Mount Amiata and the river Savio


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Mount Amiata and the river Savio

  1. 1. Mount Amiata and the River SAVIO Primary School L. Santucci-Castel del Piano (Gr)Professional Institute Versari Iris - Cesena
  2. 2. From where we started?
  3. 3. Analysis of the environments of origin Focus on the health of Mount Amiata to Castel del Piano and the park of the Savio River to CesenaGuided tours Dating"special" Collection of pictures Drawing pictures Informative texts - interviews
  4. 4. GUIDED TOURSMount Amiata the old mercury mines Abbadia San Salvatore RIVER SAVIO Arcidosso, a ring of settlements in the at the park, the river countries of Mount Savio Amiata
  5. 5. Asynchronous sharing of documents in Moodle
  6. 6. Gli incontri "speciali"MOUNT AMIATA RIVER SAVIO The leaders of the The guards of the Forest Consortium ecological park of the Amiata river Savio
  7. 7. Synchronous sharing of experience in video conferencing
  8. 8. INTERVIEWS AND BillboardsMOUNT AMIATA RIVER SAVIO From mechanical Castel ... the 4 posters that del Piano about oils ... explain the situation of the flora and fauna.
  9. 9. CONTEMPORARY sharing the experience and theconclusions we reached in AVATAR
  10. 10. RESULTS "materials"Files of different types: jpg, png, But what we doc, pdf need? mp3, avi James has specialized in construction Avatar. It s so busy, who do not even bother to go with the avatar of the teacher!
  11. 11. The country of Arcidosso, on Mount Amiata, revisited through the eyes of children Practical realization in the 3D world1. Castel del Piano and Arcidosso revisited from the eyes of children, the "plastic"of Mount Amiata rebuilt in small, but with NASA satellite scans thanks to Luca Galletti2. The river Savio inserted in the center between the two countries of the friend with a prim of the students in Cesena.3. The park Savio with plants typical of this environment, which combines "ideally " the two schools of distant
  12. 12. A QUESTO PUNTO... Il paese di Castel del Piano, di lato a quella che diventerà la valle del fiume SavioIncontri nella realtà virtuale per ricostruirela realtà vissuta con definizione di cosa sipuò fare per salvaguardare il nostroambientesi è deciso che gli alunni entrano uno allavolta coi gli avatar dei docenti
  13. 13. Where are we coming? The waterfall from which would rise the river Savio, namesake of the park, located in the Romagna Cesena.
  14. 14. RELAPSE IS ESSENTIAL TO THE FACT THAT WE LIVE EACH DAYConstruction of a bill of rights or theenvironment called "friendship" betweenus and our region which will then beplaced together on Avatar, rebuilt in theterritory during a final meeting.
  15. 15. CREDITSDesign and development of the entire project AVATARGioachino Colombrita, Nicoletta FarmeschiExperimental teachingMount Amiata RIVER PARK AND SAVIOAVATAR PROJECTPresentation developed byGoogleDocsby Nicoletta Farmeschi, thanks to the harvest with Gioachino ColombritaMount Amiata and the Park River Savio is licensed under a Creative CommonsAttribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Italy License.Permissions beyond the scope of this license May be available at