Tips to Shop for Best Portable External Hard Drive


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Seagate STAX500102 - Seagate external portable drives are compact and perfect for file storage and transfers on-the-go. Instantly add up to 1.5TB (depending on model) more storage space to your computer and take large files with you when you travel.

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Tips to Shop for Best Portable External Hard Drive

  1. 1. We are dependent on technology; we need it and use it daily. The demand for new and improved hardwareas well as software is relentlessly growing. As consumers become better at researching and investigatingwhat purchases would best suit their needs. The internet is full of information to help make those informeddecisions. As technology gets better, the space the software takes up gets bigger as well. Portable externalhard drives are the answer to the growing need for storage space.There are hundreds of different external hard drives that have come onto the market. They use to be bulkyand unpractical; however a 500GB portable external hard drive can fit into your pocket. Most of them weighless than a pound and sometimes do not even look like a hard drive. They have become so sleek and stylishthey can be mistaken for a phone or camera. Even better is how practical they have become.There is a great deal of flexibility you get with an external drive. Most external drives now come with theplug and play feature. Which is just as it sounds, all you have to do is plug it in and software alreadyinstalled on the portable external hard drive will allow it to play right from the box. Definitely a good idea tomake sure to have this feature it saves a lot of time having to format down the road. It is easily connected bya USB chord.Pay attention to the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the hard drive. The bigger the number the faster it canread and write data. Most portable external hard drives are 5200 RPM however recently the industry hasbeen introducing 7200 RPM portable external hard drives. Even better is that they are becoming quieter aswell, faster and quieter is always a plus. Make sure to read reviews from multiple websites if you are goingto buy a product to make sure it has a good real world review.Alex Sharpe helps others to make informative decisions on Portable External Hard Drives. Check out for more information.Article Source:
  2. 2. Best Value Seagate STAX500102