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Niki Nikolaou Elena Pilavaki Yorgos Tryfonos


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Published in: Sports, Automotive
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Niki Nikolaou Elena Pilavaki Yorgos Tryfonos

  1. 1. MAIN ACTIVITIES SECONDARY ACTIVITIES -Car Parking PARKING -Bike Parking - Sitting Places -Baby Parking -Park & Ride - Parkour - Baggy Jumping -Reading Room Break Time -Café -Restaurant -Public Kitchen (self service) - Skateboarding -Digital Games -Motel - Cycling -Gym - Juggling -Pool -Elderly Group -Cinema Club Leisure -Car Club - Watching -Graffiti Club -Club -Event: - seasonal -Climbing - multifunctional space -Research team (observationspaceWork and statistical study of the city) -Offices -Conference room