Driving World Class Sales Excellence Brochure V 6.0


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Increase SALES capacity and put
people and resources in the right place
doing the RIGHT things!
Achieving and sustaining profitable, predictable, persistent sales revenue growth requires more than training your sales team. It requires a balanced approach to developing capability and increasing sales capacity with real-world solution that help your team and your organization.

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Driving World Class Sales Excellence Brochure V 6.0

  1. 1. In Partnership with: Expanding Learning & Performance Register Increase capacity and put NOW! people and resources in the right place Seats are limited doing the things!Driving World-Class Sales ExcellenceBuilding highly e ective sales teams that get results 20 - 21 October 2009 Sheraton Amman Al Nabil Hotel & Towers Amman - Jordan[ In Collaboration with: ] www.ASTD.OptimizaAcademy.com
  2. 2. Driving World-Class Sales Excellence[About ASTD] ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals. ASTD’s members come from more than 100 countries and connect locally in 134 U.S. chapters, 26 Global Networks, and 12 Global Partners. Members work in thousands of organiza- tions of all sizes, in government, as independent consultants, and suppliers. ASTD started in 1943. In recent years, ASTD has widened the profession’s focus to link learning and performance to individual and organizational results, and is a sought- after voice on critical public policy issues. For more information, visit www.astd.org. ASTD believes the most consistent advantage for business and for individual employ- ees is the ability to increase knowledge and skills, and perform more efficiently and effectively than the competition. For example, to help learning professionals under- stand the knowledge and skills that are needed for success, ASTD manages and supports standards for the Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) profession.[Facilitator] Brian Lambert , Ph.D. Director, ASTD Sales Training Drivers Brian Lambert is the Director of Sales Training Drivers for the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). He is responsible for creating content, tools, and resources that help individuals design and deliver more effective sales training, imple- ment sales talent management strategies, develop sales leadership programs, improve the ROI of sales training initiatives, and improve overall salesperson perfor- mance within their own organizations. Brian leads the global sales research agenda and sales competency modeling initiative for ASTD while managing sales content, product-development, and events to help individuals and organizations attain perfor- mance goals with their sales teams. Brian has fifteen years of experience in all facets of sales, sales management, and sales training and he is an internationally recognized expert on transforming sales team systems, processes, and people through learning. His work has taken him to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America and he has worked with major corporations such as France Telecom, Hewlett Packard Company, EMC/ Microsoft, and Harris. Brian has authored four books on professional selling, including World-Class Selling: New Sales Competencies and 10 Steps to Successful Sales published by ASTD Press. He has been recognized by Sales & Marketing Management Magazine as one of the most influential people in professional selling and received winner’s circle awards for sales performance and Air Force medals for effective leadership. Before joining ASTD, Brian founded the United Professional Sales Association where he led the global effort to define sales competencies for high-performing sales people in complex and consultative selling environments. He was previously a sales perfor- mance consultant for Revenue Growth, Inc, where he helped engineer new hire training programs, sales competency models, online learning strategies, and sales performance improvement initiatives. He has experience as a multi-million dollar quota-carrying sales professional and sales manager for several small- and large-sized organizations such as Dun & Bradstreet. He has a master’s of science degree in Human Resource and Information Resource Management from Central Michigan and a Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University where he studied exemplary sales performance. www.ASTD.OptimizaAcademy.com
