Portable External Hard Drive Benefits


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Seagate STAX500102 - Seagate external portable drives are compact and perfect for file storage and transfers on-the-go. Instantly add up to 1.5TB (depending on model) more storage space to your computer and take large files with you when you travel.

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Portable External Hard Drive Benefits

  1. 1. What is the age of external hard drive?Before I went to purchase an external hard drive, the first thing I thought of was the age they last. I askedthis question to one of my computer expert friends and he replied me like this:-"My friend, the age of the external hard drive doesnt depend on one factor. It can be last long to you if youtake proper care of it. There are many other factors like if there is any virus in the drive, sometimesoverheating problems, ventilation problem, mishandling of the device etc. If you take proper steps tomaintain it then it will be last long for you. But it cannot be more than MTBF stats."So when I listen to this answer I searched for the best portable external hard drive which can last long for meand  is able to give me good results. After a lot search of the device I found a HP SimpleSave 1.5 TBUSB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Disk. This is amazing and it proves to be 100% suited to my needs. I willexplain it how:-Feature#1-Quality brandHP is a well known name in the IT industry. Its products are really marvelous and stylish. Company hasbeen awarded many times for its new innovations and designs. The recently launched product HPSimpleSave 1.5 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive is one of the new innovations of this company.Provide you a great combination of quality and style this gadget stands top in the list of best external harddrives mac.Feature #2-Build and designSleek and compact design is a good feature of this hard disk. Placing it horizontally it gives a very nice look.Packed in glossy black finish this gives an attractive look. The structure of the box is solid and gives anunbreakable power.Feature#3-Storage capacityThis is the most important feature you are looking for.  HP SimpleSave provides you the 1.5TBstorage capacity which is more than enough. Store million of photos, music, movies, songs and videos ofyour life to the unlimited extent. It is very good device for those professionals people who do robustcomputing and need to take more and more backup.Feature#4-Easy to useHP SimpleSave  is a portable external hard disk which is very easy to use. It doesnt have any
  2. 2. complex function to use on. The working of this device is very simple. Just plug it in computer and startworking on it. The backup software runs right from the minute you plug it in USB port from drive. Onemore additional thing is this that you need not to install any other software to make it work. Windows VistaHome Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, or Business Service Pack-1, Windows XP Home are the familiarsoftware for this device.ConclusionThis is one of the best devices I ever used. It is a long lasting hard drive if you take a proper use of it. I amsure if you purchase this device you will consider yourself fine on taking this decision. It is good in everyaspect of external hard drive.Editors rating 9 out of 10To read more information about External Hard Drives, check out my Squidoo page -http://www.squidoo.com/USB-External-Hard-Drives.Portable Hard disks are really high on my list for great reason. If you also agree feel free to visit my site tolearn more helpful reviews about External Hard disks.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Niharika_JainSeagate STAX500102