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Clsoing the funding gap for women SMEs


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Slides from a presentation I gave at SMO on Friday March 6th, 2015 at the conference "The Power of Entrepreneurial Women Worldwide".

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Clsoing the funding gap for women SMEs

  1. 1. Investing in women SME’s Overcoming barriers to close the funding gap Nicolette Loonen SMO – Rotterdam - 6 March 2015
  2. 2. Entrepreneurial women drive wealth • 224 million women entrepreneurs in 67 economies (GEM, 2012) • Women entrepreneurs boost global wealth • Fastest growing group of entrepreneurs • Higher & more stable financial returns • Bigger social impact • Value driven • Invest in their community
  3. 3. Access to capital hurdle for women • 70% of women-owned SMEs are unserved or underserved by financial institutions (IFC) • Estimated funding gap USD 320 billion (IFC & McKinsey) Mismatch demand & supply
  4. 4. Challenges for women SME’s • Different view on growth • Lower self-assesment of capabilities • Pitch their business in ‘a different language’ • Unfamiliar with financial jargon • Do it yourself mentality • Undercapitalized • Cultural and legal constraints • Traditional gender roles
  5. 5. Challenges for investors • Bias • No holistic approach • Gender not identified as an opportunity • Not many female business angels • Focus on start ups
  6. 6. What can be done? Women entrepreneurs • Look for alternatives • Step out of your comfort zone • Talk to rolemodels • Delegate • Make use of resources • Don’t wait too long
  7. 7. What can be done? Investors/financial institutions • Look at portfolio from a gender perspective • Be transparant • Be patient • Look for opportunities in different areas • Expand your network
  8. 8. What can be done? Government • Support female business angel networks • Support initiatives that focus on acces to capital for women SMEs • Increase visibility of rolemodels • Don’t forget the men
  9. 9. Interested to talk about this topic? Contact me at: +31 - 6 532 88 506 Twitter: @veracommunity Facebook: VERA Community Link to publication: “De economische kracht van de ondernemende vrouw”: publicatie-de-economische-kracht-van-de- ondernemende-vrouw/