  3. 3. Driving World-Class Sales Excellence[Two Day Workshop] Achieving and sustaining profitable, predictable, persistent sales revenue growth requires more than training your sales team. It requires a balanced approach to devel- oping capability and increasing sales capacity with real-world solutions that help your team and your organization: Build a rm foundation for sales excellence: Leveraging smart management science, you can organize and optimize your selling strategies to better enable sustained performance. Optimize the Sales Process: Building a flexible sales strategy designed for maximiz- ing profitable sales revenue. Build Sales Relationships: Increase the amount of valuable sales conversations that are relevant, timely, and in the right context for optimum buyer decision making. Leveraging Technology to Get Results: Using technology solutions that reinforce behaviors, leverage your team’s experience, and integrate smoothly with the processes and methodologies you’ve already developed. Driving Sustained Sales Performance: Protect key customers and guarantee execution of your sales revenue strategy with leaders who guide an opportunities, set sales strategies, and manage the entire selling system. Sales leaders must drive daily results in their sales organization. Not only that, but today’s sales leaders must identify relevant growth strategies and then align the organization to achieve those strategies. Unfortunately, many sales executives struggle with attaining set revenue goals, keeping the best talent, and continuously improving the sales organization to attain a competitive advantage. In any economy, the ability to bridge the gap between sales strategy and sales execution begins with an understanding of what it takes to really drive world-class sales excellence. Who should attend: Senior Managers engaged in Sales and Business Development who lead teams which are desired to be more effective, Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Trainers, Sales Consultants, and Sales Workplace Learning & Performance (WLP) In this highly interactive workshop participants will learn: The evolving world of selling Changing buyer expectations The 7 customer behavioral rules What customers want from salespeople The 7 key concepts for the new sales professional Case studies on sales excellence The levels of sales effectiveness and their role in competitive advantage Module 1: Building the Foundation with Sales Science Module 2: Unlocking the Sales Process Module 3: Building Sales Relationships Module 4: Leveraging Technology to Get Results Module 5: Driving Sustained Sales Performance For more detailed outlines, please visit the workshop ‘s website. www.ASTD.OptimizaAcademy.com www.ASTD.OptimizaAcademy.com
  4. 4. Driving World-Class Sales Excellence[About Optimiza Academy] OVERVIEW A subsidiary of Al-Faris National Investment Co. PLC (ASE:CEBC) – with headquarters in Amman, Jordan. OA specializes in B2B Learning and Human Performance improve- ment. Provides Talent Management solutions to public & private sectors in the MENA region, through the execution of result-based integrated solutions and consulting services in business, management & ICT domains. OFFERINGS Learning & Development (Business & Management, IT, Project Management & Finan- cial Skills) Performance Consulting Measurements & Reports (Mystery Shopping, Employee & Customer Satisfaction Surveys) Training Outsourcing EXPERTISE & TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS We design our solutions to meet each organization’s needs and strategic objectives, to be implemented by our large pool of qualified professional practitioners Our solutions are executed by high caliber professionals and managed as projects according to the best practices and standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) RESULTS ORIENTED Our projects aim to achieve clear, positive and measurable results through establishing constructive partnerships with the organizations willing to invest in their human capital. We ensure that all our projects are: Based on competencies Based on the client’s vision, mission, strategy and culture Measurable to guarantee highest Return on Investment (ROI)[Workshop Fees] Workshop Title If registered & paid If registered & paid on/or BEFORE September 17 on/or AFTER September 17 1 2-3 4 and above 1 2-3 4 and above Participant Participants Participants Participant Participants Participants Driving World-Class Sales Excellence USD USD USD USD USD USD Building highly effective sales teams 1’650 1’575 1’475 1’775 1’700 1’600 that get results JOD JOD JOD JOD JOD JOD 1’170 1’115 1’045 1’260 1’205 1’135 Each participant shall also receive: 1 year online access to ASTD/Sales Training Drivers Community (USD $99.00 ) Learn best practices, gain sales management insight, and ask the experts 100 sales management and sales coaching articles and tools covering every facet of sales team performance Seven tools you can use to develop the sales team (USD $99.00 Value) Valuable training manuals designed to help you increase customer satisfaction, mentor sales team members, align the sales process, conduct great sales meetings, coach sustained performance, deliver great training, and set sales strategy[Registration & Inquiries] register@OptimizaAcademy.com Tel: +962 6 5157193 Fax: +962 6 5157194 Mobile: +962 777 249818 www.ASTD.OptimizaAcademy.com