Expanding the media professional’s social media toolbox


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Learn more about five underappreciated tools available on the social web that you can put to work for yourself today,

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  • Expanding the media professional’s social media toolbox

    1. 1. Expanding the media professional’s social media toolbox Nicole VargasBlogger/Digital Media Consultant | MultimediaMomma 1
    2. 2. What social media can do for you  Promote content &  News & information drive traffic publishing  Open dialogue with  Blog & website target community integration  Research & news  Build a network gathering  Establish a personal  Crowdsourcing & brand building a community of resources From Teaching Social Media, mashable.com 11
    3. 3. A journalist’s new toolboxMedia professionals know social media can bea valuable tool in today’s world.But is the average media professional using allof the tools available to their full extent? 5
    4. 4. Five underappreciated toolson the social web1. Google Alerts2. Twitter Search3. Facebook Page4. Bit.ly5. Tweetdeck, HootSuite or Seesmic 5
    5. 5. Best of social mediaGoogle Alerts • Free service • Updates of latest relevant Google results • You select frequency of alerts • You select terms • Consider: • Keywords from your beat or topic of interest • Your name! 5
    6. 6. Best of social mediaTwitter Search• Free service• search.twitter.com• “Every public update ... instantly indexed and made discoverable via ... real-time search.”• Use “Advanced Search”• Don’t ignore places and dates! • Isolated search by city and/or zip to gauge target public sentiment 5
    7. 7. Best of social mediaFacebook Page• Free service• Must first create a Facebook profile• Allows media pros to maintain “public” personality, brand self• Custom content• Engage with audience• Makes media pros that much more accessible • Update! New look makes pages more like profiles (2/10/2011) 5
    8. 8. Best of social mediaBit.ly • Free service • URL shortening PLUS analytics • Makes you content easier to share • Allows you to see impact and reach of your content • Allows user to focus energy on highest ROI 5
    9. 9. Best of social mediaTweetdeck,HootSuite orSeesmic• Free service (web vs. desktop)• Manage multiple applications, schedule posts!• One post can be fed to multiple profiles with one click• Competition = new features and functions added regularly 5
    10. 10. Best of social mediaBlogs, forums,discussionboards, onlinecommunities &the commentsection underyour own posts! • Readers don’t always come directly to you! • Encourage conversation, cultivate relationships • Give without intention of getting something in return 5
    11. 11. Social media is part of our livesThe challenge isharnessing whatthe web has tooffer and makeit work for you.Want to learn more?All this and more will be covered in Beginning and Advance Social Media, part ofSDSU’s Certificate in Digital and Social Media. Visit sdsudigimedia.org for more info. 5