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All about me my family (3)

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All about me my family (3)

  1. 1. GRADE/TEACHER : PK-TICONA DATE: SEPT. 10TH -14TH, 2012 THEMATIC UNIT: All About My Family CMSSTANDARDS &OBJECTIVES PERIODS MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY MORNING SIGN IN: Name Train. Name FIRST letter in your name. Count the letters in your name. TASKS PLAYDOUGH LEGOS HWT HWT HWT Hello Song LEGOS Alphabet Song BODY PARTS Hello Song (Track 7) (Track 2) PUZZLES (Track 7) Good morning songs, attendance, helpers of the week. Daily routine: Calendar, Weather, Day of the Week. THEME: Me & My Family. Talk about families (short & long) different types of homes. People in a family. POEM: Families CIRCLE SONG: Family is People, Family is Love TIME BIG BOOK: I Love My Family REVIEWING: Name Recognition, Basic Colors, Numbers 1-5 (rote counting), Basic Shapes NUMERAL: 1 SPECIALS LIBRARY ART MUSIC COMPUTER 8:30 BIKES
  2. 2. 1 st B A T H R O O M P E R I O D HWT PK T PICTURE Head and My Family Graph WHOLE Where Do You Playing with DAY Shoulders, Knees GROUP Live? BIG LINES and Toes Short families/Large Graphing Act. Pages 35-36 BIG BOOK families ACTIVITY My Family (Reviewing body How many parts) members? Compare families S N A C K T I M E & P L A Y G R O U N D 2nd B A T H R O O M P E R I O D My Family BOOK My Family BOOK My Family BOOK My Family BOOK My Familly BOOK Use Scissors to cut Use markers to Use MARKERS to Use MARKERS to Draw a picture of your out the draw a picture of draw a picture of draw a picture of family. house/apartment your MOTHER. your FATHER. your BROTHER(S) (cover). and SISTER)S). EM Kid Racing Game Paste windows & Ordering Houses Stamp Your Name Use CHALK to make SMALL door. Decorate it. Cut out the Use clay stamps and Make Your Name racetrack and use GROUPS numbered houses. clay to make up Use WHITE boards & extra-large die to play Color Houses Paste them in your name. Magnetic Letters to game. Use HWT CRAYONS order from 1-5 on a Use name cards if make up your to color houses with paper strip. needed. name. WHITE BOARDS numbers 1-5. Use name cards if Use white boards to Children will order NURSERY RHYMES HWT Lesson 1B needed. practice name writing. these houses PUZZLES Polish, Stack, sort & Write your name 3 times another day. Trade Wood Pieces Matching Houses & using DIFFERENT color (page 37). Apartments markers. PUZZLES WS Color, Cut & Paste the same ones togetherASSESSMEN • NAME RECOGNITION & NAME WRITINGT • ROTE COUNTING 1-10 & ORDERING NUMBERS 1-5 & BOY/GIRL SORTING • VOCABULARY: Family members