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The Confluence of Tech & Ops


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The integration of tech and operations has been revolutionary, driving a fast pace of change to the asset management business model. Tech no longer resides in its own silo, and business leaders are required to be technology proficient in order to succeed. Providing a critical lever for improving economics and increasing quality, technology is ever-present across nearly all operational functions, adding both opportunity and complexity to building the best business processes. How are asset management firms managing the complexity and change in the landscape?

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The Confluence of Tech & Ops

  1. 1. | | #WebinarWednesdays The Confluence of Tech & Ops April 11, 2018 | #WebinarWednesdays
  2. 2. | | #WebinarWednesdays MODERATOR: Brandon Anderson Relationship Executive DST Systems, Inc
  3. 3. | | #WebinarWednesdays  How has the landscape changed?  How are firms leveraging technology to manage operational change and complexity?  What does the future look like? Objectives
  4. 4. | | #WebinarWednesdays Michael Woodall Chief of Operations Putnam Investments Chris Keller Chief Operating Officer Harris Associates Don Hunt Director BlackRock MEET THE PANEL
  5. 5. | | #WebinarWednesdays Evolution of Change in Tech & Ops
  6. 6. | | #WebinarWednesdays Confluence – Where Opportunities and Solutions Meet Artificial Intelligence Robotics/RPA Business Process Modelling Machine Learning Quality Efficiency Cost
  7. 7. | | #WebinarWednesdays Thoughts on Managing Risk
  8. 8. | | #WebinarWednesdays Customers and Technology
  9. 9. | | #WebinarWednesdays What’s Next?
  10. 10. Q&AQUESTIONS & ANSWERS SESSION | #WebinarWednesdays
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