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Rise reflexion essay

  1. 1. UPR Cayey Summer 2012: My Growth as a Young Scientist BIOL. 3095-140Prof. Elena González & Prof. Eneida Díaz September 28, 2012
  2. 2. During my summer experience in the Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE)Program, I greatly improved my scientific skills. The program allowed me to interact with otheryoung scientists with interests similar to my own. Through this summer bridge I learned several labtechniques which I was not familiar with. It also enhanced my interest in other branches of Biology.The RISE Program was a unique experience that gave me more certainty of my passion for Biology. The General Biology course and the Biology Laboratory helped me acquire new knowledge andlearn new laboratory skills. This knowledge will be extremely useful throughout my academic life.The summer bridge made me develop analytic skills that now allow me to state hypothesis anddevelop proposals, such as the one that I did for the laboratory presentation. It introduced me toprocedures such as SDS-PAGE and explained me how they were done and why they were useful.After taking this course I feel very confident with my scientific knowledge and my scientific skills. In the course, I had to write a research proposal stating an innovating solution to a currentscientific problem. This made me analyze the current problems in the different fields of biology. AsI wrote my proposal, I noticed how much my scientific vocabulary had improved after only severalweeks taking the course. For my proposal I had to analyze the scientific problem and state severalpossible hypothesis for it. This experience definitely helped me grow as a young scientist due to thefact that it gave me the ability to recognize a problem and come up with possible solutions for it. In the RISE Summer Bridge I had the opportunity of going on two field trips, one to the GuanicaState Forest and the other to the Caribbean National Forest, or “El Yunque”. In these field trips Ilearned about botany, ecology, and zoology. This experience helped me appreciate other brancheswithin biology. It gave me understanding about how the communities within these ecosystems relateto one another. A good scientist must have some knowledge about every branch within his field. My experience as a part of the RISE Summer Bridge 2012 was essential to my academicgrowth. It gave me the tools and knowledge to become a better scientist. I have been able to becomemore familiar with my field of interest. The laboratory techniques that I learned during the summer
  3. 3. will help me throughout my career as an investigator. The RISE program was a great opportunity toexpand my view of biology.