Technology Professional Development


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Technology Professional Development

  1. 1. Nicole Flakes December 12, 2009 EA1135 Technology Organizational Chart Location Title or Job Name of Peron Role and  Description responsible Responsibilities District Level Superintendent of Terry Grier Responsible for Schools ensuring the implementation of curriculum as mandated by the State Board of Education. District Level Chief Academic Officer Thelma Garza The role of the chief academic officer is to oversee the correct implementation of the curriculum. As technology is part of our state goals he/she is to further ensure that technology is continuing in its efforts to meet the Long Range Plan for technology. Regional Regional Sam Sarabia Responsible for Level(smaller part Superintendent ensuring the of district) implementation of curriculum as mandated by the State Board of Education within the East region of HISD. Campus Principal Tonya Woods Responsible for ensuring educator preparation and technology infrastructure within the school. Responsible for modeling efficient use of technology as a means of communication. Monitors the use of technology in the
  2. 2. classroom through observation and teacher evaluation and surveys. Campus Level Master Technologist Carelton Bell Responsible for demonstrating effective use of technology integration in the classroom. Provides technical support to teachers in need. Provides access to the computer lab for mass technology training to students. Campus Level Educators Teachers Responsible for implementing the effective use of technology integration in the classroom. Models effective communication skills via technology use on computers, email, etc. Monitors the use of technology on campus by responding to relevant surveys. Campus Level Students Students Responsible for utilizing technology in the classroom as designed by his/her educational learder. Demonstrates effective communication skills via technology use on computers, email, etc.
  3. 3. Technology Professional Development Plan Professional Development Description/ Activity Purpose Presenter Location/Date/Time Steps  1. Review and To help teachers get a 1. Review and 1. Principal, Ms. Tonya Lewis Elementary analyze statistical better understanding of analyze data as Woods Multipurpose center data of campus our campus presented on the December 18, 2009 performance. weaknesses and campus AEIS strengths. Furthermore report. 8:00- 8:45am this will help drive 2. Teachers will instruction and aid to highlight devise a plan of action subgroups that are to combat weaknesses. not meeting standard 3. Teachers will discuss possible reasons for the weaknesses. 2. Teachers will Teachers will have the 1.Review Texas Master Technologist, Lewis Elementary review two opportunity to review STaR chart data. C. Bell Multipurpose center technology technology use on the Analyze if and December 18, 2009 surveys. One is campus as a whole. how technology is the Texas STaR In addition they will used on the 8:45- 9:15am Chart and the other be able to assess if campus. Is the is Project Speak this use of technology use sufficient for Up. or lack thereof is student growth? adding to the 2. Read national problems as findings as evidenced by the presented in AEIS report. project Speak Up. Surveys indicate that both teachers and students feel that the use of technology is aiding classroom achievement. 3. Review finding in the surveys as they relate to the desire that
  4. 4. students have for online learning opportunities. Teachers will The purpose of this 1.Read article Principal Ms. Tonya Lewis Elementary review an article portion of professional “Blogging and Woods/ C. Bell Multipurpose center about student development is to give RSS” December 18, 2009 interest in teacher ideas of how 2. Discuss how technology and they can meaningfully 9:15- 9:30am the author reports how teachers can incorporate technology on technology use implement it in the in the classroom. in the classroom classroom. Teachers learn to Before teachers are 1. Teachers will C. Bell Lewis Elementary blog and use online able to implement then begin online classroom “blogging” in the Computer Lab learning tools discussions in their own computer lab to December 18, 2009 classes they must be familiarize trained and practiced themselves with 9:30- 11:00am on the use of such the concept of online tools. This classroom portion will serve to discussion online. satisfy this need. 2. Teachers may blog about topics such as the current and future use of technology in the classroom. Learning about Train teachers on a 1. Master C. Bell Lewis Elementary more online new program adopted technology will Computer Lab learning tools by Lewis EL to aid in train teachers to the development of upload software December 18, 2009 math skills. ST Math onto their 12:00- 2:00pm provided and funded by classroom the Mind Research computers Institute and Price 2. Teachers will WaterHouseCoopers to follow the prompts integrate technology in and begin playing the classroom. the math games that reinforce and reteach math computation concepts. Teachers create Teachers show 1.Teacher divide Grade Level Lead Lewis Elementary lesson plan by synthesis of the into grade levels teachers will present Computer Lab grade level. professional and create a development workshop lesson plan December 18, 2009 by proving that they whereby they can
  5. 5. understand how they use these online 2:00- 3:30pm can use this technology tools as part of in the classroom. their lessons. 2. Groups present their lesson plans to faculty. Evaluation Plan regarding the Action Plan Evaluation Purpose Timeline Goal 1.Post-Professional Assess the Professional 1.Immediately More than 85% of Development Development session after the session teachers are using evaluation-Exit and whether it provided taught technologies, 2. End of year up from STaR Chart ticket sufficient training to survey integrate technology results showing only and instruction in the 74% of campuses classroom. In addition, statewide responding did the professional to Educator development aid the Preparation efforts. teachers in using technology to better gather and analyze data for instructional purposes 2. Student attitudes Assesses the student 1. Beginning of Campus survey will be survey attitudes towards the year, prior to compared to the integration of integration of national results of technology in the technology Project Speak Up. classroom as it was software and The goal is to assess if implement throughout programs. we are meeting the the year. Asks 2. End of year desires of the students questions similar to for online learning those experiences in according to student Project Speak Up to beliefs. We expect identify student desires that over 50% of our and whether or not they students will report were met. satisfaction in the new technology integration. 3. Teacher’s will Teachers will report to 1. STaR Chart 1. Our Goal is to see respond to STaR all stakeholders the administration will at least a 2 point gain
  6. 6. Chart survey. effectiveness of the be given once a in the Key Area of implementation year with a Educator Preparation strategies designed to window from and at least a 1 point increase technology in November to gain in all other Key an educational setting. December. areas. In addition, it will serve to improve further decision making on the strategies used to integrate technology with instructional and organizational leadership.