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TV Drama Research


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TV Drama Research

  2. 2. NARRATIVE • Coronation Street is a British soap opera-themed TV drama featuring a complex multi-strand narrative that shows us the events that occur in a small town • The conflicts between people and events are dramatized greatly • It keeps the viewer watching by conjuring up dramatic events and tragic plots have resulted in the death of many characters throughout the series
  3. 3. EXAMPLE • Events are often so highly dramatized that the viewers feel agitated towards the character’s choice of actions! Extreme events in 2015 lead to the accidental murder of character Callum Logan (a criminal drug dealer) by young couple David and Kylie – who instead of notifying the police (which would have been the sensible option if such situation occurred in real life), hid the body under their floorboards in their house • The narrative continues, and we are left only to wonder just how much time it will be before they are discovered and their lives are turned upside down once again (the couple have already experienced problems involving drugs etc.)
  4. 4. SETTING • The events often occur in the homes of the characters, on the streets and shops where characters work and in the famous ‘Rovers Return’ pub (relates to iconography) • This somewhat reflects realism as it is typical of people these ages (Coronation Street features mostly adults- seniors’ affairs) to socialise in the pub and work at restaurants, hair salons and cafes etc.
  5. 5. THEMES/ISSUES • The issues featured within this soap drama are real-life issues that some viewers may have experienced – this makes it somewhat relatable for the viewer • Often more dramatic plots are used to engage the viewer’s attention, for example there have been several house fires that have resulted in the • It also features more common relationship issues such as affairs and cheating, exploring the character’s mental breakdowns • Alcoholism is a reoccurring theme that we witness as a characters drown their sorrows – this could have an influence on the audience and promote excessive drinking as acceptable, and therefore it is evident that this soap opera is for more mature audiences
  6. 6. CHARACTERS • Coronation Street features a rather broad range of characters in terms of age (including children who are affected by the actions of their unstable parents), ethnicity, and sexuality (often exploring homosexual relationships in an equal way to heterosexuals) • For example Tracy Barlow, a ludicrously manipulative woman who connives to spoil others’ happiness – I would say that her character is rather exaggerated, however she is a great addition to the entertainment provided by this soap opera • As a long running character like others featured in this extremely long series, her character has lots of development and has been involved in numerous scandalous events and so viewers can almost get to know her • It features real life issues such as the underage pregnancy of young teenager Faye. Aged 13, I find this story to be highly controversial, and rather exploits this stereotype – although as among the viewers of the program there are many parents, this could be a warning to parents to make watch over their children more carefully
  7. 7. CHARACTERS PT. 2 • Features different characters with disabilities e.g. Izzy; a wheelchair user, and Alex who has Down’s Syndrome • Despite being quite minor characters, Izzy has been involved in big drama on the streets • Liam’s appearance particularly was considered a break through for those like him as he was able to feature on a large scale, highly popular program • People aren’t used to seeing those like Izzy and Liam as they may be seen as incapable or inferior within society, but these two characters prove that they are just like others and therefore healthily promotes the involvement of those who are less fortunate
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE • Due to the characters and mature themes (that are more relatable to adults), I would say that the target audience for Coronation Street is mostly adults and women who typically enjoy drama more than men, aged around 35- 55 years • However as the show is usually aired from 7-9pm, swearing or overtly inappropriate content is avoided as there are likely to be some younger children watching with their parents
  9. 9. CAMERAWORK • The use of a POV shot is effective in portraying the “burial” scene of character Callum The camera looks up from in the ditch that Kylie and David (as pictured) are to hide the body in The low angle represents them as having some amount of malicious power, and their bold actions would indicate so, however we can see through their worried facial expressions that they are unsure of their decision – this causes them mental troubles
  10. 10. MISE EN SCENE • The use of mise en scene is used often and effectively to enhance the realism of accident victims • The use of make-up here to provide visual proof of character Todd’s injuries really makes the scene look realistic
  11. 11. SOUND • Coronation Street’s theme tune is a simple, traditional tune that is memorable for viewers and portrays the atmosphere of every day life on the cobbles • It is used between advertisement breaks, often when a dramatic scene is in the midst so that the audience is made to wait and must continue watching next time to find out what happens
  12. 12. EDITING • Fade transitions are used to switch between shots (of different areas of Coronation Street) in the short clip that is always shown before and after the break; to remind us of the setting and draw us in • These soft transitions are used to represent normality (and almost create a calm atmosphere that contrasts against the drama that we are then usually brought into) to create realism