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Ascribe Introduction

  1. 1. ASCRIBE TM INTRODUCTION June 1, 2010 Improving Research Productivity
  2. 2. Leading provider of innovative “Voice of the Customer” technology solutions. INTRODUCTION Language Logic Language Logic is a leading provider of innovative text analytics software and solutions to businesses throughout the world. Our customers, primarily Global 1000 companies and Market Research agencies, rely on our data processing, analysis and reporting solutions to hear the “Voice of the Customer” to build business value. Our industry leading AscribeTM Customer Content platform is scalable, secure and flexible and recognized for providing solutions to that enable revenue growth and deliver measurable return on investment (ROI). • Global focus on delivering innovative “Voice of the Customer” technology solutions • Industry leading reputation with 10 years of experience • Over 300 global customers and used by 60% of the leading global market research firms • Process more than 200 million customer comments each year on AscribeTM Customer Content platform • Offer a wide spectrum product and services that addresses the needs of global corporate and market research customers Established in 1999 to provide productivity and quality solutions for the labor intensive verbatim coding and data processing industry, Language Logic is recognized today as a leader in delivering solutions that drive business value by creating better understanding and ongoing management of customer content. Language Logic is passionate about building a global company valued by our clients, employees, business partners, investors and communities. We are pioneers in developing innovative “Voice of the Customer” technology solutions. Language Logic employs nearly 100 people and has offices in North America (headquarters) and Europe. 2
  3. 3. AscribeTM Solutions is known for Responsiveness, Quality and Cost Efficiency CAPABILITIES Language Logic Language logic offers a broad range of data management, text analytics and coding services to clients around the world. Both our industry leading AscribeTM Customer Content platform and our AscribeTM Solutions team are recognized for providing results that enable revenue growth and deliver measurable return on investment (ROI) for our customers. AscribeTM Solutions offers comprehensive coding/translation/transcription services. Our leading technology and experience allow us to deliver customers the highest quality coding services at globally competitive prices. • Broad Domain Expertise – Language Logic possesses meaningful expertise in the following industries: Agriculture Hospitality Automotive Legal CPG Market Research Entertainment Pharmaceutical Financial Services Restaurant Food & Beverage Telecommunication Healthcare Textile Services High Technology • Experienced Team - Ascribe Solution's team is comprised of a highly trained and experienced staff: − 63 Coders (22 Account Managers) − 10 Dedicated Medical/Healthcare Coders/Account Managers − 23 In-language Certified specialists: French Scandinavian Languages German Japanese Italian Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese Spanish European/ Mexican Arabic Dialects Portuguese, Latin American Korean 3 Russian Hebrew
  4. 4. Ascribe™ Research Process Advantages RESEARCH PROCESS Single Source Solution Combined Ascribe™ Solutions services and easy to use Ascribe™ software will provide clients a single platform with which to transfer information, evaluate textual, audio and image information and provide interactive reports to clients. Successfully meeting all Customer requirements while requiring less time from client service and DP staff. • Ability to upload multiple content formats to a single, open database • Guaranteed support for all data collections applications. • Automated data transfer processes Global Access to Information An unlimited number of staff and their clients have access to on-demand reporting and customer content via any Internet connection. Access to respondent level information is supported for reporting and analysis. Multilingual Functionality Ascribe™ applications are fully Unicode compliant and support any character set. Ascribe™ Solutions offers in-language coding for multilingual studies using a global network of Content Management professionals (+23 languages offered) and Translation experts. • Ascribe™ Discovery’s Automated Coding Model technology, ACM • Support for German, French, Italian, Spanish and English. • Ascribe Productivity ™ screens are fully translatable. {Ipsos Korea has translated Ascribe™} Account Management Ascribe™ Solutions account managers are responsible for all outsourced data import, codebook development, coding, quality review and deliverables. Single point of contact for client service. 4
  5. 5. Ascribe™ Infrastructure Advantages INFRASTRUCTURE Enhanced Data Integration Open, flexible import/export options in Ascribe™ Exchange allow for a variety of data integration and backend reporting capabilities between clients and their customers. The Ascribe™ Exchange open data storage schema adds value to offerings by providing more direct data interchange with its Customers. Scalability Ascribe™ platform scalability allows unlimited storage for any number of studies, Coding Models, Codebooks, Reports, Audio & Image data along with a global repository of all survey case data and responses. Highly available, clustered server infrastructure offers global access to all survey case data and metadata. Security Ascribe™ provides multiple levels of security against loss of service. The Ascribe™ database server operates in an active-passive configuration. In the event of failure of the active database server, it will fail over automatically to a passive server. •Redundant Web Servers - Ascribe™ uses identically configured web servers. In the case of failure of either, the other server may be used. The web servers store no user information, so no data loss can occur from failure of a web server. •Multiple Internet Backbone Connections - Use of multiple network carriers to prevent loss of service resulting from a network failure at a given carrier. 5
  6. 6. AscribeTM the Voice of the Customer Productivity Leader ASCRIBETM PRODUCTIVITY Sources of Productivity Improvements Coding Process Load Code Export Automatic file loading Efficiencies gained from Automatic file export to multiple from multiple sources: the following: applications: • Microsoft Office Applications • Load data and study • Auto Code when loading • Confirmit information from the data • SPSS − Automatically codes new CFMC following file types responses from previous • • Excel coded work • Phrase Analyzer • Ability to define your data output • Mapped Ascii and create custom scripting files − Automatically organizes • CSV similar responses and • Tab delimited consolidates to one line • Real time results • CFMC for rapid coding • SPSS • Pattern Matching Customer Content Discovery and • Confirmit − Automatically organizes Analysis similar responses and • Use AscribeTM Discover for automatic • Define file types that are groups together for rapid graphing and charting coding specific to your situation • Intuitive User Interface − Search functionality − Related question information − Filtering 6
  7. 7. Enhanced Reporting and Graphing Capabilities GRAPHING CAPABILITIES Language Logic enables enhanced graphing and reporting capabilities to allow customers to view and export their data in a variety of ways. Ascribe™ offers the option of creating graphs and exporting them directly to Microsoft Office applications. Pie Chart - Pie charts are good illustrations when considering how many parts of a whole Bar Graphs - Bar graphs are a common type of graph best suited for a qualitative independent variable. 7
  8. 8. Enhanced Reporting and Graphing Capabilities GRAPHING CAPABILITIES Correlation Matrices -Correlation matrices allow Co-occurrence Maps - A co-occurrence map you to look at the strength and direction of a displays how frequently an idea or concept are relationship between two concepts. applied. It also displays which ideas or concepts are applied together. 8
  9. 9. Account Manager CONTACT Nicole Price Language Logic, LLC Office: 513.241.9112 (ext. 22) Mobile: 513.519.5446 North America Offices: 35 East 7th Street, Suite 620 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 217 Executive Drive, Suite 101 Cranberry, PA 16063 9