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Happy Home Office

We have all discovered the upsides of homeworking in these Corona times, but also the downsides such as children and pets asking for your attention, lack of social connection with your collegues, no teambuilding, no corporate events, ... Mental health could become a serious problem and that's why we come up with a menu of corporate proposals to keep your employees safe, healthy, connected and most of all happy. The Happy Home Office by BUTIK & Tattoo You

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Happy Home Office

  2. 2. Happy Home Office is as an online happiness management tool to keep your employees safe and sound. We’ll guide you through taking care of them from a distance.
  4. 4. In these intense times brands and employees are obliged to work from home: everyone is challenged to work together more effectively than ever. But what about coffee breaks? Social contact? Lunch provided at work? What about the kids and the private life and work balance when everyone is on WhatsApp day and night? How about workshops and birthday treats?
  5. 5. Happy Home Office supports your employees continuously just like you support them at the office. We ensure that taking care of your employees as a brand feels like one continued and branded gesture. Happy, focused, energized and collaborative employees are the start of a balanced future. By using bright and uplifting branding and copy Happy Home Office makes all things sent and shared feel like gifts.
  6. 6. We provide your employees with personalized and branded content, courses, support, gifts and care by focusing on four pillars.
  7. 7. food AND drinks The health of your employees is more important than anything. Not only in these intense times but everyday. By eating healthy and finding a balanced way to treat yourself to moments to fully indulge you keep your energy levels high and focus levels up.
  8. 8. breakfast delivery box (pancakes for the weekend! Healthy granola for busy mornings), coffee / tea making set with professional tools, branded chocolate as a 4pm snack, a branded notebook meal planner, a box of fresh organic fruits delivered weekly. online coffee class using the tools we sent hosted by a barista, we’ll send out the birthday or newborn treats for your employees, recipes. OFFLINE ONLINE food AND drinks
  9. 9. food AND drinks
  10. 10. FUN It’s hard to find a balance between work and private life when working from home. Since your employees can’t go to the PingPong table in the hallway at work here are some of our solutions for them to feel relaxed.
  11. 11. a diy cocktail box, a branded card-dek, the ultimate board games pack. a afterwork drink and/or kids challenge, birthday cakes, a or subscription. OFFLINE FUN ONLINE
  12. 12. FUN
  13. 13. WELLBEING Working together in a team means constant connection and the feel of togetherness. Let’s not forget that whilst working at home. Let’s keep moving, mentally as well as physically, together!
  14. 14. WELLBEING let’s make some branded sports outfits, send an air infuser with some essential oils to set the focused mood, a voucher for buying books. guided meditation, yoga or breathing exercises, a subscription to apps like . OFFLINE ONLINE
  15. 15. WELLBEING
  16. 16. WORK Since we believe that when investing in the three pillars above your employees work more effectively and efficiently this is our last pillar. To increase their productivity even more we’re here with some professional support.
  17. 17. WORK personal branded notepads and post-its, a noice cancelling headset, branded comfy clothing to work from home, supporting pillows for their home office chair, a branded coffee mug saying ‘we miss you’, a gift pack for your employees workplace including things to bring their home office to a higher and more productive level. tips for online apps like and tools to use, workshops and courses, coffee break dating. OFFLINE ONLINE
  18. 18. WORK
  19. 19. Happy Home Office is an online tool for companies to keep their employees safe, healthy, happy and connected whilst working from home.
  20. 20. Next steps for employees? 1. Let’s have a chat and determine your needs 2. Pick your menu with our questionnaire 3. We make an offer and a program 4. We are all happy
  21. 21. how many people does your business hold? SMALL (5-10 people) MEDIUM (10-25 people) LARGE (25-50 people) X LARGE (50-100 people) XX LARGE (100+ people)
  22. 22. where's the main focus of your support? offline online on- and offline
  23. 23. how frequently do you want to give your employees home office support? 1/week 2/week 4/week 6/week
  24. 24. Home Office will provide you a proposal filled with personal ideas and content fit to your employees and brand!