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Psyc220 chapter11partii fall2012


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Psyc220 chapter11partii fall2012

  1. 1. Involve recurrent, intensesexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors that generally involvenonhuman objects, suffering or humiliation of oneself orone’s partner, or children or non-consenting persons.
  2. 2. Transvestic fetishism (transvestite orWhat is cross-dresser)the Transsexualdifference -Early Gender Identity Disorderbetween: -Autogynephilic transsexual Drag queens or drag kings
  3. 3. Usually have a compulsive quality to themNote: Often person cannot function sexually if source of attraction is not included Acting on fantasies is sufficient for diagnosis of several of the paraphilias (regardless of distress or impairment) Additional DSM-IV-TR paraphilias include frotterism, telephone scatalogia, partialism, necrophila, zoophilia, klismaphilia, urophilia, and corpophila. The vast majority of people diagnosed are males.
  4. 4. Describes sexual activitythat occurs under actual or threatened forcible coercion, or where theperson is unable to consent due to age or some mental of physical disability.
  5. 5. Psychoanalytic BiologicalCausal LearningFactors Psychosocial Cultural attitudes Co-morbid psychological problems
  6. 6. Aversion therapy Covert Behavioral/ sensitization Cognitive- Behavioral Orgasmic ReconditioningTreatment Social skills training SSRIs Biological Castration (surgical or chemical)