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Unifying Themes of Biology


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Unifying Themes of Biology

  1. 1. Nicolle A. Rosa-Mercado General Biology Prof. Eneida Diaz, PhD. June 8, 2012 Theme Explanation Some great examples of an emergent property are the jellyfish that live in Jellyfish Lake, which is located in Palau. These jellyfishes lost the New Properties Emerge at Each need for defending themselves because of the Level in the Biological Hierarchy lack of predators in the lake, so they do not sting at all. Due to emergent properties these jellyfish have become harmless and great snorkeling views. This concept may be explained with the life of Organisms Interact with Other honey bees. Bees need nectar to make honey, Organisms and the Physical but in the process they pollinate flowers that Environment provide food for humans. Organisms depend on each other’s interaction for their survival. Our digestive process resumes this concept perfectly. When we eat we are transferring aLife Requires Energy Transfers and form of energy, or calories, into our bodies. Our Transformations stomach absorbs the energy our body needs and gets rid of the rest. Structure and Function Are A hummingbird’s beak is perfectly structured Correlated at All Levels of so it can easily suck the nectar out of different Biological Organization flowers. The cell contains all the genetic material that instructs how an organism is going to be The Cell is an Organism’s Basic structured. An example of this is the unicellular Unit of Structure and Function archaea. Their DNA enables them to survive extreme temperatures. Thanks to the genes we have inherited fromThe Continuity of Life Is Based on our parents, we are able to have the qualitiesHeritable Information in the Form of necessary to survive. If it werent for the DNA DNA we have inherited we might not be able to continue procreating. A perfect example for this theme is sweating. The body uses sweat as a way to regulate Feedback Mechanisms Regulate temperature. Once it is regulated, the sweating Biological Systems stops. Sweat is an example of negative feedback.
  2. 2. Theme Explanation The concept of evolution may be explained with the fact that a grasshopper’s flightEvolution, the Overarching Theme muscles are asynchronous, which are is a of Biology primitive and simple design, while the fruit fly’s flight muscles are synchronous, meaning that they are more complex.