My ideal home


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this is my ideal home .. the house of my dreams

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My ideal home

  1. 1. Fernanda Nicole Vintimilla Vizhñay
  2. 2. Here were are in my ideal home. It’s simplebut elegant and is in Miami.It’s has four bedrooms. My mother is thebiggest but mine is very nice and the othersbedrooms are for guests.There are a kitchen , two bathroom , a livingroom and a very big garden .
  3. 3. My mum is in the garden reading hisfavourite book “” and shesaid that is should also see itbecouse I could use.I’m in my bedroom listening to musicin my laptop
  4. 4. My favourite room is the living roombecouse spend much time apart frommy bedroom.In there are many things i like and thedecoration is perfect. I love it !
  5. 5. This is my ideal home . The house ofmy dreams and is just perfect.