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Butik happy summer 2020

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Butik happy summer 2020

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Let us give you a preview of our summer 2020 ideas. It will be an unusual summer yet brands can take up a big role in making it an unforgettable summer.

Let us give you a preview of our summer 2020 ideas. It will be an unusual summer yet brands can take up a big role in making it an unforgettable summer.


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Butik happy summer 2020

  2. 2. Creating SMILES is a moral duty, especially in Corona recovery times
  3. 3. BUTIK’s Corona Smiles checklist Safeness1 Wellness2 Togetherness3 Supportiveness4
  4. 4. More than ever … BRAND SALIENCE To bring your brand into the conversation And create influence in a non commercial way on consumer decision making To attract the loyalty switchers with bespoke distinctiveness Source: How brands
  5. 5. Before Corona BRAND SALIENCE was mainly created by (LIVE) BRAND EXPERIENCE
  6. 6. 2020 The breakthrough of “digital replacing physical” fun experiencesONLINE APERO ONLINE SPORTS ONLINE PARTY ONLINE TV SHOWS
  7. 7. But nothing beats the real world where you feel the energy of the experience
  8. 8. No worries, there will be an after
  9. 9. But it will be another social distance world
  10. 10. Physical contact will never be
  11. 11. we will extend our #staycation in local community, nature & urban You are not alone
  12. 12. Source: Steven Van Belleghem We need mental health treatments
  13. 13. We are moving towards… REAL, DEEP & SELECTIVE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS
  14. 14. It all started with that one person: Your Corona buddy
  15. 15. Looking forward to get outside, but in small groups Source: But everyone is looking forward to ‘returning’ to the new normal 11
  16. 16. From digital to phygital for close friends Smiles over likes Friends over followers Kisses over X’s Emotions over emoji’s Conversation over comments We are ready We are together A true bond Connected through spirit No shallowness, no time for the superficial We don’t need you We need us This is real, this is the original We are the original We are… the sixpack
  17. 17. Resulting in brand experience revisited
  18. 18. The renewed 2020 Brand Experience Immersive E-mmersive Cost efficient Small groups without physical 1-1 contact Respect for the privacy & law At home Cost efficient Small groups with physical 1-1 contact Respect for social distancing & cleanliness Out of home
  19. 19. Forget your marketing agenda Follow the agenda of the Corona crisis
  21. 21. The phases synchronise with the search for meaning pyramid PHYSICAL HEALTH HAPPINESS MEANING CORONA PEAK CORONA RECOVERY POST CORONA Adapt the brand experience according to the needs of the individual during the health crisis. 1 2 3
  22. 22. Create a positive and happy vibe during summer
  23. 23. Human yet bespoke brand experiences 1 Safeness: small & smart brand experiences 2 3 Wellness: good vibes for mental health Togetherness: Interact with small intimate groups and inspire them “to do” 4 Supportiveness: Be the helping hand and brand
  24. 24. At home with friends Out of home with friends
  25. 25. 1 At home with friends
  26. 26. Indirect sampling opportuni ty
  27. 27. House Party Truck
  28. 28. STAYCATION experiences
  29. 29. Win your caravan for a vacation at home with great experiences from brands and content such as concert, home cinema, …
  30. 30. Artists playing on balconies with great experiences from brands and performances
  31. 31. Events at home real event experiences
  32. 32. Rent a bartender
  33. 33. Rent a mobile tap
  34. 34. 2 Out of home with friends
  35. 35. Belgians will spend their holiday in the own country, even in their own environment and no events will be allowed. This means they will look for activities in their proximity. Brands can take up the role to entertain the people and make them happy. Summer of 2020 will be unusual
  36. 36. Consumers Brands Organisations We create a platform
  37. 37. These proximity brand activations can only be allowed with the following rules: 1. Physical distancing in all non private activaties 2. Tracking & logging (public app) 3. Hand hygiene 4. Mouth masks for personnel 5. Temperature scan 6. Capacity control  queeing Proximity brand activations
  38. 38. Bring joy in the streets
  39. 39. Create activities in the city
  40. 40. The desire for activities in the city
  41. 41. Entertain the city
  42. 42. E-sports tournaments
  43. 43. Balcony concert s
  44. 44. Drive in movie
  45. 45. Cycle in movie
  46. 46. Drive in Feesje in den Otto
  47. 47. Smart & Small Distinctive activations Why not officially re-open the benches in the city with sampling?
  48. 48. Target them with Smart & Small Summer samplings
  49. 49. From digital to mobile aperoLike an ice cream cart driving through the streets And stopping in the parcs We look for friend groups We sell / sample mocktails With a routing and planning that we communicate.
  50. 50. Terrace extensions for local horeca with limited capacity In public spaces we install extra chairs and tables with Deliveroo for food, great experiences from brands and content such as concert,
  51. 51. Door to door sampling
  52. 52. Innovation in execution CONSUMERS LOOK TO BE PROTECTED, IN BOTH A REACTIVE AND PROACTIVE WAY Not all of this is good for the environment CONSUMERS ARE LOOKING FOR PROTECTION PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE • A huge interest in building up immune systems WATCH OUT : CONSUMERS RESORT TO PLASTIC AS PREVENTATIVE MEASURE … AND WILL HAVE A LONG LASTING IMPACT ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Users increased use of online payment, less cash *data for PhonePe, UPI app in India • Limited capacity • Social distancing • Contactless Culture • Etiquette • Cleanliness • Untouched by human hands IMPACT ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Users increased use of online payment, less cash *data for PhonePe, UPI app in India
  53. 53. Safe screens
  54. 54. Care for youth organisations Small event partnerships Utilities sponsorship: • Thermometer • Heat meters • Handgels Product sponsorship: