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La semillapr portfolio-websitever


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La semillapr portfolio-websitever

  1. 1. San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico
  2. 2. Organic Ecological Teaching Farm Green Building Design Center Animal Husbandry Center Community Composting Center Community Gardens Living Pharmacy Medicinal Gardens Ecological Living Ambassador Trainings Regenerative Living Interactive ToursInternational Ecological Agriculture Community Development Immersion Program Farmer-to-Farmer Technical Training ProgramRegenerative Living Community Workshop Series
  3. 3. ~ Organic Ecological Teaching Farm ~ The Farm at La Semilla seeks to model and investigate current approaches to organic and ecological agriculture. It will host Community Workshops and Farmer-to- Farmer Training Series to disseminate and explore the applicability of such models within the San Jose del Cabo community. ~ From the farm fields and the chicken coop… To the kitchen table! ~
  4. 4. ~ Eco-Dwellings Living Structures ~ Educational Green Building Design demonstrationsites in La Semilla’s Land Use Plan will be constructed placing special emphasis on creative, practical and simple-to-learn technologies designed to source low-cost or locally-available materials.
  5. 5. La Semilla is an exploration into the ways in which animals canbe integrated into the farm system for self-sufficiency and foodproduction. It disseminates successful models, technologies andlearning processes through the Community Children’sEducation Programs. The Animal Husbandry Center will also promote home-scalefood production through an Animal Adoption CaretakingProgram where families interested In becoming self-sufficient inmilk, meat, egg or fiber production can adopt an animal from LaSemilla and enroll in a Caretaking Training program to learn allthey need to know about taking care of the animal in the home.
  6. 6. participants in staff in the medicinal and TEACH  PRODUCE TRAIN  the therapeutic preparation aromatic plants management and dosage of with the and cultivation tinctures, philosophy of a of medicinal ointments, living pharmacy.  plants.  gels and syrups. 
  7. 7. ~ Ecological Living Ambassador Trainings ~Intensives meant to provide immersive, hands-onEcological Living Training, introducing students aged12-25 to sustainable living techniques and approachesthat they, as Ecological Ambassadors, can incorporateinto their home life and bring back to their respectiveschools and communities.
  8. 8. Regenerative Living Interactive Tours La Semilla’s Interactive Tours take groups of students, families andprofessionals on immersive tours of La Semilla’s wildestuary floodplain to learn through all senses about their native environment and how it functions. This tour also introduces visitors to La Semilla’s Regenerative Living Demonstration Sites engaging them in interactive, hands-onworkshops throughout their experience.
  9. 9. ~ International Ecological Agriculture Community Development Immersion Program ~ Students from around the world are given the opportunity to engage in an immersive, project-based study experience in Applied Sustainability Studies. Interested and qualified students will be given a hands-on experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of a community development project with collaborative guidance and assistance from La Semilla’s technical team within the following Immersion Concentrations: ORGANIC ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE PERMACULTURE GREEN BUILDING ECOLOGICAL FOREST GARDENING CHILDREN’S ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION
  10. 10. ~ Regenerative Living Community Workshop Series ~ La Semilla is a gathering point for educators, students, families, and technical professionals to offer their skills, knowledge, experiences and visions to the collectivemanifestation of an Educational Center that speaks directly to the needs of San Jose del Cabo and our times… NUTRITION GARDEN ECOLOGY URBAN GARDENING AGROFORESTRY GREEN ARCHITECTURE
  11. 11. • Community Mapping Project Development 2010 • Organic Ecological Teaching Farm Establishment • Community Gardens Establishment • Green Building Center Establishment • Non-Profit Status Established • Community Committee Establishment • Fundraising Campaign Non-Profit Development2011 • Early Continuing Education Program Development • Living Pharmacy Establishment • Early Continuing Education Program Pilot Development • Continued Fundraising Non-Profit Development • Composting Center Establishment2012 • Green Building Animal Husbandry Center Development • Ecological Forest Gardens Establishment • Coordinated Multiple-Farm CSA Program Development • Edible School Garden Program Development • Regional Seed Saving Operation Educational Program Development2013 • Continued Fundraising Non-Profit Development