NSCS September Meeting Powerpoint


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Powerpoint from the First Meeting

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NSCS September Meeting Powerpoint

  1. 1. National Society of Collegiate Scholars Welcome Meeting September 9, 2013
  2. 2. ● Jessica Beadle ● Junior ● Biological Sciences Major ● Psychology Minor Fun Fact: Currently working towards my SCUBA certification NSCS President udNSCSpresident@gmail.com
  3. 3. ● Email List - If you or someone you know has not received an email with the meeting schedule, send an email to udNSCSpresident@gmail.com to be put on the mailing list General Information
  4. 4. NSCS Vice President ● Morgan Sagan ● Senior ● ETE Major ● Contact me at: msagan@udel.edu ● Fun Fact: I went on a European cruise this summer! {Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Turkey}
  5. 5. ● Who? ??? New Members! ● When? Sunday, October 20th @ 7pm ● Where? Trabant MPRs ● New Member pins will be distributed! ○ If you cannot attend induction, please email me so that I can reserve a pin for you! ● Email: msagan@udel.edu All you need to know about: Induction
  6. 6. ● Email: tyler.lefky@gmail.com ● Senior ● Political Science and Business Administration Major ● Fun Fact: I am studying abroad in Australia/ New Zealand this semester on a cruise. Boom Tyler Lefky VP of P.A.C.E
  7. 7. ● Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence ● We work with Delaware Futures in Wilmington ● Mentor Children in H.S and help them get to college ● Tuesday nights from 5-6 ● This will give you a lot of points and we will reimburse you for gas P.A.C.E
  8. 8. Eileen Murphy ● Accounting/Finance Major ● Junior ● e-mail me at udNSCStreasurer@gmail.com ● I’m studying abroad in Thailand and Australia this winter! NSCS Treasurer
  9. 9. T-Shirts
  10. 10. Gabrielle Perrotti Secretary udnscssecretary@gmail.com Senior Majors: Biology, Liberal Studies, and Anthropology Triple Major Interests: Longboarding, Surfing, Basketball, the Yankees and Bruce Springsteen Fun Fact: I want to be an astronaut. PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAMES NEATLY WHEN YOU SIGN IN!! (I have to read your signatures in order to give you points for attendance – please make my life easier )☺
  11. 11. Points?!? Every Meeting = 1 point Every hour of Service through NSCS = 2 points (No limit) Every hour of Outside Service = 1 point (Max. 25 hours) Ink Cartridges = 1 point Old Electronics = Various Points Fundraisers TBA = 2-6 Points for Donations
  12. 12. → YOU NEED ← 25 POINTS . . . to be eligible to wear a cord at graduation (you must buy the cord yourself)** 50 POINTS . . . (by the time of graduation) to earn a FREE CORD for graduation**
  13. 13. **Active Members** In order to wear a cord you must be an ACTIVE MEMBER in NSCS. Active member means: 1. Attending at least 2 meetings per semester 2. Performing at least 3 hours of service through NSCS per semester If you are not an active member and have: 50 or more points you must buy your own cord→ Less than 50 points you cannot buy/wear a cord→
  14. 14. Vice President of Public RelationsNicole Sullivan Junior MASS Communications Major with Advertising and Journalism Minors Lover of food, sleep, and sarcasm
  15. 15. VP OF PR ❏ Like our Facebook page! (The National Society of Collegiate Scholars at the University of Delaware) ❏ Follow us on Twitter! @NSCS_UD ❏ If you have any questions about directions for induction they are on the FB page under Events ❏ All meeting minutes will be found in the Notes section on FB as well as contact information under our ABOUT section
  16. 16. ● Junior ● Major: Human Services with a minor in sociology ● Interests: Figure skating, singing, photography, and being outside! ● Fun fact: I have studied abroad in Greece VP of Service Rachel Stern
  17. 17. ● Two service trips per month ○ A.I. DuPont ○ Delaware Food Bank ● Other main events ○ Relay For Life ○ UDance ● Email us! ○ NSCSserviceUD@gmail.com Sign up! sites.google.com Login: nscsud Password: nscsmember Click on the event on the left side and sign up! Service News
  18. 18. ● Email: samaral@udel.edu ● Junior ● Special and Elementary Education Major with an English Focus ● Three-year member of the University of Delaware Dance Team Samara Lobosco VP of Service
  19. 19. ● This summer Samara attended the National Summit in Houston, TX, representing our NSCS chapter. ● She attended seminars and listened to inspirational guest speakers including Jeremy Johnson, Daniel Hernandez, and Michael Dorsey ● She interacted and engaged with other NSCS Chapter officers from around the country ● She attended the Gala where our University of Delaware NSCS chapter received Gold Status (pictured with Adam Levenson) National Leadership Summit 2013
  20. 20. ● Thursday, July 24, 2014 - Sunday, July 27, 2014 ● ScholarCon is the "unconventional convention" that brings together the best and brightest of the nation's high achievers for 4 days of collaboration, innovation and celebration in Orlando, Florida. ● Choose from inspiring "Spark Sessions" designed to get you engaged, and interactive " ● “Innovation Stations" that will enable you to connect and learn in a whole new way, plus partners lounges, career partners, networking events and opportunities to just have fun! ● Email one of your officers if you are interested!!!
  21. 21. ● We received Gold Star for 2013-2014 School Year ● WE WANT A PLATINUM STAR! ● New officer position available - star status coordinator ○ makes sure we are fulfilling all of our requirements ○ puts together application packet due in May Interested?? come see us after the meeting or email udNSCSpresident@gmail.com Star Status Coordinator