 2200 kW, 6600 V, 1189 r/min, coupled with thruster propeller; n.4 CR 710 X 8 3200 kW, 6600 V, 60 Hz, 893 r/min coupled with reciprocating compressor; n. 4 motors CRV 500 Y 8, 950 kW, 6600 V; coupled to process pump; PPT2013.01.01.07EN n.1 CR 500 Y 8, 1050 kW, 6600 V, 60 Hz, 890 r/min coupled with reciprocating compressor; 14
  15. 15. Offshore Showcases: FPSO FPSO Cidade de Sao Mateus, Prosafe- Petrobras Brazil n. 1 ET 630 L 4 for FPSO vessel, 1150 kW, 6600 V, 60 Hz, 1785 r/min, 6250 Kg coupled with reciprocating pump; PPT2013.01.01.07EN FPSO Gimboa, Angola n.3 Soft Starters, Silcostart 600 L type, in IP22 cabinet, air cooled, thyristor technology, digital control, Class 1 (110% overload for 60 sec every 10 min), 6600V output voltage with by-pass switch; 15
  16. 16. Navy Showcases - Aircraft carrier Cavour The aircraft carrier Cavour is a combination of technology and Italian skills and it is the flagship of the Italian Navy. It was was launched in 2004 and it was completed in 2008 It is named after the famous Italian statesman and politician Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour. Scope Of Supply: Shaft alternator system 2200kW - 2750 kVA which remains connected to the ship electrical network from 52 to 140 rpm with the use of a static converter PPT2013.01.01.07EN 16
  17. 17. Navy Showcases - Amphibious Transport Ship Johan De Witt Johan de Witt is a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) in use by the Royal Netherlands Navy. The main mission of the Johan de Witt will be the transport and disembarkation of a fully equipped battalion marines to the objective area using organic landing assets such as helicopters and landing craft or existing port facilities. With the required capabilities the ship is also well suited for secondary missions such as military sealift or disaster relief. Scope of Supply: MV PWM IGCT NPC 3 levels type SVGN9K0 DFE 24 P, IP44 cabinet with chopper system, water cooled, 24 pulse line side reaction, 3000V output voltage, motor power 5500 kW PPT2013.01.01.07EN 17
  18. 18. Navy Showcases FREMM frigates Fleet tanker Scope of Supply: •Main generators, Power 1.875 kVA, Voltage 425 V, Speed 1.500 RPM, • Shaft generators, Power 2.125 kVA, Voltage 425 V, Speed 1.500 RPM • LV AFE PWM drive system for cargo pumps PPT2013.01.01.07EN Scope of Supply: • Power generation system, Generators 2100 KW / 2625 KVA, 1.800 rpm, 6.600 KV – 60 Hz, • Auxiliary electric prop. System (Fixed speed motor and Electric starter) 18
  19. 19. Scientific & Special Vessels Showcases – Medusa Project from the collaboration between NIDEC ASI and Wartsila was born a new type of research vessel for the Chilean Navy, the MEDUSA project. The Oceanographic and Fisheries research Vessel (AGS) is a state-of-the-art design, built for world wide Oceanographic service including Fishing and Geological research, complying with ICES report 209 for underwater radiated noise control. Scope Of Supply: LV main alternators Propulsion system with 2 x 1500 kW 0/185 rpm DC motors coupled in tandem PPT2013.01.01.07EN Propelled by 3.000 kW low noise diesel-electric propulsion, the vessel is equipped with one retractable azimuth thruster and two tunnel thrusters. All of this equipment will use NIDEC ASI motors. The vessel is arranged for a number of fishery and oceanographic research operations and will operate in the Pacific Ocean offshore Chile. 19
  20. 20. Scientific & Special Vessels Showcases Research Vessel NOAA FRV40 CEFAS Endeavour Scope Of Supply: Electric propulsion system Power generation PPT2013.01.01.07EN Scope Of Supply: Electric propulsion system 20
  21. 21. Scientific & Special Vessels Showcases – Ferry LIUTO for Venice Laguna LIUTO (Low Impact Urban Transport Omnibus) research project consisted of a collaborative venture between six partners from three European countries. Based on E1 vessel’s project it is defined as a Low Emission Boat (L.E.B). This hybrid propulsion vessel have been conceived in order to optimize E1 vessel’s performance. ACTV identifies its requirements for a new vessel’s performance in view of two different conditions: • in the narrow, shallow waters of the Venetian canal system; • in the open water of the lagoon or “Lido”; Scope Of Supply: Power Generation Electric propulsion system PPT2013.01.01.07EN 21
  22. 22. MV Drives Silcovert S Thyristor based LCI for synchronous motors provides speed regularity, monitoring and braking torque regulation Series H Air cooling: up to 8100 KVA Water cooling: up to 18700 KVA (higher power on request) Voltage: up to 7200 V (12000 V on request) Since 1993 NIDEC ASI has installed more than 2000 Drives PPT2013.01.01.07EN 22
  23. 23. LV Drives GT5000 Power Range: 0,75 kW – 1 MW Voltage: 400-480Vca / 525-690Vca Its modularity and openness allow providing solutions from the standalone application (motor drive and machine control) to the overall management of a plant (distributed process control), with easy integration with the pre-existing automation. PPT2013.01.01.07EN GT 3000 / GT 1100 IGBT based variable frequency drive with unmatched levels of adaptability SPDM (DC Converter) Power supply voltage: 230-950 VAC ±10% Frequency: from 45 to 65 Hz Output voltage: 400-950 VDC The high overload capacity and accurate speed/torque control make the SPDM an ideal converter in steel mills. The options and communication characteristics allow the critical processes to be monitored and kept under constant control. 23
  24. 24. Motors & Generators Induction machines  Power rating: − 150 ÷ 25,000 kW − 200 ÷ 33,000 HP  Voltage: − up to 15 kV  Mass: − 1,500 ÷ 120,000 kg  Number of poles: − 2 ÷ 36  Frame size: − 315 mm through 1120, 10, 11, 12, 13 Synchronous machines  Power rating: − 150 ÷ 45,000 kW − 200 ÷ 60,000 HP  Voltage: − up to 15 kV  Mass: − 1,500 ÷ 160,000 kg  Number of poles: − 2 ÷ 36  Frame size: − 450 mm through 1120, 10, 11, 12, 13 DC machines  Power rating: − 2 ÷ 6000 kW (@ 150 rpm in tandem)  Voltage: − up to 1000 V  Mass: − 100 ÷ 110,000 kg  Number of poles: − 2 ÷ 24  Frame size: − 80 mm ÷ 24 Since 1975 NIDEC ASI has installed more than 50,000 motors and generators in the world PPT2013.01.01.07EN 24
  25. 25. Partering With Experience 10 good reasons to choose NIDEC ASI • Considerable experience in marine applications • Tailor-made solutions • Standard modular components • System reliability • “In-house” technology • Single source supplier for electric power & propulsion systems • Full responsability from design to commissioning • Cost-effective solutions • Wide range of propulsion systems • Worldwide Customer Service and Support PPT2013.01.01.07EN 25